Ayurvedic Skin Therapies

Skin Disorders are the Most Misdiagnosed Maladies. Skin Therapy vs. Prescriptions!
The doctor said, “You have Melanoma. The surgery left me scared in more than one way.  Now, my skin looked terrible.  Doctor said, “I think it is eczema.  No, maybe it is psoriasis.  Looks like thinning skin.  What do you actually no for sure?
My Skin Looked Like and Old Women’s!
My skin was getting worse and prescription skin products were the cause.  Going natural helped, but my skin needed intense repair.  We decided that Eastern Medicine skin therapy would be the next step.  Ayurvedic medicine is entirely holistic in its approach.  Specifically two exotic oils kept coming up in our research.  Neem oil and Karanja oil are symbiotic repair ingredients for skin therapy.  Chicken or egg, our MetaCare and RediCare were born and repaired my skin quickly and with resounding success.  I was back on the path to ageless beauty once again.

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