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New Eye Butter – A Better Butter

New Eye Butter


Softer, smoother and more effective anti-aging properties

By Bob Root, Keys Technologist

Eye Butter is now better butter.  The ingredients are the same.  The amount of each ingredient has not changed.  Two of the processes in making Eye Butter have been changed to increase its efficacy and soften the consistency while also being smoother.

How we did it and why it is important!

One of the major secrets of why Eye Butter softens tissue around the eyes and reverses fine lines is fresh natural organic cucumber.  The polysaccharides in fresh cucumber have almost supernatural properties.  Both cucumber and aloe have some of the highest polysaccharide levels known.  The problem is how to harvest and purify them without losing potency.  Our engineering team figured out how to freeze dry aloe in the fields at harvest to keep the polysaccharide levels as high as possible.  Until now, accomplishing the same with cucumber juice was nearly impossible.

The first change is in how we process the cucumber juice.  We have always distilled our own fresh organic cucumbers.  The original process was to select organic cucumbers and peel away the skin maximizing the most amount of surface flesh where the polysaccharides are the highest concentration.  Then we seed the cucumbers and juice them in a sterile environment.  The juice was filtered and then put into a steam distiller.  From that a clear liquid cucumber extract was then added to the rest of the ingredients to make Eye Butter.  Keep in mind that there is no commercially available cucumber extract that does not contain parabens.  Processing our own cucumber just in time for the process permitted us to have a cucumber extract that is chemical-free, but the process itself depleted approximately 35% of the polysaccharide levels.

We have been working on a new process for over two years and we have been able to create a cucumber juice that has the highest possible polysaccharide levels while also being microbiologically stable and clean.  The new process is pretty secret, but basically, we create a cucumber juice and submicron filters it to eliminate microbiology bacteria and maintaining the original properties of the juice.  Thanks to our friends at the University or Oregon and Los Alamos National Labs, we have a pure cucumber juice that we now add to make our Eye Butter even more effective.

The Second Secret is Sound

When most companies make a lotion or butter, they either let the ingredients self-assemble or they homogenize the hot solution to make it smoother and more consistent.  At Keys, we used to do both.  At a temperature around 80 degrees centigrade, we assemble all the ingredients of Eye Butter.  As it cools, we would use a homogenizer similar to one used to smooth ice cream.  What we did not like about this process is that it sometimes added too much air into the solution.  So, our challenge was to figure out how to blend and smooth the Eye Butter without adding air.

Once again, we turned to our friends in the scientific community.  Work at the Jet Propulsion Labs and the work of sound recording experts find that a sub-audible frequency of 19 Hz excites molecules to move at a rapid pace.  It sort of works like a microwave oven, but in reverse with no heating produced.  We have understood and sought this process since we started Keys.  The problem has been that the machine that is needed to produce infrasonic wave would also shaken every bolt out of everything in the factory.  So our challenge was to produce discrete infrasonic waves in the processing vessel.  With the help of researchers, we have been able to construct a “pimer” type device that has blades similar to a ramjet rocket motor.  The tips of the blades have been modified to produce 19 Hz infrasonic waves.  Around 30,000 rpm’s, the blades exceed the sound barrier producing a noticeable audible grown.  This frequency range also extends down to the sub-audible infrasonic range.  The result and benefit is a homogenization without air that produces a more consistent softer smoother product.

More than you wanted to know, right?  Yes, we are Geeks!

So, in one sense from a formulation perspective, Eye Butter is not new.  From a process perspective these are revolutionary steps to make a better butter.

The New Eye Butter is now in stock.  The full size 15 ml Eye Butter is the new process, but the travel size is still the old process.  So, the two do not match and will probably not for the next couple of weeks.

We are excited and hope that you will enjoy the fruits of our quest to improve Eye Butter.  In the next few months, we will be experiment with other Keys products to employ the same technology.

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