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Galleyon Antibacterial Foaming Soap is Now Supercharged

Antibacterial Foaming SoapGalleyon Natural Antibacterial Foaming Soap has been a cornerstone of Keys for near 15 years. Galleyon is an alternative to soaps that contained Triclosan. Unlike antibacterial soaps, it is not a biocide, so it does not kill our skin’s natural Probiome. It reduces the levels of harmful bacteria without harming the natural colonies of bacteria on our skin.

Antibacterial Foaming Soap & More

Over the years, Galleyon has become much more. Surgeons and medical workers have been known to wash with a clinical bacteriacide and then wash with Galleyon to protect their skin from the bactericidal soaps and gloves they have to wear. A car mechanic reports how great Galleyon was at removing automotive grease and grime. Teens like to shower with Galleyon because it tingles, smells good and makes them feel good. Runners and athletes love it as a whole body soap, and even surfers use it to get rid of the crud they surf through. All the interesting stuff.

The secret to Galleyon is the Lakota Sioux Spearmint Essential oil and the blood orange essential oils we use. The spearmint is off the scale for quality and bacteria reducing properties. The blood orange essential oil is cleansing, deep cleaning and very friendly to the skin. Our base Castile soap was designed to be low alkalinity and brags to be the mildest Castile available. Put them together with avocado oil, and you have Galleyon.

So What Is New?

To the naturally cleansing Castile base soap, we add the spearmint blood orange and avocado oil. What is different is that we have figured out how to get more of the spearmint and blood orange into the soap base without separating. More is better, right? The main benefit is that all the benefits of the essential oils are now in higher concentration without affecting the gentleness of the product. Galleyon’s pH is the same as it was, but the intensity and cleansing properties are better now.

What you will notice is a stronger scent of spearmint and a bit of a raspberry scent coming from the California Blood Orange essential oil.

For our cult full body users, you will notice more tingle and a softer feel. All without a price increase!

Enjoy Galleyon Antibacterial Foaming Soap.

Antibacterial Foaming Soap

Avoid Triclosan

Read Our Position
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Keys PurPlay Now Available! PurPlay Personal Lubricants

PurPlay Now!PurPlay Now  

A new Line of Revolutionary

Natural Personal Lubricants from Keys

Three Unique Personal Lubricants Combine Herbal Extracts and Pure Oils to Stimulate and Calm. 

Spray & Play™

PurPlay Now
Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

PurPlay Now for Sale!  We are so happy to announcee that Purplay is now available!…Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

“The PurPlay products use herbal extract blends along with natural oils to create personal lubricants that either stimulate, relax or heighten the sexual experience.  Specifically formulated based on the science of stimulating a woman’s pleasure receptors, PurPlay also enhances the intimate play experience for men.  PurPlay for sale now on the Keys Store and at select resellers.”




PurPlay now comes in three versions:

  • PurPlay Classicprovides superior lubrication improving intimate experiences for both women and men.
  • PurPlay Surfrelaxes and calms so women can enjoy intimate play.
  • PurPlay Astrastimulates her pleasure receptors for erotic play.

The Three PurPlay Products:

PurPlay Astra™

For sultry intimate play.  Stimulating herbal oil blend provides her with ultra exhilarating sensual experiences.  Her choice for euphoric play.  His choice for silky smooth heightened enjoyment.  Long lasting for “climactic maximus.”

PurPlay for Sale
PurPlay Astra – Click to Buy

Stimulating Euphoric Herbal Lubricant

SRP $24.95

PurPlay Surf™

Like magic waves of pleasure, rainforest herbal oil blend stimulates feelings of intimacy and arousal so she can relax and enjoy romantic play.  Soothing herbs send subtle messages calming both mind and body while heightening the senses.  Women and men enjoy a silky smooth sensual experience. For waves of erotic sensory play.

PurPlay for Sale
PurPlay Surf – Click to Buy

Sensual Herbal Lubricant

SRP $24.95

PurPlay Classic™

Natural alternative to synthetic personal lubricants.  Specially formulated organic coconut and avocado oil blend supplements natural lubricants made by the body to maximize intimate play.  Simply your natural choice for silky smooth pure pleasure!

PurPlay for Sale
PurPlay Classic – Click to Buy

Natural Pure Pleasure Lubricant

SRP $24.95

Potential Side Effects

Wendy Steele offered, “PurPlay testers did expose some interesting side effects.  PurPlay Astra testers offered that they sometimes got the “giggles.”  PurPlay Surf users found that they wanted more cuddle time and PurPlay Classic users coined the phrase “Affectionitus” or wanting more!”

Wendy Steele, Keys CEO, said, “Over the years, we have had many requests from our female customers to produce a natural personal lubricant for sex.  Four years of research lead us to the conclusion that one product does NOT fit all.  Hectic lifestyles, personal preferences and different perceptions around intimacy revealed a need for three distinct types of lubricants for women.  So we challenged our engineers to discover natural ways to heighten the sexual experience, provide a version that calms and relaxes and develop a third product that provides an extremely stimulating erotic experience.”

PurPlay Now – Its Only Natural!

Bob Root – Formulator & Scientist

Recent trends in the personal lubricant market use unpleasant menthol or numbing chemicals to desensitize or stimulate.  Bob Root, Keys CTO offered, “Major brands of personal lubricants are anything but natural and often use menthol and lidocaine to either stimulate or desensitize.  Many women experience pain, burning or lose total sensation with those products.  We (Keys) first had to study female pleasure nerve receptors to understand the effect we wanted to create.  Making adjustments based on feedback from our alpha testers, we created whole herb extracts using modern extraction techniques.  With just the right combination and proportion of ancient aboriginal herbs, we believe we have the right formulas to create the basis for experiences women want.  They are added to a blend of a specially refined coconut oil and avocado oil.  All are 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free.”

Bob continued, “We created a base oil blend that lasts long and is very lubricating while heightening the sexual experience.  For the relaxing formula, we add an herbal extract blend that offers overall calming and relaxation to enjoy intimacy without desensitizing.  The third formula offers an erotic stimulation that can last through multiple orgasms.”

“We have tested our PurPlay lubricants on materials used in the manufacturing of condoms with no notable problems.  Urban myth or a generalization that oils do not play well with condoms does not seem to be an issue with PurPlay”, Bob said.  “We recommend testing your condom of choice with PurPlay to be sure.”  We are offering free evaluation samples to condom manufacturers for their own certification.

PurPlay Now for Sale – Spray & Play™

PurPlay for Sale
Click to Buy

PurPlay comes in a 30ml airless sprayer.  Wendy Steele added, “Most personal lubricants are liquid, in a tube, need to be warmed and are messy.  Not only did we create three functional personal lubricants, we revolutionized how they are applied and feel.  We employ an airless spray mist bottle to dispense a lubricant that feels warm, no cold shock.  Because it is airless, it can spray at any angle.  It fits comfortably in the hand and is intuitive to use even in the dark.  PurPlay™ is long lasting and can be sprayed as often as desired.  The ingredients are compatible with all sorts of sex toy play.”

For Women…and for Men

Both men and women who tested PurPlay reported that using PurPlay lead to more playful and fulfilling sexual experiences.

For optimal results, incorporate PurPlay Surf or Astra into your foreplay allowing 5 minutes for herbal effects to take place before intense play.  As the anticipation builds, so does the effects of the herbs.  Testers found that they like the choice of three different products.  After a hectic day, PurPlay Surf relaxes and calms.  PurPlay Astra offers her an erotic experience when a planned encounter or spontaneous play presents itself.  PurPlay Classic provides long-lasting superior lubrication for extended intimate play.

PurPlay for Sale – Go To PurPlay Product Page for More Information

Learn More About Keys

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Keys Personal Lubricant Rumors – TMZ

PurPlay – The Rumors are True

Prototypes Are Out There

PurPlay Early Prototype Bottle and Box

A few years ago Keys engineers started working on a line of personal lubricants because we had so many requests for a better and natural product.   Although many people use Tortuga lotion as a personal lubricant, (Read Story) it was not ideal because it is a water based lotion.  So, we set out to invent something great and not a copycat product.  PurPlay was born out of industry research and talking to many women about what they were looking for in a personal lubricant.  To our surprise, it was a lot bigger project than we thought.

PurPlay Has To Be Innovative

Turns out that women wanted more than a same old water or silicone based lubricant. Women want the natural wellness and health features known from Keys and they wanted something more.  They want a product and that is a stimulant without menthol or burning sensations.  Women also wanted a different product that would help them relax and calm down to better enjoy the experience.  They did not want a product that numbs or desensitizes.  A very tall set of features.

In theory, the base lubricant was easy using some technology we developed for our Reflex product.  As we solicited early product testers, we found that there were a number of problems to address.  Some physical, some emotional and some about the ways to use the product.

PurPlay Not Just Another Lube

Seems as though personal lubricant makers never used their own products. Maybe they do not care that a product feels cold, stings, burns or totally collapses the libido.  PurPlay testers pointed out some things that should be solved that had noting to do with our product.  It was an industry issue where lubricant makers did not understand these problems or tried to solve them the wrong way.  At Keys, we have always built every product to make people feel good and solve their problems.  PurPlay started as a single product simple lubricant that tester pointed out that there should be three products with different features and functions.

Over the five years, we identified that there are indeed three distinct products that needed to be developed.  In the early Fall of 2017, we began testing.   Well, we guess it leaked out and we started to get more volunteers to test the products.  Then we started to get request from bloggers, social media types and conventional press.   We needed to accelerate our development.

So, if you have heard a rumor that Keys was developing a line of purpose designed personal lubricants, the rumors are true and we are close to releasing these new products in the early second quarter of 2018.

Stay Tuned for more.

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New Keys Eye Butter Airless Pump

A Keys Top Selling Product Now in a New Airless Pump

Eye Butter is a wildly successful product for us.  In fact, Eye Butter has been a top selling Keys product since it was introduced almost 15 years ago.  The anti-aging properties, anti-allergenics, soothing, anti-puffies and makeup friendly properties are Hollywood and everyday proven.  Just as popular for men as it is for women, Eye Butter has been ranked the finest most effective eye cream by Hollywood makeup artists.  ..and it is all natural whole ingredients.

So, how could we make it better.  We can’t improve Eye Butter itself, but we can improve how it is packaged.  It was now about 4 years ago that our customers asked us to create an airless pump so people could travel with a more compact container.  We found a airless pump that worked and the pump version of Eye Butter became the most popular container almost overnight.  People still buy the Eye Butter in the jar because it is more traditional and it was easier to get a small amount.

As quickly as the Eye Butter airless pump became popular, we started to get suggestions.

What People Asked For

  • Could you make the pump more precise?
  • Could you make the container body transparent so you can see how much product is left?
  • Could you make the container easier to hold

So, we did it and we are pleased to introduce the new Eye Butter 15ml Airless Pump today.  Ant order from today on will come in the new container.

Same great Eye Butter in a New Travel Container!

Eye Butter also makes a great lip balm to make lipstick look bolder and brighter, eliminate chapped lips quickly and for its anti-allergy properties.  Like all Keys products, it is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Free of manmade chemicals, soy-free and non-GMO

Eye Butter – Refreshing Anit-Aging Eye Cream

NEW! Airless Travel Pump.  Smoother & Silkier

Natural Eye & Lip Cream with Cucumber, Avocado Oil and Shea

  • Keys Whole Natural Cucumber Extract
  • Softens & Hydrates
  • Aloe Vera Conditions & Conceals
  • For Sensitive Skin
  • Deep Penetrating
  • Makeup Friendly
  • Moistuizing
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Will not sting eyes

The Secret

Eye Butter combines an age old secret to eye care with pharmaceutical grade ingredients to soften eye tissue, reduce fine lines and tighten the skin. The glowing effect brightens the skin around the eyes, enhances skin color and is a great natural foundation for mineral eye makeup. Eye Butter like all Keys products is first and foremost skin therapy.

The secret to Eye Butter is naturally distilled organic cucumbers. We distill our own cucumber to create an extract that is high in the ingredients that have been known for years to tighten and tone eye tissue. Actor and models have placed cucumber slices on their eyes to reduce puffiness and to tighten eye tissue. Our cucumber extract has all of those natural features in a concentration you can feel and see.

The secrets to eye butter does not stop with our cucumber extract. We combine a natural filtered and unprocessed Shea Butter from Ghana that has the highest fatty acid levels we have been able to find with pharmaceutical grade oils in therapeutic proportions. Avocado, Black Cumin and Carrot Seed oil hydrate, rejuvenate, tighten and create a soft glow around the eyes. Aloe Vera creates a prismatic effect similar to Luminos and creates a natural clinging action to gently hold eye makeup.

There is More!

Eye Butter has natural anti allergen features as well. Eyes that are irritated by pollen, danader and other allergens receive an interesting barrier when you apply Eye Butter around the eyes. These natural and made allergens cling to the surface of Eye Butter providing a shield protecting sensitive eye tissue from itching. This has a great natural anti aging benefit because rubbing the eyes causes skin to sag and look older, tired and irritated. With Eye Butter you get younger looking skin without the itching during allergy season.

Keys Eye Butter is featured on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Report as one of the safest around the eye products on the market.

”Eye Butter was created to be our first product for Hollywood. In 2006 we were invited by the Environmental Working Group to attend a presentation in Santa Monica California to 300 Hollywood makeup artists. Eye Butter was a natural for the group because all of our researched showed that most of the hard work by makeup artists was around the eyes. We put our Eye Butter in the goody bag and when they opened our oversized sample, the room filled with the smell of fresh cucumber. It was an overnight hit and many of our makeup artist advisors today were in that room.” Wendy Steele , Key CEO and Founder

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Avo Jel vs. Petroleum Jelly for Sports

Avo jel

Avo Jel – The Alternative To Petroleum Jelly!

When we designed Avo Jel to be a vegan replacement for petroleum jelly, we quickly realized that it would not only replace petroleum jelly, but would add more things that is could do because it is avocado oil jelly.  Yes, you can replace your petroleum jelly with Avo Jel and you can use it for many more uses because it does not have the impurities associated with crude oil based jellies.  So, it is better and better for you!

Below are some uses for the sports enthusiast.  Runners, bikers, swimmers and surfers have all been telling us how they use Avo Jel.  Here are just a few.

So the first main benefit to keep in mind with Avo Jel is that it is made from the highest grade avocado oil available.  So, no impurities, no petroleum and all the added benefits of this vegan alternative.

Sports Uses for Avo Jel:

Here are a few uses that our customers have shared with us.  Find your own uses and let us know.

  • Lips
    • Avo Jel is very effective in quickly reducing chapping.  Petroleum jelly is good at coating the lips to prevent windburn, dryness and will not sweat off.  Avo Jel does the same, but adds the Omega fatty acids and oil that helps to repair the lips as well.  So, it is great before, during and after a race.
  • Eyes
    • Avocado Oil is a mild sunscreen and will not sting the eyes like chemical sunscreens.  Rub it lightly around the eye lids and you will gain some protection and the softening effect of avocado oil.  You can layer Avo Jel over a zinc based sunscreen as well to gain even more protection.
  • Chaffing
    • Chafing during an event and afterwards is a huge problem.  Layering AvoJel on these areas before going out prevents chafing, but unlike petroleum jelly, Avo Jel is a true moisturizer
  • Rash Guard
    • Avo JelAvo Jel will not harm clothing or melt certain fabrics like petroleum jelly does.  So, you can rub it on both the skin and clothing to eliminate rash.  Don’t forget areas like the nipples to make sure that rubbing is minimized.
  • Pollution Protection
    • Surfers know that there is a lot of bacteria and pollutants in many popular surf spots warranting a dowse of a bleach mixture to prevent disease.  Runners in places like New York City come back from a run and when the wipe their face, see black suit on the washcloth.  Sorry to say that these are not extreme occurrences or one-off’s.  Hydrocarbons and other pollutants are everywhere, so dabbing Avo Jel around the face and soft skin areas will help act as a barrier to pollutants.
  • Allergies
    • A high percentage of outdoors enthusiasts have allergies and run with drugs like Zyrtec and Claratin.  These are effective, but also raise the question of drowsiness and performance inhibiting.  Runners and bikers have told us that they dab a Q-Tip with Avo Jel and gently swab it inside each nostril.  The AvoJel collects pollen and other allergens before they enter the upper nose.  The theory is maximum performance using a simple concept.
    • Some people are just plain allergic to petroleum jelly because it is crude oil based.  Not true with Avo Jel because is is avocado oil based.  Plus, you get the Omega fatty acids benefits as well.
  • Water Repellent
    • Avo Jel is as water repellant as petroleum jelly, but without the petroleum.
  • Goggles – Seal
    • One great irritation in triathlons are leaking goggles.  Petroleum jelly can degrade the soft plastic on some higher end goggles.  Layering a thin layer on the soft mantle of the goggles will help prevent leaking without harming the goggles themselves.
    • The secondary benefit is the irritation that sometimes occurs from the goggle rubbing against the soft tissue around the eyes.  Often people complain that their eye tissue becomes inflamed.  AvoJel soothes.
  • Leash Strap
    • A lot of work goes into the design of a surfers leash strap to hold tight and not chafe.  Holding tight is much more important, but by using Avo Jel, it will help to minimize chaffing around the ankle while also acting as a barrier for bacteria and pollutants.
  • Chemical barrier
    • Chemical sunscreens work by converting UVB (burning) and UVA (aging) rays into heat.  By using Avo Jel over top, we have found empirical evidence that it helps chemical based sunscreens last longer.  Conversely, if you are being exposed to chemicals on your equipment, AvoJel will also act as a barrier.
  • Chap Guard
    • It is fairly obvious that dryness, the sun, air and other environmental effects will quickly chap your lips.  Other areas of soft tissue can also chap.  Avo Jel offers superior protection and the Omega fatty acids will help to keep soft tissue youthful looking.
  • Feet
    • Runners and bikers tell us that they layer Avo Jel on their feet two days before a race by slipping on socks after a good coating.  This make the skin soft and if you have calluses, it will soften them reducing cracking and bleeding.
    • Deter blisters by rubbing Avo Jel inside shoes or on feet before using compression socks.
    • Consider Keys Feet & Hands as an alternative to Avo Jel.  It contains menthol which is stimulating and has some indications that it effects acupressure points.

Avo Jel and Feet and Hands

  • Hair
    • Avocado oil is a natural hair conditioner and styler.  In Jel form, it also protects the hair from drying from the sun and cracking from pollutants.  Slick your hair back and look fast standing still.

The uses for Avo Jel in the sports world keep adding daily.  These are just a few of the uses that we have heard from fans.  If you can use petroleum jelly for something, you can use Avo Jel.  Plus, it is better for you because it is made from Avocado oil and not petroleum.  Avo Jel is just one of six avocado oil based jellies designed to replace drug store petrolatum based products.  To learn more about all the Keys Alternative Naturals™ products, Click Here!

For more information about Avo Jel, Click Here

Click the buy button to go to our store.  $9.95 for 60ml

Avo Jel

Use the CODE*: GOAVO (case sensitive) to get 10% off at Checkout

*Offer expires September 30, 2016


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The Triathlete & Keys New Jel Products

Triathlete and Keys Alternative Naturals

TriathleteOne of the main reason we developed the entire line of Keys Alternative Naturals was for triathlete and strenuous sports fans.  We attended Surf Expo last year in hopes of gaining insight into the competitive performance market and we were not disappointed at the results of our visit.  The trade show clearly pointed out the need for alternatives to conventional petroleum jelly based products.  The attendees we met ranged in age from 12 to 60.  All were engaged in some form of strenuous exercise and sports.  We fronted the idea of various products that would replace Vaseline®, Begay® and IcyHot® with products made from a jellied avocado oil.  The response was 100% positive and fueled our continual development of our Alternative Naturals line.

Along the way we have talked to many people in different market segments.  By far, our Alternative Naturals line has the broadest reach across many market sectors and age groups.  We knew that many of the jel based products would have an impact on sports.  This is one account:

The Triathlete!

AvojelWe met a surfer and triathlete in Florida who was about to compete in a national triathlon.  We met him a few weeks before the race and deep into his training period.  He had lots of rashes and chafing, so we offered him our AvoJel.  We saw him again a week later and he showed us that the rash on his neck was gone and he said that all the chafing was almost gone as well.  He asked how this was possible in that he had used petrolatum based products and the irritations only went away when he stopped training.  Avocado oil is a very positive ingredient on the skin and we had hoped that he wold see fast results.  We also knew that the AvoJel would act and perform the same as Vaseline® and we believed it would out perform it in the areas of fast results.

So, we asked our triathlete what he used before and after a race.  He gave us a list, so we gave him AvoJel, Heat Cool and Feet & Hands as well as Urban Shield for fungus.

We saw him again a week after the race and he exclaimed that he had won his age group.  Then he proceeded to tell us about how all the products performed.What he told us was that he used AvoJel on areas that got chafed and rubbed from clothing etc.  He had no rashes or chafing even after the swim.  AvoJel stayed on and resisted the water.

He applied Feet & hands to his feet before and after the race.  No blisters or cracking.  He said that the cooling menthol stimulated his feet and soothed them after the race.

He used Heat Cool on his muscles.  First he commented that it felt like it was not working because there was no intense smell like Bengay®.  He told us that what he really noticed quickly is that the aches went away making him appreciate the lighter scent with what he felt was more action.  He said his wife and kids really appreciated the lighter scent ?

heat-coolHe shared that he would always get a bought of athletes foot shortly after a race and the Urban Shield seemed to be working (two weeks later, still no athletes foot).  He noted that his cracking fingers and dry patchy skin had also disappeared.

So, our products succeeded in helping him and affirming that we were on the right track.

As we learn more about other uses for our products, we will let you know.  Simply, we know, that if there is a use for petroleum jelly, our Alternative Naturals will match and exceed their use!  Not only do we believe they work better, they are better for you because there is no petroleum.

Check out Keys Alternative Naturals by Clicking Here for more detailed product information.


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Alternative Naturals™ New Functional Line From Keys – REVOLUTIONARY

Alternative Naturals™

The Alternative Naturals™ challenge began over 6 years ago.  When Keys founder Bob Root learned of significant skin disorders afflicting the astronauts on the US International Space Station, he thought there must be a way.  Lotions and liquids just do not work well in zero-gravity.  The challenge was to create a jelly, but not from petroleum.  Starting with organic pure avocado oil, Bob began experimenting. The end result was a proprietary production process where the oil is altered to form a jelly similar in consistency to petrolatum, but with none of the impurities or petroleum.  This is a mechanical and not chemical process where the properties are altered to a higher viscosity and the jelly-like properties of petrolatum.  The next challenge was to use the same process to develop jellies from other oils and to be able to add natural ingredients that would make more functional natural vegan products for daily use.

Today marks the point where Keys is pleased to introduce 8 new products into a new functional line called Alternative Naturals™.  The line consists of 6 avocado oil based “Jels” and 2 spray botanical products.


These products using a process that jellies oil have No Petroleum, No Petrolatum, No Wax, No preservatives and No Water.  Like all Keys products, they are free of man-made chemicals, gluten-free and vegan.  The ingredients are the highest quality available and are in full strength proportions.  The line is designed to offer individuals wanting to be chemical-free an alternative to household brands using petrolatum.  The two spray based products are based on a Keys exclusively designed and extracted botanical extract with essential and special oils added to offer functionality to people.

Take a look!

You can click on the product you are interested in and it will take you to it on the Keys Store

Alternative Naturals









[single_testimonial id=”4428″]

Our two spray products were developed from a extract we call Botanica™ and are designed to solve problems experienced by people and dogs.  The first is a skin aid product designed to mimic store brands using chemicals.  The second is a insect repellent that is designed to repel both flying and crawling insect for people and dogs that has many of the same ingredients as our RediCare, but with a botanical extract base that also softens the skin.


Take a look!






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Keys Tortuga Lotion for Vaginal Dryness & Menopausal Symptoms

Keys Tortuga Lotion for Vaginal Dryness


Wendy Steele

Keys CEO

We get a lot of questions on our Keys Customer Service system. Among the top questions are about wendy_hat_dipdealing with the symptoms of menopause. Recently, we have had a very large number of women reaching out to us and asking about using our Tortuga lotion for vaginal dryness and using Tortuga as a personal lubricant.

This is a touchy subject, but not for the reasons you might expect.

First, we have many women that use Tortuga and Luminos for vaginal dryness. Our customers tell us that not only do they reduce dryness, but that pain during intercourse is virtually eliminated. I will get into the details in a bit, but it is important to understand that we do not use preservatives and my recommendation is if you use either Tortuga or Luminos for vaginal dryness, that you refrigerate it to maintain the integrity of the product for this use. Of course warming is recommended before use.

Menopausal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is a symptom of menopause. It is also a common disorder among women of all ages and can make every day life and sexual connection difficult. Stress, diet & chemicals in products can also be a mitigating cause of the dryness, so it is important to try to search for the cause of the dryness. As remarkable as it may seem, laundry detergent that uses sulfates, vaginal products that contain glycols (PEG’s), parabens (bactericide preservatives) and dimethicone (silicone lubricants) are probably exacerbating the problem. It is important to gather all of the products that you use in or near the vagina and determine what is in them to assure that they are as natural as possible. The rules here are as follows:

  • If there are no ingredients on the product label, do not use it.
  • If you cannot pronounce the ingredient, research it to find out what it is before using it.
  • Make sure that you trust the company to list all the ingredients and that they do not have constituent ingredients added secretly.  Hard to do I know, but those hidden chemicals could be the problem

It gets more complicated and therefore adopting a “simpler is better” philosophy is better.  Meaning, you might want to DIY anything that you use in your private areas.  You would be amazed at how many women have found relief by eliminating commercial products alone.

Hormonal disruption is another thing to consider.  By no means am I a hormonal disruption expert.  I am a strong studier of the subject and many organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Safe Cosmetics and many holistic health organizations attribute sexual disfunction to many chemicals like phthalates in products used in an on the body.  Yes, these chemicals that are used in perfumes and fragrance are linked to premature menopause and symptoms like vaginal dryness.   Please, do not take my word for this.  Google and research!

So, there is a link to chemicals and vaginal dryness.  Equally, chemicals like propylene glycol (PEG’s) are also known to promote a need to reapply frequently causing more drying effects while trying to stop the problem.  So imagine that the more you apply of a product containing glycols (PEG’s) that the dryer you get and the more you need to reapply.  Not a good cycle to get into.  Those of you that have used products containing glycols either know what I am talking about or now understand why they feel the way they do.  No good!

Tortuga As A Personal Lubricant?

Keys Tortuga Lotion
Click To Visit Tortuga Lotion Page

I have a close girlfriend who has struggled with vaginal dryness since her thirties.  It became worse when she started to lose her hormones and began menopause.  This myth that life is better after menopause is debatable and different for every woman.  It certainly was not better for her.  Tortuga for her was a very good solution because I knew what is in it.  So, when I asked her to try Tortuga versus the synthetic personal lubricant she was using, she agreed.  The marketing hype of some personal lubricants caused her to read the labels, so it was an easy sell.  The lure of enhanced pleasure and increased sexuality was quickly dispelled after reading these labels.  Admittedly, most had no ingredients listed which caused me to worry for her.  I know what naive manufacturers use in skin care and I know that most of the ingredients would be the same in the personal lubricant category.  When I did find a company that listed their ingredients I was horror struck that they really expected anyone to use that stuff inside.

Again, many of our customers use Tortuga as a personal lubricant and find it sensational.  I do recommend, because there are no preservatives, that you refrigerate it and if you have any reaction at all, stop.  Use something else that is natural avoiding some ingredients like coconut oil or EVOO (olive oil) as they can be harsh and aggressive.

Okay, here I get to preach a bit and alert you that there are alternatives to post menopausal problems.  Yes, diet is important and using chemical-free products are of equal importance, but lets just get real.  There is one major thing that you can do that I did a few years ago.  Go BHRT!

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Dear Suzanne Somers, Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to Dr. Jonathan Wright!  Dr. Wright you know I think you walk on water and talk to the gods!  Thank you for all my friends that you have helped with your knowledge and expertise!  Wendy

In a number of Suzanne Somers books, she talks about the benefits of BHRT for both men and women as they age.  Dr. Wright says that we should start to pay attention to our hormone levels as early as our mid-thirties.  Simple testing sets the levels and the most youth preserving thing we can do is to maintain our hormone levels.  I got wise in my early 50’s I was tired of experiencing brain fog, tiredness and feeling cold.  Yes, using Tortuga Lotion combats the dryness, but as good as Tortuga is, it cannot take care of all the other symptoms of post menopause.

Dr. Wright's Tahoma Clinic
• • • • • Click to Visit • • • • •

Suzanne’s suggestion to visit Jonathan Wright was more about wellness than dealing with problems. I had read all his work on thyroid and nutritional anti-aging, but my interest was in taking charge of my well-being.  When I learned about Dr. Jonathan Wright’s work with BHRT, I was at his Tahoma Clinic in a flash.  Okay, I am a Cancerian and all Cancerian’s know that we experiment with everything from diet to what goes on our bodies.  Before my appointment, I read everything that Jonathan Wright wrote about BHRT and I was convinced before starting out on BHRT that it was the right thing for me.  Just let me say that it was the best investment I made on myself in my entire life.  I am feeling pre-40 again!  My husband says I look 40 again!  Enough said?

Here is a link to a video that you should watch to form your own opinions.  Dr. Jonathan Wright on BHRT


The cause of any problem is always what we should hunt for and not just solutions to symptoms.  My friend who has always struggled with vaginal dryness went on BHRT as well.  The combination of BHRT and Tortuga as a personal lubricant is now a part of my friends life as it is with the others that I have recommended visiting Dr. Wrights Tahoma Clinic near Seattle.

Yes, this is a very personal subject, but don’t you owe it to yourself to find relief?  Dr. Maya Angelou said it best when she said, “Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better.”

Yes, Tortuga is wonderful and a pure product.  Realizing that we have choices in taking charge of our own personal wellness and health is a revelation.  As we always say at Keys;  It is Time to Get Wise!


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Balding? Hair Re-growth? – Keys Island Rx!


Keys Island Rx May Be The Answer

by Bob Root, Keys Scientist

As a natural products company we are not allowed to make claims unless we follow a clinical trial process.  We are able to report what our customers tell us.

It was not to far after we began that we started to receive comments and testimonials about how our Island Rx promoted hair growth in both men and women.  For the longest time we believed that it was the process of our customers getting off of conventional shampoo and switching to a natural alternative.  Made sense to us, but for years, mostly men, claim that their hair grows more using Island Rx Liquid soap as a shampoo.  We decided to dig into the formulation and also make some theories of why it works for our customers.

So, here is what we know reading as many papers and studies that I could get my hands on.

Island Rx Liquid Soap
Island Rx Liquid Soap

To over simplify, conventional shampoos have a large amount of Sodium Laureth (Lauryl) Sulfate or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate.  These are commonly referred to as SLS or ALS.  A number of studies I have read track back these chemicals to causing inflammation of the scalp pores.  Hair is a protein extruded through a pore.  The theory is that when hair pores become inflamed, the size of the pore is reduced and the hair gets thinner.  This made sense to me because hair near  a balding spot seems thinner.  As the pores close down, the air stops growing

Balding is a form of alopecia.  So when you think this way, many of the suggestions of how to treat the disorder also makes sense.  It is worth Googling and also reading a article here on Clean Green Cafe titled Kyle to Keys! My Hair is Growing!

So, just about everywhere you read, the articles recommend switching from a sulfate based shampoo.  That seems to slow and even stop hair loss for many.  But why are our customers claiming hair regrowth.

Under The Hood

I decided to try to break down our Island Rx formulation to see why it might be working to stop and in some cases reverse hair growth.  In Kyle’s story above, he used MetaClean and yet, most of our customer testimonials refer to Island Rx.  In truth, the base soap we developed for Island Rx is the same as MetaClean.  I started my analysis by looking at our base soap recipe.

A true Castile soap is Olive oil saponified using a alkaline substance.  Castile soaps came from the Castile region of Spain 500 years ago.  They would mix olive oil and the ash from a wood fire to make a soap that cleans.  The problem with these soaps and ones made like it today is that they are very alkaline to a point where some are harsh.  The quest for soap makers is to use up as much of the alkaline substance to keep the alkalinity lower.

When we started, I experimented with hundreds of recipes, I started to replace the olive oil with other “softer” oils.  Eventually I got to the recipe we use today which has olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and Jojoba oil.  Typically the alkalinity is as high as 11.5 pH for Castile soaps and mine is about 8.5pH.  Thinking about why this might be important, I realized that it was probably more the type of oils I was using, but I did read that a mild alkaline rinse on the head is recommended for alopecia and therefore for balding.  I also read a number of articles exclaiming that the properties of coconut oil do help hair growth.

I also found some articles talking about raw avocado oil containing a natural retinol which aids hair growth.  I have known and promoted Island Rx to slow fade sun/age spots because of the retinol in avocado oil, but I really did not know about retinol effecting hair pores.  Yes, our Island Rx contains raw avocado oil that is put into the recipe after  the soap making process.  I originally did this as a conditioner humectant for the hair because Castile like soaps do make hair feel waxy.  This is why our Silkin is so popular because it is not a Castile soap and it more resembles conventional sulfate shampoos but without the SLS or ALS.  So, that raw avocado oil is an add to the equation.

As I read more, I zeroed in on each component as if it was the only ingredient.  Clary sage has tons of articles written about how it is used for hair growth.  Blood orange essential oil also has a number of purifying and clarifying articles written about it.  Both are listed in ancient Chinese medicine journals as having cleansing and antibacterial properties.

My Conclusion

All of the above!  It really appears to me that the reason that Island Rx liquid soap has so many fans is that it just works for them.  Each ingredient I looked at has some properties for hair growth.  My guess is that by combining them to make our first soap, the recipe just works.  Sorry, I hope to be able to figure out why so maybe i could make something even more powerful for hair growth.  Nothing stood out, but I am working on a amped version of Island Rx to see if I can speed up the process.

Stop Read!

Slowing, stopping balding and hair regrowth takes time using Island Rx.  Customer reports range from noticing less hair on the pillow in a couple of weeks to hair regrowth in a couple of months.  It is very important to not use any other products on your hair unless it is natural…completely natural.  If you use a pomade, change to raw natural coconut oil as a conditioner and styler.  Our Mangrove conditioner works well and will also facilitate regrowth because of the avocado oil.  Do not use conditioners or products contain silicone (dimethicone)  Go clean!  No Junk Please!

Why More Men?

This one eluded me until my wife and boss, Wendy Steele, pointed out the obvious.  “Women have log hair as a rule and Castile soaps and Castile-like soaps (Island Rx) are very hard to manage after washing.  Men typically have shorter hair and are not bothered with Island Rx.  In fact, most men use Island Rx Liquid soap head-to-toe.”  A small amount of research bore out the theory as men with long hair do not like Island Rx as a shampoo and women with short hair are not bothered by it either.  So, using Island Rx for short balding hair seems to work according to our customers.

There you have it.  It Just Works!

I you are interested in trying Island Rx, Click Here to go to the Island Rx Liquid soap page.  At checkout there is a box to add a code for a discount.  Use RX15 in the box to get a 15% discount as incentive to try it.  The Code entry box is just below the Cart Totals on the first page of the checkout.  Oh, make sure you hit the little arrow button to apply the discount code or the discount won’t work.

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Keys Solar Rx Tops EWG Sunscreen Report List – Reports Rodale (Prevention Magazine)


The Most Dangerous (and Safer) Sunscreens

Environmental Working Group (EWG) unveils its 2015 “Guide to Sunscreens.”


Trying to find the safest, most effective sunscreen used to be a real hassle. Sky-high SPFs might give you a false sense of security, and newer aerosol sprays could deliver harmful chemicals directly into your lungs. Luckily, Environmental Working Group (EWG) has taken the guesswork out of finding the best sunscreen, and today released its 2015 Guide to Sunscreens. We’ve listed some of the sunscreens rated best on the market in terms of both safety and effectiveness below.

Top-Rated Sunscreens From EWG’s 2015 Guide
• Badger Sunscreen, Unscented, SPF 30

• Keys Care Solar Rx Moisturizer, SPF 30+

 Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen, SPF 30

 Elemental Herbs All Good Kid’s Sunscreen, SPF 33

• Honest Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30

• BurnOut Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen, SPF 30

• Nurture My Body Sunscreen, SPF 32

• Raw Elements USA Eco Formula, SPF 30

• Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive, SPF 30

• Thinksport Sunscreen, SPF 50

EWG’s sunscreen report also ID’d what it’s calling the “Hall of Shame,” sunscreen products that are not only a waste of money, but also are potentially harmful. The organization recommends avoiding these sunscreens because they may contain oxybenzone, a chemical that can create abnormal changes in hormones. Some also contain retinyl palmitate, which could trigger damage and possibly cancer.

Others tout a superhigh SPF, which is basically a rip-off, since EWG says SPF protection tops out at 30 to 50. And still others contain harmful aerosols.

EWG’s Hall of Shame Sunscreens
• Banana Boat Clear UltraMist Ultra Defense MAX Skin Protect Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 110
• Coppertone Sport High Performance AccuSpray Sunscreen, SPF 70
• Coppertone Sport High Performance Clear Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 100+
• CVS Clear Spray Sunscreen, SPF 100
• CVS Sheer Mist Spray Sunscreen, SPF 70
• CVS Sport Clear Spray Sunscreen, SPF 100+
• CVS Wet & Dry Sunscreen Spray, SPF 85
• Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Sunscreen Body Mist, SPF 70
• Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray, SPF 100+
• Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray, SPF 70
• Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray, SPF 85+
• Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 100
• Coppertone Sport High Performance Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 100
• Coppertone Sport High Performance Sunscreen, SPF 75
• Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55
• Coppertone Ultra Guard Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70+
• CVS Sport Sunstick Sunscreen, SPF 55
• CVS Sun Lotion Sunscreen, SPF 100
• CVS Sun Lotion Sunscreen, SPF 70
• Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Daily Liquid Sunscreen, SPF 70
• NO-AD Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 60
• NO-AD Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 85
• Ocean Potion Protect & Nourish Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70
• Banana Boat Clear UltraMist Kids Max Protect & Play Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 110
• Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70
• Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55
• Coppertone Kids Wacky Foam Foaming Lotion Sunscreen, SPF 70+
• Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70+
• Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55
• Equate Kids Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55
• Kroger Baby Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70
• Kroger Kids Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70
• Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Beach & Pool Sunblock Spray, SPF 70+
• Up & Up Kid’s Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55

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Traveling Light with Keys Eye Butter

simply_wendy_bannerTravelers Trick

I have had a few people ask me for traveler product sizes for some of the daily regime type products. We are working on bringing back some of our travel sizes and we are having difficulty sourcing some of the containers for our soaps. Hopefully this will resolve itself in the near future.

Keys Eye Butter Eye Cream
Eye Butter Eye Cream

Bob Root, Keys formulator and founder has the distinction of having a lifetime American Airline Black Platinum card with 3 million miles emblazoned on it. Traveling with him is a real education. I shared that I have heard that people want to have smaller versions of our products and also find that the sachets do not work for them. He affirmed that we have tested all the lotions in our 15ml airless and that we are still looking for a 50ml mini-foamer that will work with our essential oil based soaps. He did offer a trick or two for our travelers that he does when he travels.

So, here is what Bob does for lotions and butters. He carries a single airless tube of Keys Eye Butter and does the following:

  • Use Eye Butter directly on the eyes and lips
  • Dilute Eye Butter by applying a small drop to wet hands and wet face as a moisturizer
  • Mix Eye Butter with water in the palm of the hand to make a lotion consistency to use as a dry skin lotion
  • Put a pea size drop into wet hair as a conditioner. (note, Bob has short hair)

owl clipBob also reinforced that he does carry the sachets and some of those square “owl” paper clips to reseal them after they are open. He noted that once open, you can fold over the top and those squareish paper clips made of plastic or metal do a good job in a small ziplock.

So, I tried the above and it works great. I still carry my Solar Rx, but I was able to get through my days with a lot less product.

Still, we are working on the travel sizes, but this is a good interim solution.


Buy Travel Eye Butter Now! Here

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New! KPRO Silkin Natural Shampoo & Conditioner – Better Than Conventional and Salon Brands

silkinFinally, a natural shampoo that will clean and shine as well as conventional and salon brands, but without the junk.

Seven years in development, Silkin is the answer.  We originally designed it  for those with thick, long and big hair.  The great news is that is is even better for people with short, silky, straight and thin hair.  Men especially noted that they love the quick lather and ended up using it as a shave soap as well.  Color and perm safe, it is truly a revolution in hair care.

Do not take our word for it.  Click Here to order a $0.49 sachet good for a couple of washings or next time you order, you will get a sample of Silkin free automatically.

Silkin is an extension of our KPRO line.  6 months of testing has received many accalades from hair stylists, designers and everyday users looking for a natural alternative to conventional shampoos.

Silkin contains the same OptiFX particles that are in KPRO tinted products.  Silkin opens the hair cuticle to clean and the OtiFX particles cling to the cuticle to offer a color enhancer, special shine and shimmer.

Silkin comes in a 16 ounce (472ml) pump bottle and retails for $24.95.   It is a very concentrated shampoo that last much longer than expected.  Click Here to buy Silkin

Silkin is 100% All-Natural Moisturizing Professional Shampoo for All Hair Types and Treated Hair.  This KPRO Shampoo is designed to replace conventional shampoos and conditioners with professional results.

• Deep Cleaning Shampoo

• Color & Treated Safe

• Hydrating & Moisturizing

• Rich Lather for Short to Big Hair

• Low Scent – No Fragrance

• Color Enhancing Technology

• Chemical-Free


Watch this two-minute video to learn more.

[jwplayer player=”4″ mediaid=”3033″]



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RediCare – Surgical Recovery and Scars


Wendy’s interview with Rhonda-youthful looking, vibrant & active 45-year old.  Fan of KEYS RediCare Healing Therapy Spray.

by Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

Last October, Rhonda started experiencing periodic trouble swallowing.  There were sporadic times when she was gasping for air for no apparent reason.  For several years she has lived at over 6,000 feet elevation and has been acclimated to high altitude living.  While she did not have pain-she knew she did not feel normal.

Her first thought was to visit her chiropractor for a full alignment.  After her chiropractic visits she realized the feeling in her neck had not improved.  In February, Rhonda visited her regular doctor who theorized that she could be experiencing a side effect of her celiac condition or acid reflux.  As a precaution, her doctor referred her to a thyroid specialist.  Her thyroid doctor could physically feel lumps around her trachea.  Ultra-sound revealed lots of little nodules and 3 substantially larger nodules.

Rhonda agreed to follow up with her thyroid doctor for needle biopsies to determine if the 3 larger nodules were cancerous or benign.  The needle biopsies were deemed “inconclusive”.   However, she was advised that there was a possibility that they could be cancerous.  Her doctor recommended surgery to remove both sides of the thyroid to be sure. Rhonda scheduled her surgery for a Monday and stayed overnight in the hospital for routine observation of her vital signs.

Post surgery, Rhonda learned that the pathology report indicated there was a small cancerous area that had been completely removed.  Her doctor indicated that she would need to follow up, by taking a radiation iodine pill, but only after her TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels were deemed adequate to begin that treatment.

In the meantime, post surgery, Rhonda wanted to immediately concentrate on assuring the best possible healing of the incision on her neck.  She decided to use KEYS RediCare Spray Healing Therapy because she could simply spray on the lotion and she did not need to touch it to rub it in.  This was critically important, as the incision was very tender and sore to touch.  While still in the hospital Rhonda decided to take a selfie of her same day surgery-neck incision.  Thereafter, every Monday, Rhonda took selfies for the next eight weeks.  She thought that the results were remarkable and was very pleased with the scar healing she experienced while using RediCare.  She contacted KEYS to let us know how happy she was with her healing experience with RediCare.

Click on the video below to see the nine-weeks animation of Rhonda’s healing process while using RediCare Healing Therapy Spray.

[jwplayer player=”4″ mediaid=”2979″]

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It’s Clear – Again. Clear Airless Containers Return

airless_clearLast year in a need to get a renewed supply of airless containers we were presented with the option of going all opaque white or having no containers.  Almost immediately our loyal customers raised up in unison that they wanted the clear translucent containers back so that they could see how much remained.  At the time, we had no options and immediately we polled our supplier to give us the option to return to a clear translucent base tube.  They listened and now all Keys airless products have a white pump with a clear base.

We have been shipping the clear base airless containers for the last month, but not all products were converted over.  Now, we are happy to say that all the airless products are shipping in the clear base container.

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Sunscreen Tips from the EWG

As a part of the EWG annual sunscreen report they offer tips about sunscreens.  Below is a unedited direct reprint of what they are saying in the 2014 sunscreen report. Keys Solar Rx was rated as excellent for safety and efficacy in this years report in the moisturizer with SPF category.  Keys Solar Rx is an everyday sunscreen designed as a moisturizer with sun protection.  It is not a go to beach or sports product because our moisturizer is water soluble for maximum hydration.  It is cosmetically clear and can be used under makeup or by itself.  Click Here to read the EWG report on Solar Rx


Make sunscreen part of your outdoor gear

Continue reading Sunscreen Tips from the EWG

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EWG 2014 Sunscreen Report – Keys Solar Rx in Top List

The 2014 EWG Sunscreen report was released and Keys Solar Rx was given a Excellent rating and was chosen as a Top Product in the moisturizer with sun protection category.   Click Here to jump to the EWG listing for Solar Rx.

The EWG ranking system is based on safety with most of the top brands rating a 2 on a scale of 0 to 10 (o = safest)  Keys Solar Rx was given a ranking of 1.

Solar Rx is cosmetically transparent and yet provides a UVA and UVB equivalent to conventional sunscreen rated at SPF 30+.  Solar Rx is not a go to beach or sport sunscreen because the lotion is a functional therapy water soluble medium designed to act as a moisturizer for everyday use.

Wendy Steele, Keys CEO, said, “Since the day we introduced Keys Solar Rx, it has received the highest ranking from the EWG and Consumer Reports magazine.  Safety and efficacy are the important facets about these two rating systems.  We applaud the EWG for their efforts and for the details as well as ease of use of the 2014 report.”

Below is the excerpt from the report.

Keys Care Solar Rx Moisturizer, SPF 30+

Keys by Orion Learning International, Inc.

Continue reading EWG 2014 Sunscreen Report – Keys Solar Rx in Top List

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Tortuga Turns 100 Years Old.

BW_wideby Bob Root, Keys CTO

The predecessor to Tortuga lotion was born in my grandmothers kitchen 100 years ago.   I grew up with this ancient remedy as a cure-all that saved me from cuts, bruises, dog bites, scrapes and even being jilted by a girlfriend or two.

My grandmother was an herbalist, naturopath and alchemist before Adele Davis was born.  I remember her picking weeds (herbs) and making potions, concoctions, soups, salves and rubs.  She was always experimenting with something that she would try on herself and us kids.

I am writing this article to explain the origin of Tortuga.  Tortuga has always been one of our most popular products.  Recently we have seen a real surge in interest.  This has come mainly through social networks of people trying to find solutions to skin disorders that western medicine have not been able to solve.  Many people have written to us telling of remarkable turn-arounds in their conditions.  For me, the credit goes to my grandmother’s bubbling caldrons.  I must pay homage to her for what she taught me.

Continue reading Tortuga Turns 100 Years Old.

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Keys Product Functionality Chart

One of the major search and questions we receive is what products should be used for what purpose.  For years we have had these suggestions on our customer service FAQs.  The problem has been that this form of information exchange is hard to get to and in our fast pasted world, we all seem to find it easier to re-ask the question rather than searching for it.

To this end, we have reset and reconfigured our website to now offer subcategories based on popular questions like acne, eczema, psoriasis and other disorders.  As we pointed out, we have also configured a predictive search function to make it easier to find products based on functionality in our online store.  We have also increased the search functionality on our blog herein where you can search based on keywords and phrases.  Adding to this is a bubble chart that we have simplified based on our printed literature.  Herein is the beginning of a chart that will become a page on the speed bar above that will expand to show functionality of our products. Continue reading Keys Product Functionality Chart

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Under The Hood – New Predictive Search Function

We are constantly making improvements to our website and online store.  Often the changes are important and also transparent.  Other times, we make big changes that improve the ease of use.

Recently we added some subcategories that show our products based on function.  For example, when you click on the category “Skin Therapies” there are subcategories for things like Eczema, Psoriasis etc.  When we made this change, you responded with a request for more functionality in the search function.

We have now added a technology called “Predictive Search” that monitors and chronicles search activity.  It learns habits as people ask question in the search box on our store.

Continue reading Under The Hood – New Predictive Search Function

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Mangrove Conditioner is Back! Richer and Twice The Size

Thanks for your patience.  Mangrove Conditioner has not been available for quite a while because of unforeseen circumstances.  It has taken all this time to reformulate Mangrove to be even richer and more emollient than before.  Now it is back in a new size and with a new pump for easier use and application!  Now at 8 ounces and in an easy to use pump bottle you are getting a little more than twice as much for the same price as before.


New Mangrove – Natural Cream Hair Conditioner & Leave-in Styler 236ml – 8oz

Natural Conditioner Uses Brassica Oil Instead of Silicone

Mangrove Conditioner is back!  Twice as much, twice as rich and the same price as before!

  • Hydrating Conditioner
  • Natural Scalp Therapy
  • High Lustrous Shine
  • Conditions Hair & Scalp
  • Rich Natural Oils
  • Soothing Aloe Vera
  • Conditioning Brassica
  • For Treated and Colored Hair
  • Relaxing Aromatherapy
  • For People and Pets
  • No Silicone or Dimethicones

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, No Animal Testing, Chemical-Free, No Preservatives Continue reading Mangrove Conditioner is Back! Richer and Twice The Size

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New Try Me Category – KPRO Sachets for Sale

kpro_sachetsWe realize that the new KPRO line is pretty revolutionary and trying is believing.  We introduced the KPRO line at the Natural Products Expo East trade show.   We created sachets of the moisturizers, correction cream and eye cream so that you can give them a try to see which is best for you.  You can Click Here or on the picture to go to the Keys store to order.

Many people have contacted us to ask which product is best for them.   That is a hard question based on all skin types.  Since the KPRO line adapts to skin color, tone and texture, there is no need for colors and shades.  The products are all difference with levels of intensity varying from one to the other.  We created this trial, so you can find out what is best for you.

These sachets contain two or three applications of the KPRO Tinted Moisturizer, Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Tinted Eye Cream and Tinted Correction Cream. This is a great way to find which product works best for you. Shipping is included in the price. These sachets contain two or three applications of the KPRO Tinted Moisturizer, Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Tinted Eye Cream and Tinted Correction Cream. This is a great way to find which product works best for you. Shipping is additional, but nominal because of the light weight.

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The Jar Is Back – Keys Eye Butter


Eye Butter 15ml Jar & Airless Pump

Back by popular demand, Keys Eye Butter is now available in Jars again.   This Eye Butter is also smoother and richer with no change in formula.  The process has been improved to yield a rich and very smooth cream eye moisturizer.  And yes, it is available in either the jar version or the airless travel pump version.  Both are the same price and the same product in a different container.  Your choice at $19.95 for either container.

Eye Butter Eye Cream
Eye Butter Eye Cream
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Keys KPRO Cosmetic Products – Now Available!



KRO Product Description and Use.

We are there!  We have the first production run of our new KPRO product line.  We want to give you some details of the new products prior to them now that they are available.

The planned release of the KPRO product line was October 1, 2013.  Our team surprised me by finishing a few days early.  I am so proud of this team.  The surprises are always good!

 Just as a refresher, Keys has introduced a new series of Hollywood inspired products named KPRO or Keys Professional line.  Keys KPRO products use OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology to provide an illusionary appearance creating the hot trendy nude bare skin look in a 1-step chemical-free foundation.

Developed in concert with Hollywood makeup artists and filmmakers, this correction cream fills, hides fine lines and skin imperfections.  The technology literally copies and clones skin color, tone and texture transmitting vital characteristics to neighboring skin.  Like a virtual projector, 1 micron organic and plant-based structures transmit a smooth and vibrant skin finish.

Keys patentable technology works to reflect, refract and smooth skin tones adapting to light changes and environments automatically.  This is a true anti-aging product because rarefied ingredients help condition, moisturize and reverse skin aging as well as providing the cosmetic effects.  This is a revolutionary 1-step foundation with optical technology that transforms even lifeless skin to exciting dewy beauty.

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Keys Professional – KPRO Line – Cosmetic Tinted Creams and Powders


One Step to Vibrant Beauty and Natural Skin Health

OptiFX™ Patentable Adaptive Color Technology combined with Natural Chemical-Free Skin Health™

Synopsis:  Keys has introduced a new series of Hollywood inspired products named KPRO or Keys Professional line.  Keys KPRO products use OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology to provide an illusionary appearance creating the hot trendy nude bare skin look in a 1-step chemical-free foundation.

 Developed in concert with Hollywood makeup artists and filmmakers, this correction cream fills, hides fine lines and skin imperfections.  The technology literally copies and clones skin color, tone and texture transmitting vital characteristics to neighboring skin.  Like a virtual projector, 1 micron organic and plant-based structures transmit a smooth and vibrant skin finish.

 Keys patentable technology works to reflect, refract and smooth skin tones adapting to light changes and environments automatically.  This is a true anti-aging product because rarefied ingredients help condition, moisturize and reverse skin aging as well as providing the cosmetic effects.  This is a revolutionary 1-step foundation with optical technology that transforms even lifeless skin to exciting dewy beauty.

  • Chemical-Free
  • No Mica
  • No Silica
  • No Minerals
  • No Talc


 Introducing KPRO – Keys Professional Line


September 1, 2013 Santa Monica California:  At a meeting today, Keys Care revealed a new technology for natural foundations and HD powders that incorporates OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology.  This one-step foundation not only creates and illusion of smoother, softer and more even skin tones, it invisibly fills fine lines and creases for a younger more polished look.  The six new products are also natural skin therapies reversing aging through their chemical-free formulation and super-hydrating properties.  As these stand as amazing new technology features, the most important is probably how much time these products will save in daily regimens.

Bob Root, Keys Founder and Chief Scientist offered, “What if you could compress your morning regimen to get the “Natural Look” in 5 minutes of less?  What if it exceeded the performance of Nordstrom Counter makeup brands?  What if it is Chemical-Free?”

Keys has developed it’s new KPRO (Keys Professional) line to do just that.  Born in earnest in front of the highest definition cameras in the world, KPRO competes with conventional makeup in the Hollywood makeup artist bag and it is all-natural and chemical-free.

The illusion, smoothing and age-reversing is far more than luck. It is patentable technology called OptiFX™ and it was developed at Keys.

Express Lane to Your Day

 Blond_AJ“I am a makeup artist in Hollywood and because of my profession, people think I have all day to get myself ready to venture out into the world.  My day often begins at 4 am on a set that I will be on well past dark.  My day is spent creating the natural look on actors in 45 minutes or less.  The truth of the matter is that the majority of that time is spent laying down a natural looking foundation.  I often use 10 to 15 different color foundations to simulate the natural color contours of the face.  So, you can imagine my delight, shock and surprise when my friends at Keys sent me a top-secret product that cut my 45 minute foundation regime to 5 minutes. 

 I could not resist and woke one morning for a shoot and put this new miracle product on my face.  I applied this non-mineral natural tinted correction cream to my face and was amazed to see what looked like a flawless foundation.  I added check color, eyes and lips and I was done in less than five minutes.  Really!”

The Rumors Are True

Keys is Getting in to Color – A Sneak Peek.

Bob Root, Keys Chief Scientist said, “For the last four years, I have experimented with getting into the business of color.  Namely cosmetics.  What has stopped me was a set of standards that I wanted to adhere to and my mantra of wanting to not be another me too company entering the cosmetics game because it is this hot market segment.

 It was developed in concert with Red Camera Corporation and Arri for use in Ultra High Definition (UHD) film and TV.  The technology that I am using has never been used for makeup.  It adapts to skin texture and color.”

Expo East Product of the Year Nominee!

Keys OptiFX technology is under consideration as the best new product of the year at Natural Products Expo East trade show and will be featured in the New Product Showcase.  We plan a late September launch for the new line that will include:

  • Tinted Moisturizer with sunscreen
  • Tinted Moisturizer
  • Tinted Correction Cream
  • Tinted Corrective Eye Cream
  • HD tinted powder
  • HD powder (untinted)

All will have the OptiFXadaptive technology.  At the moment, we are not revealing the extent of the technology because of patents that we are filing.

There are numerous differences between this tinted foundation and conventional makeup.  First, the base lotion is our Luminos Moisturizer which is chemical-free, vegan and gluten-free.  The filler and color function were developed to offer silica-free, PEG-free, lead-free, mica-free and earth mineral-free.

OptiFX™  Adaptive Color Technology

optifx-vs-micaOptiFX™ is a combination of crystalline structures that are both plantbased and optical physics technology.  OptiFX™ was developed by us to create an extreme illusion on the skin that mirrors and broadcasts skin tones while also smoothing and diffusing the appearance of the skin.  This simulates a soft even surface that adapts to every skin tone, color and condition.   The particle clusters are  ~1 micron in size and are made from jet-dried Blue Agave Aloe blend and a porcelain type material that act like micro-mirrors.  These particles have a “0” rating from the EWG which symbolizes the safest of ingredients.

The biggest differences are the effects.  Most makeup is based on a technology called additive color.  Meaning the color is from the minerals, generally opaque and is the color of the existing elements.  This is why most mineral and conventional makeup comes in shades that have to be selected to match skin tone.  Our product is using a technology from the photographic world and is called subtractive color technology.  The primary reason for using this technology is that the particles absorb and refract the skin tone from around it offering a single product that work for the majority of skin types and colors.  Simplified, it absorbs color from around it and projects it out offering a more uniform look, smoother finish and a near perfect match to the persons skin tone.

I See Dead People!

Bob Root added, “Flat mineral makeup as a foundation has been all the rage primarily because it is purported to be “Natural.”  There are many problems with the term natural, but my simple problem is that mineral makeups are flat, too uniform and make people look dead to me.  A weekend at the Studio City (CA) Farmers Market and you will see the Hollywood elite looking bare faced and dewy.  It is so much more attractive than a flat pancake look.  The new bare face look, in itself, is a bit overboard in the “too-nude” direction and some young stars and entertainers can get away with it.  Most of us cannot.   I originally developed our AguaVit as a makeup setter to turn mineral makeup into the dewy look, but in my opinion, it was covering a bad thing in an attempt to correct the bad features of mineral makeup.  The KPRO line uses the OptiFX™ technology to create a uniform, color-matched and even tone that also provides a very alive dewy look that let the real you out while also creating an illusion of softer smoother vibrant skin.  A little sparkle that is subliminal attracts the eye saying ‘look at me’ without being gaudy or Le Cirquestque!”

What is also a big difference is the illusion OptiFX™ creates because of the particles.  It is a well known photographic principle that a spheres and plated particles diffuse, refract and gather light.  Simplified, for use in makeup, OptiFX™ based products create an illusion of softness, smoothing and natural color without looking flat, pancake or matte.  Overstated, you get the natural look in one product unto which you can add eye, lip and cheek color.  Done!

The technology was originally developed to “trick” high definition digital 4-5k cameras to make the skin of actors look more even, vibrant and more natural looking in the unforgiving world of high definition.  It has the same effect on the human eye making the people that use it look more dewy, natural and with the illusion of radiant skin.  Because it absorb and broadcast color from around each particle, almost everyone can wear it without looking like they have heavy makeup.

The products are currently being tested on television, on two films and in advertising photo shoots for fall fashion

Finally a Foundation for Men

bald-man_maskedMany cosmetic products are designed only for women.  That is how they start and end with little to no consideration for men wanting a more stylish contemporary look.  Designing for the camera means that a product has to work on all skin types and for both men and women.  Bob Root added, “A woman’s skin cannot look or react differently to the camera than her male counterpart.  A product designed for ultra high definition still and film must work equally for everyone and provide a foundation that the makeup artist can build on.  Flat makeup must somehow be made vibrant which is way too much work and looks fake.  The OptiFX™ technology affords a smooth workable foundation for the makeup artist.  For the rest of us, especially men, the technology offers a one-pass quick daily moisturizer that makes the skin look vibrant and alive.”

OptiFX™ is a revolution for men, because it does not add flat pancake color or a dry look like mineral makeups.  It recognizes the adjacent skin tone, texture and color and transmits it in a glowing smoothing effect that makes men look alive, attractive and natural.  The robust look is one that shows the strength of men while offering a personal and sensitive look at the same time.  Our male beta testers have all said that friends and especially women noticed a change, but could not explain why.  Bob added, “It is virtually invisible to the conscious eye and the technology does interact with the unconscious eye the same way it does with UHD camera sensors.  For men, the key words are vibrancy, sincerity and confidence.”

A famous male actor was noted as saying, “I am a well known Green advocate and yet my face is my life.  Yes, I want natural, but not at the expense of how I look on camera or in front of the press.  I have been a Keys Eye Butter fan for years now and have wanted more.  I have used Eye Butter all over my face to get the look that I want and need.  Masculine and alive!  My makeup artist put Keys KPRO Correction Cream on me before an appearance and I was blown away.  I said, this must be a man’s product and my makeup artist smilingly agreed…she always does.”


OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology will be exclusively in the new KPRO, Keys Professional, line being introduced at the Natural Products Expo East trade show in Baltimore Maryland on September 26, 2013.

There is an old adage from our years in high tech.  Because products change so quickly, we often joked that “a product will be available in 6 months, but literature is available in volume today!”  In our case, KPRO products are slated to be available by mid to late September and virtual literature is available now by clicking the icon.  Kidding aside, the literature does a good job of showing visually what we will be offering.

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Keys RediCare – Featured in Men’s Journal Magazine

menJBest Chemical-Free Insect Repellents


Few canned products inflame as much passion and confusion as insect repellents. On the pro-chemical side are those who claim that plant-based sprays and other alternatives simply don’t work at all, and so leave users exposed to pathogen-hosting insects carrying anything from West Nile to the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. But proponents of chemical-free repellents cite the possible toxicity of Deet to the human brain, and claim their all-natural alternatives work plenty well. (We’ll add that we’ve had a pair of sunglasses get lightly melted by errant Deet spray, which left us questioning whether we ought to be applying it to our skin on a regular basis.)

The truth, as often is the case, falls somewhere in the middle. So according to Dr. Mustapha Debboun, editor of ‘Prevention of Bug Bites, Stings and Disease,’ both types of products have their place. “The way to think about it is that chemicals are better for longer hours in the deep woods,” Debboun says, “while all-natural ingredients are fine for the backyard, beach, and other places where you won’t be out for extended periods.” So think Deet or picaridin for that jungle trek to Southeast Asia you’ve been planning, but something all-natural for day hikes and picnics closer to home.

Still, in a surprising twist (and what will be a humbling disappointment for chemical warfare proponents), it turns out that pound-for-pound, all natural options are actually the better performer. “Natural insect repellents generally repel a larger and wider range of crawling and flying insects [than chemicals] because of the diverse grouping of ingredients they contain,” says Bob Root, author of ‘Chemical Free Skin Health.’ Dr. Debboun concurs: “Lemon eucalyptus is just as good an ingredient as chemicals like Deet and picaridin.” Continue reading Keys RediCare – Featured in Men’s Journal Magazine

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Cooking for your dog with Koda OmegaLife

stir-fryCooking with OmegaLife

By Bob Root

Koda OmegaLife is a product I developed as a vegan replacement for fish oil for dogs.  The reason we developed OmegaLife was to provide Omega 3, 6 & 9’s without the vitamin A that i found in fish oil.  Vitamin A can be toxic to humans and dogs if in too high a level.

I recently had a question escalated to me by our customer service team.  It was, “Can I cook my dogs food using OmegaLife Oil?”  The simple answer is, “Of Coarse!”

There are a number of our customers that feed their dogs using a “Raw” diet while others cook or partially cook the dogs food.  If your recipe has you slow cooking or even stir-frying your dogs meat and vegetables, use Omegalife instead of oil.  Estimate how many meals you are preparing times your dogs weight divided by 10 to determine how may squirts of oil you use.  (For example, if you are cooking 1o meals and your dog weighs 10 pounds, it would be 10 squirts of OmegaLife in the food).  If you are preparing the food as a “Raw” diet, it is okay to also squirt the OmegaLife into the food based on the above formula.

Remember in all cases, it is one squirt for each ten pounds times the estimated number of meals.

Just remember that you do not want to overheat the OmegaLife.  Put the amount in a pan, turn on the heat and add the food.

Personally, I have been cooking for Jasper since the day he joined our family.  The reason is that, “I know what is in his food when I make it.”  The irony is that it is less expensive as well.

Any questions?  Send me a comment and I will respond.

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Where are all the travel sizes and sample?

bob_topazBy Bob Root, Keys CTO

Our factory move and spin-up went amazingly well.  Like moving your home, there are things that you save, somethings you move and somethings you get rid of.  This is true for factories as well.  Think of it as having the opportunity to change some things and start new.

From nearly the day we have opened for business, we have provided smaller versions of our products for use as sample and for traveling.  This has been pretty much a losing proposition for us and at the same time we looked at sample as a good way for people to try our products.  I know how great our products are, but there is nothing like trying something to see if you like the product or if it works for you.

Keys Old Sample Packaging

Our samples and travel sizes evolved over time.  We went from squeeze bottles to tubes for some products while our soaps and RediCare stayed in bottle form.  I must admit that one of my biggest design headaches are the samples and travel sizes because they are extremely hard to produce, actually travel and ship poorly and they are expensive to produce.  So, when we decided to move, one of the things I decided to change was our sample and travel size products.  The problem was that I did not know how I wanted to change the packaging and the move itself occupied most of my days for the last month.  About two weeks ago it dawned on me that there might be a way so I started to explore some things with our digital label partner to see if he could print using his extremely high tech HP label printer to print on continuous film.  When he said yes, I went to work on my idea.

Moving a factory and only being down for ten days is what we call a BHAG…or, a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  Re-architecting a sampling and travel product design and system is even a bigger BHAG.  The critical link was a way to do our digital design labels in film format and when I knew we could do it, I searched the world for a small format packet filling system that would let me design variable size packets with enough product so that people could be assured they liked our products and that they would work for them. Continue reading Where are all the travel sizes and sample?

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The Not New Solar Rx – Improved and Unchanged!

The New FDA Sunscreen regulations are about to go into effect.

Last year I wrote and article in July of 2011 about what to expect from the new regulations.  The article outlined all of the changes we as manufacturers had to make to make the regulatory changes seamless to consumers.  You can read the article titled “New FDA Sunscreen Regulations.”

There are a number of new things to expect to see in place by June 12, 2012.  Rather than bore you with details, here are some bullets of the major changes

  • SPF used to mean only UVB protection.  Now manufacturers have to guarantee that protection is “Broad Spectrum” covering both UVA and UVB
  • All the outrageous SPF numbers (i.e. SPF 75, SPF 100+ etc.) are now illegal.  The top rating is now SPF 50+
  • The use of the term sublock is no longer allowed.  We can only use the term sunscreen
  • Cosmetic moisturizer like Solar Rx must comply with all of the regulation applying to sunscreens
  • Waterproof is a no no term.  Now a sunscreen can be water resistent, but the manufaqctuer must prove it and list the minutes of water resistent protectin on the label front
  • There is now a very specific Drug Facts label that has to appear on the back of the product with very spefici language.  Below is an image of our new label with the drug facts panel.  The panel looks very similar to the panel we have used for the last five years, but is different.

The Not New Solar Rx – Improved

Solar Rx is not new in the sense that we have not changed the formulation or concentration of the ingredients.  We have been in compliance with the new FDA regulations for the last two years.   That said, we do have a new labels and a few process changes. Continue reading The Not New Solar Rx – Improved and Unchanged!

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Dramatic Skin – Keys Reflex ProBiome – New Revolution

Reflex ProBiome – The Back Story

Bob Root, Keys Chief Scientist & Founder

Reflex is one of the oldest new products we have.  I know that does not make sense.  It does to me because I developed Reflex almost five years ago and have been testing it since under the code name of Silken.  My problem was that the delay had nothing to do with developing the product, packaging or refinement.  My problem?  At least three of the ingredients I needed were not available in quantities greater than a few gallons.  If you keep in mind that I need thousands of liters or gallons to bring a product to market, a single liter is only good to prototype and lead to frustration.  As if it was a sign from the heavens at this place in space and time, providers showed up with production quantities of high grade organic virgin avocado oil, virgin Tamanu oil and our own ability to volume extract our Muras.  Later in the aricle below, all the ingredients are described and it was the fact that I can buy ample quantities of raw materials without compromising quality facilitate the launch of our new product by its real name.  Reflex ProBiome is unquestionably a big deal because of its ingredient quality.  Now we can produce it in manufacturable quantities.

Dramatic Skin – Keys Reflex ProBiome Anti-Aging Fusion

A biome is an ecological community operating together in harmony. Since we began Keys, we have treated the skin and its flora as a biome or eco-system. Reflex ProBiome feeds the community offering functional nutrients for the skin and friendly flora. Chemicals in skin care products destroy the skin’s flora and create imbalance on the skin. Reflex ProBiome is designed to restore the balance and make skin look remarkable.

Go To Keys Store for Reflex Probiome
Click Here to Go to Keys Store for Reflex Probiome

Reflex ProBiome is the culmination of four years of development combining modern skin age reversal without chemicals, hormones, synthetic steroids or fillers. Using Reflex ProBiome, you can expect reduction or elimination of fine lines, reduction of expression lines, skin toning, skin surface sculpting, firmness and more even skin color. The smooth luminescent finish and quick absorption into the skin are hallmarks of the quality of Reflex ProBiome. Simply we would place Reflex ProBiome in any competition against ‘any’ other anti-aging
or wrinkle solutions. Besides our confidence in Reflex ProBiome performance, it is completely made from natural unmodified ingredients.  At $24.95, it outperforms international chemical laden brands at a fraction of the cost.  The reason is simple 7 natural pharma grade ingredients compared to 50-75 ingredients that sometimes include hormones, Botox and exotic aggressive chemicals.

The secret of Reflex ProBiome is the combination of natural ingredients, the quality of the ingredients and the fact that all ingredients are whole and functional. Functional ingredients are those that are not over-processed and contain the whole properties from nature. Functional ingredients are on purpose and perform needed features and benefits to maximize skin appearance, hydration and skin health.

Reflex ProBiome is made from the purest organic oils assembled to replicate the skin’s own sebum while offering tetrapeptides, triglycerides, fatty acids, quadracarotenoids and nutrients that affect skin cell shape and health. Combining Organic Virgin Avocado oil, Organic Virgin Tamanu oil, Shea oil, ancient renowned Black Seed oil, Bergamot essential oil and the undisputable performance of Carrot Seed oil with our own Miras organic extract makes Reflex ProBiome a functional anti-aging product that is created from pure natural ingredients.

Continue reading Dramatic Skin – Keys Reflex ProBiome – New Revolution

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A Close Shave


Close Shave?  I am often asked why we do not make a shave cream or shaving soap.   My answer?   We already do!

I was recently at a farmers market in the California Desert and asked by a man who complained of razor stubble and bumps from his shaving cream.  He asked if we would develop a shave cream that was all-natural, would not burn his skin, would not chafe, would not dry his skin and would not drag like other natural shave creams.   I said we already do and a lot of men and women use this special product every day.   Smiling, I told him that it was our Mangrove Shampoo!Remember that Keys believes in making products that solve problems and make people feel good.  This is our mantra.  We also say that our products do many things beyond what the label says.

Continue reading A Close Shave

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The News Is Not All Bad!

Bob Root, Keys Chief Scientist & Founder

I must admit that I have been CNN Free for nearly tens years. Really!  I find myself working at looking at the world through positive lenses.  I have found that watching things out of my control affects my overall health.  This is not an “ignorance is bliss” approach to living as much as it is a focus on what I can effect, affect and control.

For some time now, I have been afflicted with the belief that much of our health is not about doctors, prescription or even prevention.  As I have studied, for my own life, I have found that health and specifically skin health, are directly relates to changing behaviors and realizing that it is not just about what we put into or on our body, it is how we do it and exercising the critical systems of the body.  Simply, just eating right and going to the gym are minor things and pale in comparison to focusing on our physical, mental and endocrine body balance.
My research may or may not be leading to a new book, but one thing for sure is that I believe that much of our skin health has been too focused on the negative aspects of just a few chemicals when how we live our skin health is far more important.

I have been working on a skin health regime that involves changing lifestyle and is almost devoid of talking about products in favor of changing behaviors.  Mehmet Oz (aka Dr. Oz) inspired me to look at a holistic approach to skin health.  Indeed I have began to write this “book” and will publish excerpts here as they become more real to me.  My hope is to take a part of a well deserved holiday and, at least, write a definitive blog article that one could call a book draft outline.

As I have studied, I realized that we have all be overly influenced by blog articles, public lobbying by NGO’s (non governmental organizations) like FOE, NPA, EWG et al.  Life should be about balance and I struggled to find a single source that I can reference that would offer a positive approach to skin conditions, skin disorders and skin health.  I was chatting with a fellow researcher involved at the Human Microbiome Project. ( and asked her if she knew of a resource.  She laughed at me and said, “how about next door.”   I have to admit that I had one of those V8 moments as I slapped my forehead.  What she meant by next door is the National Libraryof Medicine sponsored by our tax paying support of the National Institutes of Health.  The group is called MedlinePlus and is an online resource that is amazing.

I obviously believe in the Skin Deep database, the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, The Breast Cancer Fund and all the positive work that goes on.  Said, these people take an approach of “don’t use this or that,”  “these things will hurt you” and “don’t do this” without offering many reasons or solutions.  MedlinePlus makes all of the information from all these “Bad News” agencies pale in comparison.  The best analogy I have is that if information was water, all of the NGO resources add up to a thimble of water into an Olympic pool that is MedlinePlus.

So, here are just a few articles that focus just on the skin, nails and hair on the MedlinePlus database.  My hope is that they will offer you positive solutions to help your skin and feed your positive spirit at the same time.

Update!  Our friends at The Babble Out ( approached our customer service to look at an eczema article they wrote.   It is quite good and worth reading.  Here is the link to Everything About Eczema.

Note:  When our customer service leader forwarded the article from Zoey at Babble Out to me, it caused me to read the article for value here, but it also reminded me that innovation is constant and articles like mine or from Babble Out are not dynamic unless we stay on top to make these article real-time.  Next to impossible, we will try to be more diligent in staying current with new technologies.

Coming from the computer industry where you either innovate or die, our world has begun to adopt the rapid innovations cycle.  Anything where people are helping people is both responsibility and serving.

For example, there is amazing work being done in Canada in Vernon at a spa where they expose eczema suffers to decreasing temperatures where the skin is blast-chilled.   Results have been remarkable and worth Googling “Eczema Cryotherapy.”

MedlinePlus Trusted Health Information for You

Skin, Hair and Nails Topics
Below is the link to the ‘Cosmetics’ link above to give you an idea of what you will find.  What you will quickly notice is that there is a simple description and links to numerous articles on various subjects in detail.  All said, don’t get too caught up in this because it all may lead to a new form of insanity disorder.  😉

Photograph of an eye shadow case with four shadow colors and a brushCosmetics

Also called: Makeup

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 Cosmetics are products you apply to your body to clean it, make it more attractive or change the way it looks. They include
  • Hair dyes
  • Makeup
  • Perfumes
  • Skin-care creams

Products such as dandruff shampoo, fluoride toothpaste and antiperspirant deodorant are both cosmetics and drugs. A good way to tell if you’re buying a cosmetic that is also a drug is to see if the first ingredient listed is an “active ingredient.” The active ingredient is the chemical that makes the product effective, and the manufacturer must have proof that it’s safe for its intended use. To find out all the ingredients in a cosmetic you use, check the container. Manufacturers are required to list them. Labels such as “natural” and “hypoallergenic” have no official meaning. Companies can use them to mean whatever they want.

Food and Drug Administration

 What’s this?
 Start Here
 The top row in the table of contents box contains the following groups:Basics,Learn More, andMultimedia & Cool Tools.

For group Basics

For group Learn More

For group Multimedia & Cool Tools

The bottom row in the table of contents box contains the following groups:Research,Reference Shelf, andFor You.

 For group Research

For group Reference Shelf

For group For You





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Keys Omni – New Revolutionary Skin Spray Elixir

Omni – Skin Elixir Spray 60ml (2oz)

Omni is a revolutionary product from every aspect.  Omni is a technology term derived from the Latin word Omnis meaning “all.” When we began to develop AquaVit, it became clear that our Ariane ingredient had wonderful properties. Omni was originally being developed with an ingredient we named Miras. Miras is a special ingredient that comes from the fruit of the Forsythia plant and has very high levels of Oleanolic which is known to have many healing and cleansing properties for the skin without harming the skins probiotic EcoSystem.  We then combined Ariane and Miras together for a combined effect that rivals any skin care, anti-aging or beauty product in the world.  Of course, I am biased. Continue reading Keys Omni – New Revolutionary Skin Spray Elixir

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New AguaVit – Toner Tonic from Keys

I am very happy to announce a new product long in development called AguaVit

AguaVit is more than a toner. Take one sniff and the scent conjures deeply rooted emotions of times gone by. AguaVit means “Water of life.” It is made from a functional ingredient created by Keys called Arianne. To make Ariane we blend & distill whole organic orange, lime, cranberry, cucumber, juniper berry, star anise, cassia cinnamon, anise seed, ginger and clove. Continue reading New AguaVit – Toner Tonic from Keys

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AguaVit & Omni – Two New Functional Ingredient Products From Keys

Keys Skip Generation Technology – Blended Whole Botanicals

by Bob Root  Keys Technologist

We are about to introduce two new products that represent a significant advancement for us and the industry.  AguaVit and Omni are two new products coming soon that employ a remarkable change for us in how we produce products that offer functionality, efficacy and performance.

Traditionally, companies blend ingredients to create a new product.  These can be oils, essential oils, extracts and blends of ingredients that were separately processed.  Often these ingredients are estered or separated and refined for a specific function.  For example, Vitamin E can be refined from vegetables  to look for and extract only a portion of the Vitamin E or the creation of a Tocopherol substance using refining processes.   Then many ingredients with separated functionality are blended together to create some action.  This is a lot of work and I continually question separating components of any natural substance to increase its intensity.  Deriving an intense form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) from fruit like apples sounds natural, but it is not.  The intense action of an AHA burns the skin to exfoliate rapidly with many consequences beyond red skin.  So it true of many estered ingredients. Continue reading AguaVit & Omni – Two New Functional Ingredient Products From Keys

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New RediCare Locking Sprayer

We are pleased to announce the next generation sprayer head for our RediCare product.  The innovations for this new design development are a finer mist spray, more even and less pressure required to operate and a new integrated locking mechanism.

New RediCare Sprayer Integrated Lock

Most people quickly notice the new locking mechanism.  The prior sprayer used a “wishbone” clip that kept the pump from operating while in a bag, backpack or pocket.   The problem with the old design is that the small clip was easily lost.  In the process of developing the next generation sprayer, we sought all the new features plus an integrated lock.  As simple as it seems, it took us a long time to bring the design to the market.

Below is a short video that shows the operation of the locking latch.  Merely push the button from the right of the pump to open the sprayer for operation and a second push from the left to latch it closed and prevent accidental discharge of the pump. Continue reading New RediCare Locking Sprayer

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Keys Product Labels

Click Here To View Keys Labels

We have always published our product labels on our website.  Admittedly they have been a little hard to find and took some work.  As a part of the evolution of our website and our dedication to simpler more informed content, we have created a page on our blog dedicated to our products from an informational standpoint.  The page on the main menu bars above and to the right show a new category called “Keys Products.”  As we add information, it will appear in this category and as a brief article like this one.

So, now all of our label art in flat pattern is available to be viewed by clicking this link or the label image herein.  You can also go to the category page and click the link there to see these labels.

You will also notice that we are beginning to add recycle symbols to our labels.  Many of our containers are made in the EU and do not have mold recycle marks.  These packages are fully recyclable.  We are adding the symbol to all of our labels as an assurance.  As we add the symbol, we will update the label art page above to reflect the changes.

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Our Green Piece…How It’s Made at Keys!

by Bob Root

Keys Technologist

Clean, Caring, Concerned and Diligent!

Everyone want to know these days what is in your products, what is not in your products and how does the making of your products effect the environment.  I thought it might be lighter to use the title Green Piece with an ‘i’ because that is what the PR people call the eco statement that a company offers.  Often these are full of $5 dollar words and platitudes.  So, I have attempted to inform here without using too many words or big words that have no meaning.  I am sure I have missed something, so make sure you use the comment box to ask me your questions.
Keys is not just another natural products manufacturer.  We design skin care solutions that solve problems.  If there was a FDA category for Natural Medicines, you would find Keys there.  What you will notice about our products is that we present them as natural solutions to problems with features, benefits and advantages offered.  We are not a company that focused on scents, nor do we add any ingredients to scent our products.  Although many people comment on the way our products smell, it usually begins with adjectives like clean, fresh, earthy et al.

It was about seven years ago that Keys burst on the scene of the Natural Products Industry when we exhibited at the Natural Products Expo trade show.  It was synergistic that about the same time that many well known “natural products” manufacturers were exclaiming that they were going to remove the Dirty Dozen chemicals from their products over the next few years that we showed up with none of them.  When the show opened, many were shocked to see that we created stable functional products that had none of the Dirty Dozen.  In fact, we never had them in our products.

Keys cause and mission was to create products for people with sensitive skin, post cancer recovery and for people with chemical based skin disorders.  We simply could not use the Dirty Dozen as well as hundreds of other chemicals and fragrances that were commonly used.  Our mission at the show was to not out-do others in what seemed to be more of a PR race.   We were there to provide niche market products which we labeled as Chemical-Free Skin Health®  We presented ourselves, not just as a natural product, but skin health products that competed with pharmaceutical products for efficacy and that are natural…chemical-free!

What does natural mean?  To us, it is the use of whole ingredients that are naturally processed from plants, herbs and botanicals.  This means no synthetic man-made chemicals.  It also means that we can trace every ingredient and every constituent ingredient back to their origin.  For example, we use whole natural virgin avocado oil, we know the grower, we know their process and we know what was used in the grove where the fruit was harvested.  We know this for all of our ingredients.

What we do not use is as important as what we use.  Even though we say whole natural ingredients, sometimes it is important to point out what we do not use to assure people of the integrity of our products.  To begin, there are no Dirty 30, Dirty 100 or Dirty 10,000 chemicals in our products.  No man-made chemicals.  That means no sulfates, parabens and all the other no’s that you see on labels and advertising.  This pushes down to the ingredients that make up some of our combined ingredients.  Our ingredients are whole which means that they have not been modified or obtained from genetically modify plants.

Our products are gluten-free, vegan, not soy based and use no corn.  All ingredients are on our labels.  All!

We use and develop functional ingredients to improve skin health.  This is a relatively new science developed from some old world methods where we use whole fruits, herbs, botanicals, spices and plant ingredients placed into a “worting” fermenting like process and then extracted using a steam process to architect ingredients that serve a specific purpose.  We give these ingredients names like Ariane and Miras to help distinguish what they do for the skin.  Almost all future development at Keys is in this direction.  You can read more about it in the Keys Science article.

So as a bit of background, we developed all of our products using ancient remedies upgraded with modern technology and pharmaceutical ingredients in therapeutic proportions.  Although many of the products have their roots in centuries old recipes, we have refined our processes using sometimes exotic methods to make our finished products.  For example, many companies us aerated homogenizers to get a fine smooth finish to their product.  Air means oxygen and that means faster spoiling of the final product.  So, we use infrasonic sound waves emitted by specially designed propeller tips on powered mixers.  Does the same job with no air added into the products.  The list of innovation in how we process our products is long and each are designed to improve the results you get from our products.

When we began to make Keys products, we realized that we had to replace chemical germacides like parabens with natural ingredients that slow bacteria growth to a minimum.  The simple solution would have been to require that our products should be refrigerated.  That was neither practical or reasonable.  The solution for Keys was a combination of natural ingredients and food-like preparation process controls.

Bacteria in the form of Gram Positive rods exist on our skin, in our food and all around us.  It is normal and in many cases, beneficial.  Like probiotic supplements that we take to increase the flora in our gut, the probiotics on the skin are equally as important.  As manufacturers, we could opt to kill them using parabens, but the potential danger of these chemicals and the effects they have on some people precludes us from using them.  Worse, killing the bad using parabens also kills the good that creates imbalances on the skin making it susceptible to disease.  Natural preservatives like rosemary extract really help, but cleanliness is the best first step in maintaining the skins natural probiotics.  So cleanliness is perhaps the most important thing a manufacturer can do to make a trustworthy product.

Cleanliness to us in the manufacturing process is quite rigorous and necessary to create products that have reasonable best used by dates.  The real secret to long shelf life natural products is a combination of a clean manufacturing environment, ingredients with low water content and a packaging environment with little to no air.  To start the process, all raw materials sent to Keys are inspected for microbiology levels far below industry standards.  The we clean our vessels using super-heated steam to sterilize them in a similar fashion that a surgeon uses an autoclave to sterilize their instruments.  Our compounders (aka chefs) wear lintless disposable clothing and special hair protection to ensure a clean work area.  Our factory is a cleanroom like environment that is cleaned using cGMP and ISO 9000 standards.

Finally, our containers, labels and inks are recyclable.  Everything!  We precycle by not using any external packaging and our packing materials are state of the art paper based components.  This even goes down to the fact that we use paper tape to seal the boxes.  Each of our product packages are carefully selected for maximum performance extending shelf life and for the lowest environmental impact.  We use no packaging that has a tendency to be easily infected from the outside environment.  This includes the airless containers seen in the video below.

I recently watched a Science Channel TV show showing how one of the name brand “Natural” manufacturers make their products.  I was shocked to see people without hair nets, masks, lint-free clothing and dumping ingredients into open vats from open cardboard boxes used in shipment.  My first thought was amazement and then I thought that I had better explain to our customers “How It’s Made” at Keys so that no one thinks we make ours that way.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth 10,000 pictures.  The video below describes how we make our Solar Rx from batching to labeling.  Everything you see is in a cleanroom style environment and portrays how we make all of our products.  Clean, caring, concerned and diligent.  The care and concern is obvious.  That is why we say that our most secret ingredient at Keys is our positive intension in every product.

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New iPhone Application to Track Cosmetic Ingredients

A new iPhone application promises to inform the consumer of which products should be avoided using a database of INCI names and the ingredients allotted safety profile.

iPhone app

Cosmetifique can be used with both the iPhone and iPod Touch and claims to have a searchable database of over 5,000 ingredients, in INCI format. Results for ingredients searches come back highlighted as either red, orange or green, to denote whether the ingredient is good, acceptable or should be avoided. According to application designer Alfredo Delli Bovi, this can inform the consumer whether the cosmetics they have bought or are planning on purchasing are dangerous to their health or the environment. Cosmetifique also allows favourite products to be saved with the name, brand and colour, which can then be shared with friends via email, facebook or twitter. Delli Bovi explained that the ingredients suggested as good are natural and green ingredients.  “We talked to make-up gurus and 90 percent of them preferred natural ingredients, so we don’t suggest chemical ones like dimethicone,” he said. A local scientific agency provided much of the information for the application as did webservices, explained Delli Bovi. The application is now available to purchase from Apple’s App Store at a price of $1.99.  The company website is BTW, the cosmetics industry is up in arms over this app 😉

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New Eye Butter – A Better Butter

New Eye Butter


Softer, smoother and more effective anti-aging properties

By Bob Root, Keys Technologist

Eye Butter is now better butter.  The ingredients are the same.  The amount of each ingredient has not changed.  Two of the processes in making Eye Butter have been changed to increase its efficacy and soften the consistency while also being smoother.

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New Mini Size Galleyon Foaming Natural Antibacterial Soap! Just in Time for Flu and Cold Season!!

Galleyon Mini Naturally Antibacterial Foaming Castile Soap, 50 ml (1.69 oz)

Galleyon 50ml Mini Foamer
Galleyon Mini Foamer

Our customers have asked and asked for a smaller purse size version of Galleyon.  The problem has been finding a foamer mechanism small enough and durable enough for the high levels of natural spearmint essential oil that we use as our major antibacterial agent.

Great for the pocket or purse during flu season, Galleyon was first developed for professionals that wanted an antibacterial soap, but without the harsh biocide chemicals.  Doctors, nurses, chefs and many other professionals are required to wash their hands many times a day.  The harsh chemicals in all antibacterial soaps left their hands cracked, chapped and irritated.  Using Galleyon as a primary soap or as a second wash preserves the antibacterial action while adding oils to sooth the skin.  We now believe that the Tricosan’s used in these antibacterial hand sanitizers and soaps may contribute to elevated cancer rates in people and pets.  Equally, we have a concern that these agents when used also destroy the probiotics on the skin.  Galleyon works by deep cleaning and removing bacteria versus destroying it.  In our own tests, we have found that the bacteria count is substantially reduced with Galleyon while not harming the skin or destroying the skins probiotics flora.

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Keys Clear Cosmetics

Clear Cosmetics – Keys MakeupBob_weeds_125

By Bob Root, Keys Chief Technologist

When I am in front of customers, doctors, estheticians, makeup artists, actors and cosmeticians, the question is always the same.  “When is Keys going to create a makeup line?”  My answer is when I can find safe ingredients that have the right colors and staying power.

mineralsI began looking at traditional makeup about four years ago.  I studied conventional makeup products as well as the mineral makeups.  What I found in common was a group of minerals and compounds that are earth derived  from oxides or rock ground into small particles that are suspended either in a cream, lotion or dry powder base.

Upon further investigation, I found that many lipsticks,  eye shadows and tints all contained lead, mica, silica, iron oxide and even some minerals that have low dose radiation.  When I discovered this, I wondered why the mainline companies producing makeup did not use berries, extracts, plant parts and other safer ingredients.  As I studied further, I realized that using the “more natural” ingredients did not work nearly as effectively as their mineral alternatives.  Why?  The answer is that most non-mineral colors are weak and have low staying power.  Most mineral based makeup’s are opaque in nature where fruit based colorants are more transparent and are water soluble.

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Luminos: A Revolution in Makeup, by Design

How Does Luminos Work…A new generation of makeup by design.

By Bob Root, Keys Technologist

Authors note:  Everywhere I go, women and men  come up to me say, “Show me that Luminos thing you do?”  What they are talking about is a little illusion I do with Luminos that is more than an illusion.  I turn my hands, palms down, show them the back of my hands and then rub Luminos on the back of just one hand.  Two seconds and I show them the back of both hands again, side-by-side.  The Luminos hand is clear, smooth and any redness is gone.  I move from one lighting area to another to show them that the illusion remains in any light. Then I explain how a TV show inspired its creation.  Invariably, the first question is, “How did you do that.”  I answer…Magic!

Painting Faces: Luminos Background – How it began!

LuminosKeys was thrust into the Hollywood scene with our Eye Butter.  Invited to present Eye Butter to 300 Hollywood makeup artists I was exposed to a lot of industry jargon.  What struck me the most was that the makeup artists referred to themselves as “face painters.”

As Eye Butter grew in popularity, I realized that we had something different.  Eye Butter was different than anything else because it softened, illuminated and brightened the eyes.  Makeup artists liked it because they kept telling me that it’s like a clear foundation that hides defects without covering the skin…Eye Butter grabs the makeup and holds it lighter and longer.

I really did not take notice of  until a makeup artist asked me to create a new product for a new TV show. Continue reading Luminos: A Revolution in Makeup, by Design

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RediCare – Healing Spray and Natural Insect Repellent for People and Their Pets!

Miracle product? Could Be!


RediCare is certainly, a product that has touched so many people and pets in a positive way that we just had to write this article.

Keys RediCare offers solutions to skin disorders, internal disorders that cause the skin to react, itch and breakdown. For sunburns, burns and scrapes, RediCare performs equally as well. RediCare is a natural insect repellent and much more. It all begins with the story of how RediCare became such a universal product. It was born from inspiration, a natural disaster and the people and the animals that suffered from exposure to chemicals, poisons, exposure and pollutants.

The Keys RediCare story is as important as what the product does for people and pets today. Born as a result of Hurricane Katrina, the early search and rescue teams came back with skin disorders, poison ivy outbreaks, raw skin, burned chemically and from the sun. The irritations were both visible and wide spread. The search and rescue team members, handlers and their dogs were suffering long after the weeks they spent in waist deep water that was polluted with gasoline, industrial chemicals, natural toxins, waste and everything imaginable. Members of the Continue reading RediCare – Healing Spray and Natural Insect Repellent for People and Their Pets!

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Keys Solar Rx #1 Again On EWG Sunscreen Report

solar_rxOnce again Keys Solar Rx tops the best and safest sunblock on the Environmental Working Group 2009 Sunscreen Report. Now two years in a row, Solar Rx tops the Moisturizing Category for the safest and most effective sunscreen protection. Wendy Steele, Keys CEO said, “I am thrilled for Keys to be #1 again. I am even more thrilled for the people this report will touch because the EWG has refined this years report to be a significant tool in the prevention of skin cancer in children and adults. By seperating Beach and Sports for everyday sun protection, creating the Mosturizer with Sunscreen category is profound and a huge leap for the advocates of sun protection and sun avoidance. As an Inner Circle member of the Skin Cancer Foundation, I am so proud of this years EWG Sunscreen Report and want to extend my appreciation for the dillegence of the EWG Team! The members of the EWG team that created this report can leave for their 4th of July holiday knowing that they will have saved countless lives. Good On Ya EWG!”

Here is the link to the EWG Sunscreen Moisturizers with SPF protection listing

Some significant point in the EWG Sunscreen Report are listed below

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