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Sardines – Skin & Omega 3’s

Sardines for Beautiful Skin – Sardines = Omega 3’s!

Bob Root, Keys Technologist

Sardines may be the best anti-aging secret going to protect and beautify your skin.  It The Omega 3 oils, collagen and proteins are the start of something beautiful…You!

Forever, skin gurus have said there is a direct relationship between Omega 3 oil and beautiful, youthful skin. I agree. Also, it is the balance of Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s that is equally important. Too much Omega 6 is bad and can cause breakout on the skin and discoloration. Omega 3’s only is excellent, but balancing Omega 3, 6 and 9 is essential. It turns out the perfect combination is sardines. Don’t like sardines? Too bad because fish oil capsules won’t work. Here is why.

Buying fish oil capsules and smearing will not work because your skin and pores will not like it. The combination will clog your pores, and the oils themselves are going the wrong direction when you apply them. They want to be excreted from the skin and pores. Some believe that taking a high-end fish oil capsule works, but not in my experience. What does work is eating a can of those silvery goodness fishes and watching your skin improve, clear and become youthful looking.

Cardiologists have long held that the secret to heart health is Omega 3, 6, and 9 in a combination that looks just like sardines. Dr. Jonathan Wright and other nutritional experts all recommend eating sardines three times a week. Yep, an entire can every other day.

The results are measurable in a blood test but more important to me is what they do for your skin. So here goes, eating sardines is like a natural botox for the skin except the sardines don’t leave you expressionless. Those Omega oils and other nutrients cause the skin to smooth, collagen to build and fine lines and wrinkles to lessen. And you can eat a ton of sardines for the price of one Botox treatment.

So, Eat Sardines to look younger and healthy. The side benefit is that you will be helping your heart as well.

I do not like all sardines. My favorites are Crown Prince Mediterranean with olive oil and olives. I buy then by the twelve pack on Amazon. BTW, if you are on Keto, this is also the perfect ratio of fat to protein. Here is the link to my brand listed below.