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Keys DIY – Collagen Facial Scrub Exfolient

If there is one product that is the most asked for, it is an exfoliant scrub.  So, before I describe this DIY project, I first want to say that I do not like using abrasive scrubs on the skin.  To me, scratching off that dead layer of skin can be done easier and better using something like our Tortuga lotion which emulsifies the dead skin layer.  I will describe the non-abrasive version in another DIY snipet.

gelatinThe trick of this moisturizing collagen scrub is to mix and use the product quickly.  The blend of the gelatin (aka collagen) abates the dead skin  The Luminos acts as a moisturizer and will emulsify the collagen to allow it to sink deep into the skin tissue.  The trick is to use the mixture quickly to get the exfoliating action and then let the mixture set for 30 minutes to an hour to super moisturize the skin.

Below is a simple recipe that has the greatest benefits and the least amount of damage.  I must admit that if you follow the instructions below, your skin will radiate and glow for three or four days until another layer of dead skin builds up.

Try this early in the morning on a Monday and see if people don’t ask you what you did over the weekend to look so refreshed.

Keys DIY – Facial Collagen Scrub Exfolient
Recipe Type: Facial Scrub
Author: Bob Root
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1 TBS
Using dry gelatin creates a mild abrasive scrub that exfoliates the skin and deep moisturizes.
  • 2, pumps of Keys Luminos
  • 1/2 tsp of Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin
  1. Pump the Luminos into your palm.
  2. Pour the Great Lakes Gelatin over the Luminos.
  3. Quickly blend the gelatin into the Luminos.
  4. Immediately begin working the mixture into your facial skin using a circular motion.
  5. Make sure your face is evenly covered and then lightly massage your entire face for a few minutes.
  6. Let stay on the face for 30 minute to an hour.
  7. Rince off with cool water.
  8. air or pat dry.
  9. Go! You are done!
  10. No need to remoisturize.
Use this mixture around the eyes lightly and at the end of the application process. The collagen will be less abrasive and you will gain some tightening around the eyes making your eyes look refreshed.[br][br]As a trick, you can try to use this mixture on the inside of your elbow if you tend to have sensitive or allergic skin. Luminos and the gelatin are very mild, but it is always a good trick to test the skin inside the elbow anytime you are trying a new product.

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