KODA for Dogs – Wellness Not Sympathy

KODA is Lakota for “Long Life Friend.”  When we nearly lost our Bichon puppy, Jasper, from a bacterial infection, I quickly realized that the antibiotics and Prednisone left him weakened and in need of a wellness regimen immediately.  Realizing the Vet had no wellness experience we set out on our own.

KODA Natural Supplements and Topical Therapies

When you cannot find the products you need, you jest have to make them or in my case, ask Bob.  So Jasper needed  prebiotics, probiotics, herbs and minerals to return to a full quality of life existence.  Each KODA™ Supplement serves a purpose needed by all dogs.  Especially recovering puppies.  The Topical made him feel good and told him we cared.  They worked!

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