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New RediCare Locking Sprayer

We are pleased to announce the next generation sprayer head for our RediCare product.  The innovations for this new design development are a finer mist spray, more even and less pressure required to operate and a new integrated locking mechanism.

New RediCare Sprayer Integrated Lock

Most people quickly notice the new locking mechanism.  The prior sprayer used a “wishbone” clip that kept the pump from operating while in a bag, backpack or pocket.   The problem with the old design is that the small clip was easily lost.  In the process of developing the next generation sprayer, we sought all the new features plus an integrated lock.  As simple as it seems, it took us a long time to bring the design to the market.

Below is a short video that shows the operation of the locking latch.  Merely push the button from the right of the pump to open the sprayer for operation and a second push from the left to latch it closed and prevent accidental discharge of the pump.

[jwplayer config=”old” mediaid=”1361″]

We are constantly looking for higher quality ingredients, improved processes and new mechanical designs to make our product better.  It is our firm belief that our products must solve problems and make people feel good.  Sometimes solving problems is how products are used and stored.  This is one of those time we have improved the sprayability, ease of use and integrated a lock.

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