Tortuga Hand and Body Lotion Sachet


Tortuga – Super Hydrating Lotion for the Entire Body

Legendary Recipe with Avocado, Black Seed, Carrot Seed Oil and Concentrated Shea Butter

  • Natural Super Emollient Lotion
  • Fast Relief form Dry Skin
  • Helps Heal Skin Irritations
  • Facial Moisturizer for Extreme Dry Skin
  • Softens Cracking Skin
  • Softens Calluses
  • Helps Heal Burns, Scrapes and Rashes
  • Will Not Burn
  • No Parabens

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, No Animal Testing, Chemical-Free, No Preservative

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Tortuga Super Emollient Therapeutic Lotion for Body and Hands

Tortuga is for very dry skin, cracking skin and sensitive skin! The majority of lotions on the market are mostly water. They combine glycols, parabens and plasticizers to create a rich feel, but in just a while you need to put more on. Tortuga is very rich and contains the highest levels of avocado, black cumin and carrot seed oils. We use the same Shea Butter as in our Eye Butter to give a rich feel that is high in fatty acids. Tortuga is very emollient and rapidly moisturizes even super dry skin.

Tortuga is also great for super sensitive skin and post cancer therapy patients because it is completely natural with very few ingredients. It provides these customers with a quick solution to very tender and sensitive skin.

Tortuga is great for those naturally dry and rough areas like the elbows and knees. People that work with their hands, in water a lot or who are exposed to harsh climates love Tortuga for its fast action. We have testimonials from mechanics working in harsh Canadian winter conditions and from doctors who have their hands in water most of the day, that say how fast and effective Tortuga is for them. People who have cracking dry skin appreciate how fast it goes away. The natural scent also serves to calm frustrated nerves from persistent dry skin.

Tortuga is a universal lotion and therapy. It can be used on virtually any skin disorder, burn, abrasion or cut. Used in combination with washing with natural soap, it is very effective for rashes, insect bites and even poison ivy.

Keys Tortuga is featured on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Report as one of the safest lotions on the market.

”Tortuga is one of our original four products that we developed. It is an old family recipe updated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients in therapeutic proportions. It is by far one of our biggest sellers and we cannot keep it in stock during the cold dry winter months or in arid regions around the world. We have so many emails for people and the different ways that they use Tortuga that we cannot begin to publish them all. Tortuga follows our fundamental belief that a product must be able to do more than one thing. Tortuga is truly a universal lotion with so many practical purposes. It will always be my favorite lotion.” Wendy Steele, Keys CEO and Founder


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