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UltraHealth…What A Concept! A Real BHAG!

UltraHealth…What A Concept!  A Real BHAG!

by Bob Root, Keys technologists & founder

In tech, we had a phrase that we used to differentiate really big projects.  BHAG stands for a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  When I helped to start Keys, we had some big hairy goals.  Universal Wellness was perhaps the biggest.

Remember, I am from high tech engineering, a practicing quantum physicist and a dreamer.  Ergo a futurist who believes anything is possible.  The adage that anything new is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration simply means to me that usually one person or a few have the spark of an idea and then it takes many more people working hard over a period of time until the rest of us get it.  In all endeavors, we all are both leaders and followers at some point in time.  The concept of Universal Wellness is not new, but it certainly is becoming a BHAG with many leaders and many followers of Natural  and Functional Medicine.

Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz) and I have a similar BHAG.  To put ourselves out of business.  Universal  wellness will do that.  Oz looks after the inside out with a goal of universal wellness and mine is from the outside in.  Remembering that the skin is our largest organ, my goal is that the majority of people will no longer have skin disorders.  My belief…my hallucination?  It is a shared BHAG.

And now there are three of us.  Joining the BHAG is Dr. Amy Myers who founded UltraHealth.   Amy joins us from Austin Texas which is becoming a hotbed of health in the US.  Amy will be writing articles, weighing in and co-promoting the simple concept of universal wellness.

Meet Amy!

Dr. Myers is the Medical Director of Austin UltraHealth in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Myers completed her medical school training at LSU in New Orleans and her emergency medicine residency at the University of Maryland / Shock Trauma in Baltimore.

Prior to founding Austin UltraHealth, Dr. Myers worked as an ER physician at University Medical Center at Brackenridge and Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Myers has had a lifelong passion for health and nutrition.  She served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, South America for 2 ½ years.  There she taught organic farming, nutrition and cooking classes, and cultivated and exported Stevia to the USA and Japan.   She has also spent time researching Noni Juice and its anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties and currently has a US patent pending for that research.

While in medical school Dr. Myers served as President of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Interest group and was instrumental in getting CAM training into the LSU Medical School curriculum.  Dr. Myers completed all of her electives with Functional and Integrative Medicine physicians including Dr. Andrew Weil, at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Myers has also completed several hundreds of hours of training by the Institute of Functional Medicine and she has helped to heal hundreds of people suffering from chronic illnesses.

Dr. Myers applies all of the principles of Functional Medicine to her own life.  In that way, she is not simply a physician but rather a role model and mentor for her patients.

So, look for the banner below heading Amy’s articles.  We are pleased to have her join us in the fight for Universal Wellness.  As you can see from her credentials, she is in no way a lightweight and is emerging as a true leader in Functional Medicine.

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