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Mom Was Right! – Just Wash Hands

There is a Simple Way

by Bob Root, Keys CTO

Yes, it is flu season, and traveling is getting to be a more significant concern. It is the time of year to write about not only how to wash your hands, but why doing it the wrong way can hurt.

Many years ago, we researched the University of California Irvine on proper handwashing as a means to stay healthy during flu and virus outbreaks. The study formed our opinion, which I will share here.

The primary purpose of washing your hands is not to spread viruses to your face. The average person touches their face about 50 times a day. When I mentally checked in with how often I touch my face or nose with my hands, I quickly lost count—much more than 50 times a day.

So why wash your hands? The process of washing hands is to reduce the bacterial mass on your hands without harming the Microbiome. Our skin has friendly bacteria. Our Microbiome is occasionally invaded by bad gram-positive and gram-negative rods known as pathogens. These are the disease-carrying bacterial that infect us mostly through our noses and mouths. Was to remove them lowers the risk of infection.

Our Galleyon foaming soap helps to remove the bacterial mass because it is a Castile based soap that uses a high concentration of spearmint essential oil. Galleyon makes an excellent cleanser because Castile soaps are alkaline, and the spearmint aid in the cleaning process to reduce the overall bacterial count.

How to Wash with Galleyon

It is simple, and you might not be washing long enough.

  1. Wet your hands thoroughly with warm water. This will open the pores of the skin to let the soap get deep in.  
  2. Apply a few pumps of Galleyon Foam and wash all parts of your hands for at least 30 seconds. More if you like, but not less.
  3. Rinse with cool to warm water under flowing water. Rince longer than you think.
  4. Shake your hands over the sink rapidly to release the water.
  5. Use a paper towel to dry because a cloth towel used more than once is a home for the harmful bacteria to accumulate. Optionally air dry or use one of those clean air dry blowers like the Dyson Blade.
  6. You’re Done!

What Not to Do.

Antibacterial agents

Stop! The term antibacterial has two distinct meanings in the world of science. Reducing the biomass on your hands is the good antibacterial action, and killing the bacterial with bactericides like triclosan is terrible. Killing bactericides like triclosan indiscriminately kill good and bad bacteria at the same time. The grandmothers’ tale is accurate. If you kill all the bacterial, there is no defense for the bad guys to invade harder and faster. I read one article where someone said to use Lysol to sanitize. Nuts!

Hand Sanitizers

Okay, you can make your own hand sanitizer with Galleyon by mixing one part of the liquids soap with five parts water. Spraying it on parts or your hands will help, but not that much. Using most hand sanitizers can hurt because they are mostly ethanol alcohol—usually about 60%. Ethanol is a bacteriacide that also indiscriminately kill good and bad bacteria. I was just on a plane where I watched a guy, who looked like an engineer, put on rubber gloves, take what seemed like an alcohol wipe, and cleaned his entire seat area. Then he carefully captured the wipe by removing his glove in a way to make it into a baggy. This was good because he sanitized the area as opposed to his skin. A+ The message is to sanitize your surroundings and not your hands. Keep that good bacteria working for you.


Wearing gloves is a good thing, but it is hard to do and uncomfortable. Those Nitrile blue or black gloves work, but they can get hot, and your hands can get sweaty wearing them. Bacterial needs oxygen (air) and water to propagate. So, unless you change them out and wash between, they are not that good. Cloth or porous gloves do nothing!

Don’t Touch Your Face.

One of the best deterrents is not to touch public things and not touch your hands/fingers to your face. I recently had a meeting in Las Vegas and had to fly through Phoenix to get there. The areas I was in were very low humidity, and most people were not sick. Said Wendy warned me not to touch anything and never touch my face. That was hard, but I made a conscious effort. I did watch most people as they grabbed handrails, pushed open doors on trash containers, and washing in the bathroom to little and without soap. They were continually touching their faces, and I could quickly see Wendy’s point. Research it if you want, but touching public fixtures and then your face is a disaster.

Okay, that is it. Wash your hands a lot with a Castile soap like Galleyon, and you have a pretty good chance at warding off a bacterial or virus attacks.


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Keys Wholesale Dealer Registration

Our new wholesale website is chocked full of simple innovations making your buying experience quick, easy, and 24/7.

RegistrationCurrent Dealer/Reseller Registration/Log In

If you buy from Keys already using Text, Email, Vmail or through your Rep, you can add online ordering easily by going to the box to the left and click “Lost Password,” or click on the Sign-Up tab in the menu above. Scroll down to the “Reset Password” box and enter your email address. You will be redirected to a page where you can reset your password from the one we made up for you. Once you have put your email address in, click the reset password button. The go back to the login using your email address used for the password reset as your username and enter the password you just created. You are in! Buy away.

New Dealer/Reseller Sign-Up

I the top menu, there is a tab titled “Sign-Up.” Click and scroll down to the application form. It is simple, easy, and quick. Once approved, you will be able to log in and see wholesale pricing and enter orders yourself.



Register for Keys Wholesale

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Why Keys? Our Retailer’s View

Become A Keys Reseller from a Resellers Point-of-View

by Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

Often the question we get from prospective resellers is, “Why should I become a Keys Reseller?” We decided that it might be best to check in with some of our current Apothecaries, Pharmacies, Coops, and Natural Markets. So, we reached out in a survey format, and here is what came back. Many resellers responded with Merz Apothecary, Santa Monica Homeopathic, People RX in Austin, Mothers Market, Erewhon, W3ll People, Dorothy Lane Market & Healthfood Unlimited offers:

  • Natural products that work.  “Every product was designed around a skin condition or problem.” They do what they say they do.”
  • Whole natural ingredients. “Ingredients are never estered or processed. Each component has a historical functional use and matches synergies with other elements.”
  • Custom Extracts.  “I love the fact that they make their own extracts. They are custom designed by Keys and made in their factory labs.”
  • Ancient remedies using modern technology.  “They have reached back into aboriginal and ayurvedic medicine to find remedies. They then use new technology to make them easier and safer.”
  • Not sold through distribution.  “I love that Keys has a direct connection with us. Distributors are good for commodity items, but when people need answers about why a product works, I can text my Rep, and someone in technology from Keys gets back to me with answers.”
  • Not in Big Box Stores.  “Keys focuses on the local retailers that are trusted in their communities. They do not sell to Kroger, Walmart or other chains that are merely pushing products through their checkout lanes.”
  • Feature, Benefit, and Advantage based products. “Every product does something where end users can see, hear, and feel the differences. It is not the fragrance of the week club, and Keys provides the technical expertise where customers want to buy and try.”
  • Functional Products.  “Every Keys product does something where customers can expect noticeable results.”
  • Natural Integrated Epinegenic Results.  “I work in our Coop, and I am an eastern medicine practitioner. I understand the need for products to interact with the lifestyle of people.”
  • Skincare, Ayurvedic Therapies, Anti-Aging, and Integrated Petcare.  “We carry the full line of Keys products and appreciate that they have responded with products that fit our customers like a glove. Keys understands that beauty and anti-aging is different from someone with a rash or eczema. Their dog care products are equally functional with both topicals and supplements that fit the heartbeat of the market needs.”
  • Good margin per square inch. “My Keys rep said to me that Keys product had more cash profit return to my bottom line than other HABA products. So I measured the footprint on my shelves and looked at the hard cash profit per item. I was amazed that it was almost 2X any other product on my shelves.”
  • Returning buyers.  “We order Keys products like clockwork because when people try Keys, they come back again and again. We took the time to promote Keys functions and features to customers, and when they bought, they come back to buy more and try more of the Keys products. The products sell themselves”
  • Industry leaders.  “There is a lot of noise in the natural products industry — some fake and some very biased. Keys has been around for over 15 years and part of many movements like the EWG Skin Deep and SafeCosmetics. Unlike many, they tell their truths and back it up with data. No opinions, and only the facts are refreshing.”
  • Thought leaders – Chemical-Free Skin Health®.  “I am a pharmacist and owner of an apothecary. The Keys founders actually visited us to do training. I challenged, Bob, as the author of Chemical-Free Skin Health. We went at it on various subjects for a couple of hours. He learned something about my business, and I learned that he knows what he is talking about.”
  • Bob Root Conducting a Seminar at Dorothy Lane Market

    Authors & Industry Speakers- Advocates.   “Bob & Wendy, Keys Founders, have been in my stores many times delivering speeches and messages to my customers. It is always on point, current and, more appreciated, is that the talks are never sales pitches. They care about helping my customers.”

  • No Minimums.  I buy a lot of Keys products, but a handful of line items. We probably carry 15% of their product line. Often, a customer of mine that buys a Keys product or two will ask me if I can order a specific Keys product that I do not carry regularly. Keys will let me order one of something, and it does not have to be combined with my regular order making the customer wait. I can text in my request for one of something, and it arrives in a few days at the regular wholesale price.”
  • No Big Sales Pitch.  I get tired of salespeople coming in with the deal of the week loading me up with products that everyone else sells. I do not want to compete with Walmart in the first place. Keys reps talk about features, benefits, and why my customers will appreciate a product. Very refreshing to speak to a rep that knows what their product does.”
  • Demo’s and Marketing. (Suspended because of C-19) “I allow demos in my stores because customers love to try products, and I think demos are the best way to do that. Keys demos are by knowledgable people. They arrive on time and stay until they are finished. This alone is refreshing to see someone that is alive.”
  • Keys Expo West Booth

    Sample Sachets.  “I love that Keys provides small sample sachets of most of their products free to me to hand out. Our state and liability insurance have pretty much-killed testers on our shelves, and frankly, they are difficult to manage. Keys provide us 5ml foil packs with live samples of their products. Hand them to a customer, and they come back.”

  • Positive Attitude.  “I just like these people. They support me, listen to me, act when I need help, and truly understand me. That alone makes them fun to deal with and professional.”
  • Online Ordering.  “Keys has both online and assisted ordering.  You can but through the website when approved or email/fax in your orders 24/7.”


At Keys, we let our customers and our products speak for themselves. Thanks to all that participated. We could not say it better ourselves. 😀

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You Can Reverse Skin Damage and Visible Aging

Can my skin recover after years of damage? Yes.

Wendy Steele
Keys CEO

I recently had a 60-year-old woman ask me if there is a way to reverse the damage she had done to her skin over the years. She elaborated that she had tanned too much in her teens, lives in a desert environment, smoked, and spent her business years flying and scurrying around airports. Looking at my skin, she commented that she’s never looked that good. It was a nice compliment, I replied that it was many years of work and staying out of the sun, but you can improve reasonably quickly.

Here is How.

Our skin is our largest organ, but we tend to treat it the same as a jumpsuit that we step in and out of. It is far from that, and it responds or reacts to how we treat it. Beat it up, and it looks beat up. Treat it nicely, and it will look beautiful.

Our skin will respond to various regimen changes and will react rapidly to significant changes. The prime reason it will do that is called the ‘Collagen Factor.’ Our collagen, overly simplified, are little helicoid springs. Keep then pointed in the right direction, and they are tight and resilient. Let them hang sideways, and they sag. I hate the word “Sag.”

It is Reversible

  • Hydration
  • Sun protection
  • Diet
  • Skincare

Continue reading You Can Reverse Skin Damage and Visible Aging

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Try This Simple Skin Test – Search for the Causes

Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

Have you ever had a rash on a part of your skin? Maybe it is all over. Have you wondered what the cause is for the outbreak? Did you try to fix it by smearing on lotion, or did you look for the cause?

The tendency is for us to call the Doc or visit the dermatologist looking for a fix or a prescription, rather than trying to think about that the symptoms are from a reaction to something new in your environment.  If you have searched for the cause, you might have wondered if my rash is something I was exposed to or is it something internal.

The Bandaid Skin Disorder Test

There is a simple trick that might help you that our customer service team uses with customers. They suggest to customers that they can use a Hydro-Seal large area bandage to cover a part of the rash. These are those waterproof sealing bandages often used for areas like elbows. Meaning they are pretty big. They suggest leaving it on for a week and then removing it. It is not 100%, but if the rash has reduced or gone away, it is a pretty good bet that the cause is external.

Spoiler Alert: It is usually about 95% external causes, but if you are skeptical that chemicals in your environment can cause skin disorders, this is pretty good proof.

Continue reading Try This Simple Skin Test – Search for the Causes

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Keto Plus – A New Book by Keys Founder, Bob Root

Keto Plus Book – Turbocharging the Keto Diet

Click Cover to buy on Kindle Amazon
Bob Root – Keys Founder & Scientist

I decided to create my own version of Keto by combining the Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting and giving up sugar.  When I told friends, they said I should write about it.  So, I took a few days off over the New Years break to write Keto Plus.  It is a short book of more the why and how I did it versus justification.  If you are looking for a way to drop pounds quickly, this $3.99 Kindle read might just help you understand the process.  The references to the guru’s I found are worth the price alone.  😉

Here is the “Why” in a nutshell.

I needed to lose weight fast. I had to drop my blood glucose faster. My clothes were telling me I had to lose inches, and a fat percentage test at the docs confirmed it was time for a change. Travel was getting the best of me, but I was not that out of my ideal weight.  What was wrong was my body fat percentage and blood glucose levels.

Keto diet alone was not going to be fast enough for me. So I reached back into my history and combined Keto with intermittent fasting. I then did the unthinkable, unimaginable change to go sugar-free. The result was 25 pounds down, body fat down from 22% to <6%, and my clothes hung on me. The ultimate was that I felt worlds better. This book is about how I did it in 90 days.

Keto Plus, came about when a blood test showed I had an elevated glucose level. As an autodidact, I drilled into the solution. As a scientist, I found some real doctors that were not only controversial, but they bucked the conventional wisdom with some shocking facts and revelations. This book’s foundation comes from hundreds of hours researching effects, studies, and points of view of contrarian experts.

“I discovered my holy grail of the fountain of youth! It is what I call Keto Plus because it combines the Keto diet, Intermittent Fasting, and going sugar-free. I became a “fat burner.”

What I really did was to reprogram the way I fuel my body and life. Think of it like looking at cars in a used car lot and the salesperson asks, “what kind of fuel do you want your new car to burn. Do you want gasoline, diesel, or electric?” I realize that I wanted to stop burning carbs (gasoline), avoid too much protein (diesel), and consume only electricity (fat) in my body. So, I set out to change my carb dominant diet to fat, creating a new ratio of fat first, protein a distant second, and almost no carbohydrates. 

So what is Keto Plus? There is an underlying assumption for this book. It is “Being Fat Is Not Healthy and Sugar Kills.” To lose fat, you must first stop eating sugar, eat fat to lose weight, and lower your body fat percentage. My secret is a strict Keto diet, an 8-hour food eating window, and eliminating all sugar from my diet, including fruit.

It is truly a lifestyle, but first, a philosophical change. “First Principles Thinking” about this epidemic of obesity and sugar born diseases alter conventional thinking. The research and realities I encountered became Keto Plus.

Sugar in human diets has not been around for long. It saw its beginnings in the late 1800s, but became dominant in the early 1900s during the “cereal wars.” Yes, just a few men took down a nation.

Here is the Keto Plus punchline.

The moral of this story is that to attain all the results of this book, “You Must Stop Eating Sugar!”

  • Our bodies live on three sources: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 
  • Fasting was the way of life for our ancestors. 
  • Raw sugar in all of humanities diets did not exist 200 years ago.

Change your approach!

  •     Keto teaches how to burn fat.
  •     Intermittent fasting helps the body burn fat.
  •     Cutting out sugar does not allow the body to regress to a state of dependence.
  •     Minimizing carbs helps Keto to make you a fat burner. 

There is a simple ratio of food intake on Keto: 

  • 70% Fat
  • 20% Protein
  • 10% Carbohydrates

Following this rule, I went from 22% body fat to 5.9%, eating mostly good fat.

Keto Plus – The Challenge

Are you capable of living outside the establishments thinking? 

    • Do you want to lose inches everywhere on your body?

    • Ditch diabetes

    • Lose body fat!

    • Release and use all your fat-soluble vitamins

    • Reset your life

    • Change your attitude about everything

    Keto Plus – Lifestyle change and not a diet.


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Winter Sunscreen – Keys Solar Rx Secrets

Winter is Time for Sunscreen

by Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

Every skier around the world knows the importance of using sunscreens at high altitude. As the air thins, the UV radiation protection from the atmosphere declines exponentially. The same is true when it gets cold and dry at sea level. Worse, cold winds chap, dry, and redden the skin on your face neck and hands. Ironically, it can be as important to wear sunscreen in the winter as in the heat of summer. Reflected UV can double the dose of UV A aging rays while UV B burning rays can be more docile. Our face neck and hands can take a real beating in the winter months. Even places like the Southwest US, where it is warm, are also dryer in the winter. Make Sense?

Click To Visit Solar Rx Page

Solar Rx is a daily use sunscreen with higher than SPF 30 and is broad-spectrum squelching both UV A & UV B rays. Perhaps more important is that it is a skin repairing anti-aging moisturizer and uses uncoated zinc oxide that soothes and restores damaged skin.

Solar Rx Hidden Secrets

Solar Rx truly has hidden secrets, which alone make it a 365 daily multi-use product. So here is a look under the hood of Solar Rx.

  • Zinc Oxide is the active ingredient in Solar Rx blocking UV radiation. Solar Rx uses uncoated zinc oxide, so the element itself comes in full contact with the skin. Uncoated zinc oxide is an FDA over the counter remedy known for its skin repairing properties. By using uncoated zinc oxide, we are the only sunscreen moisturizer that aids the skin while blocking aging UV.
  • Avocado oil has a vast array of skin-repairing properties while also offering minor UV B protection. Google avocado oil properties, and you will be amazed.
  • Carrot seed oil reduces inflammation and puffiness while aiding skin hydration
  • Black Seed oil went back to ancient Egypt and was the primary ingredient used by Cleopatra as her beauty regimen. The vitamin E8 levels are astounding.
  • Ghana Raw Shea Butter has its own active skin nutrients. We use it as an incredible humectant. Shea butter provides a non-comedogenic seal trapping natural skin moisture reducing skin dehydration.
  • Aloe Vera polysaccharides make this natural ingredient famous. Using a blue agave freeze-dried leaf gel10X’s the polysaccharides, and its crystalline structure adds a luminosity to Solar Rx. Not quite a shimmer, Solar Rx is our Luminos moisturizer with SPF protection.
  • Clary Sage essential oil is also legendary for repairing damaged skin.

So, Solar Rx is much more than just a sunscreen. It is a daily repairing and anti-aging product that has notable and discernible results.


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Micellar Water FAD or Innovation

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Keys Island Rx Foaming wash is a patriarch of our line. With the popularity of micellar water cleansers, we thought it would be essential to point out that Island Rx has always been micelle-based. It has been that way since its introduction in 2004.

Our society, especially beauty, is fad and fan based. Keys has always been a “Fan” based product line, but we have started a few “Fads” in our 15 years. More often than not, we have not been credited with some interesting trends.

There is a difference between fads and fan-based products. Word of mouth advertising is generally associated with fan-based products and Fads with fake news.

The origin of the word fad is generally tied back to about 1834. Loosely related to “hobby, pet project” (adjective faddy is from 1824), of uncertain origin. Perhaps shortened from fiddle-faddle. Or maybe from French fadaise “trifle, nonsense,” which is ultimately from Latin fatuus “stupid.” From 1881 as “fashion, craze,” or as Century Dictionary has it, “trivial fancy adopted and pursued for a time with irrational zeal.”

Micellar water is not a fad as it has been the fundamental basis of Castile soaps for over 500 years. It is neither new or a flash in the pan. The fact that many are crediting the invention to a French chemist just a few years ago is bunk. Said, the fad is also functional. But, the craze of it will diminish, and we will keep extracting micelles for our Island Rx foaming wash.

All of our soaps are micelle-based cleansers.

Windsurfer is a huge fan-based product with runners, outdoors people, and people that want a refreshing citrus lime full body cleanser.

MetaClean has helped people with psoriasis, eczema, and other skin disorders for years because of its Neem and Karanja ayurvedic oils.

Island Rx Foaming Wash is consistently one of our top sellers because of how it cleans and moisturizes the face neck and hands with avocado oil and clary sage.

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Glacier Water Micelles and Other Natural Mysteries

Island Rx Foaming “Glacier Water” Cleanser – All Natural, Chemical-Free Healing Foaming Wash for Skin Disorders, Itching, Allergies & Irritations.

Our micellar abundant cleaning soap was developed for sensitive skin like the face and neck.  The micellar technology foaming applicator automatically dilutes the  Island Rx formulation so that it can be used directly on wet skin.  It is also great for bathing small children and babies.

Island Rx was the first product we developed. With over 100 initial version, the product was developed for Wendy Steele after her bout with Melanoma. The basis for Island Rx is a 300-year-old Castile soap recipe with holistic and naturopathic influences in the form of healing essential oils, a Micelle that resembles the antioxidant properties of natural glacier water and the addition of softening oils like avocado and jojoba. Keys customers have reported the reversal of common skin disorders like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, and skin allergies after just a few uses.

From 2004 Article: Micelles by Bob Root

There are two distinct places that you find Micelles.  One is in Glacier Water and the other is Castile Soaps.  They fundamentally trap and hold dirt from the skin and wash off with water.  Simple, but a very complex mystery of nature.

Micelle Structure

A micelle, plural micellesmicella, or micellae) is an aggregate of surfactant molecules dispersed in a liquid colloid. A typical micelle in aqueous solution forms an aggregate with the hydrophilic “head” regions in contact with the surrounding solvent, sequestering the hydrophobic single tail regions in the micelle center. This phase is caused by the insufficient packing issues of single-tailed lipids in a bilayer. The difficulty filling all the volume of the interior of a bilayer, while accommodating the area per head group forced on the molecule by the hydration of the lipid head group leads to the formation of the micelle. This type of micelle is known as a normal phase micelle (oil-in-water micelle). Inverse micelles have the headgroups at the center with the tails extending out (water-in-oil micelle). Micelles are approximately spherical. Other phases, including shapes such as ellipsoids, cylinders, and bilayers, are also possible. The shape and size of a micelle is a function of the molecular geometry of its surfactant molecules and solution conditions such as surfactant concentration, temperature, pH, and ionic strength. The process of forming micellae is known as micellization and forms part of the phase behavior of many lipids according to their polymorphism.

Micelle Structure

In our studies of ancient remedies, we found that some of the most powerful yet gentle skin agents were Clary sage, blood orange, black cumin (black seed) oil, carrot seed oil, and avocado oil.  When using on the skin in lotions or soap, they perform the same as some harsh chemicals in a slow but sure manner.

So, how does all this work to help acne suffers?  We have found through our customers that they have developed a sort of regime that makes perfect sense to me.


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They get off all the junk(dirt) and go clean, including shampoo, personal care, and home care products.  You probably already get this because you are reading this.  Then they wash daily with Island Rx foaming wash, rinsing and lightly drying.  In the morning (some twice a day) they apply Solar Rx.  Yes, the sunblock.  Solar Rx contains pharmaceutical grade avocado oil, back cumin oil, carrots seed oil and uncoated zinc oxide.  Those powerful essential oils soothe the skin and mimic the skins own sebum restoring good oil levels lost by being exposed to hydrocarbons, pollutants, dryness, and dehydration.  The uncoated zinc oxide is at 18.5% by volume.  Most zinc oxide based acne and skin prescriptions only contain 5%-6% uncoated zinc oxide.  They discovered that they could get the same pharma grade zinc oxide in Solar Rx at much higher levels and a fraction of the price of prescription creams.

Here is a link to the original full article

Buy Island Rx Foaming Wash

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Sardines – Skin & Omega 3’s

Sardines for Beautiful Skin – Sardines = Omega 3’s!

Bob Root, Keys Technologist

Sardines may be the best anti-aging secret going to protect and beautify your skin.  It The Omega 3 oils, collagen and proteins are the start of something beautiful…You!

Forever, skin gurus have said there is a direct relationship between Omega 3 oil and beautiful, youthful skin. I agree. Also, it is the balance of Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s that is equally important. Too much Omega 6 is bad and can cause breakout on the skin and discoloration. Omega 3’s only is excellent, but balancing Omega 3, 6 and 9 is essential. It turns out the perfect combination is sardines. Don’t like sardines? Too bad because fish oil capsules won’t work. Here is why.

Buying fish oil capsules and smearing will not work because your skin and pores will not like it. The combination will clog your pores, and the oils themselves are going the wrong direction when you apply them. They want to be excreted from the skin and pores. Some believe that taking a high-end fish oil capsule works, but not in my experience. What does work is eating a can of those silvery goodness fishes and watching your skin improve, clear and become youthful looking.

Cardiologists have long held that the secret to heart health is Omega 3, 6, and 9 in a combination that looks just like sardines. Dr. Jonathan Wright and other nutritional experts all recommend eating sardines three times a week. Yep, an entire can every other day.

The results are measurable in a blood test but more important to me is what they do for your skin. So here goes, eating sardines is like a natural botox for the skin except the sardines don’t leave you expressionless. Those Omega oils and other nutrients cause the skin to smooth, collagen to build and fine lines and wrinkles to lessen. And you can eat a ton of sardines for the price of one Botox treatment.

So, Eat Sardines to look younger and healthy. The side benefit is that you will be helping your heart as well.

I do not like all sardines. My favorites are Crown Prince Mediterranean with olive oil and olives. I buy then by the twelve pack on Amazon. BTW, if you are on Keto, this is also the perfect ratio of fat to protein. Here is the link to my brand listed below.


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Micelle & Keys Island RX Soaps

The Micelle Magic – It’s All In The Soap!

Bob Root, Keys Technologist

The secret to clean vibrant skin is a natural oil-based soap that is full of Micelle.  They are magical in almost every way imaginable.

When I first developed Island Rx soap, it was because I could not find a Castile soap that was lower in alkalinity. As I formulated and saponified oils like Avocado, Jojoba, Coconut and Olive oil, I not only noticed that they were not as alkaline, but that there was some different reaction on the skin. Researching my ingredients and processes, I realized I was releasing something called a Micelle.

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Micelles are polar critters that live in a real soap. One end of the structure loves water, and the other loves oil. So the more micelle in soap the more effective it is in clearing oil, dirt, grime, and pollutants from a surface like the skin. These are not little creatures that live in a Jedi Knight’s blood like in Star Wars, but an ionic compound that does work.

On the skin, micelle act to remove all sorts of things and a high-density micelle soap like Island Rx foaming wash does many things at once. Here are just a few:

1) It removes dirt and grime
2) Removes “loose” acne-causing bacteria
3) Dissolves dead skin (exfoliates)
4) Affects skin collagen
5) Removes complex oils
6) Balances pH
7) Causes positive skin reactions
8) Deep cleans and opens pores releasing pollutants
9) Carries oils from the soap formulation and deposits them on the skin
10) Rinses quickly and thoroughly carrying away unwanted contaminants

In other words, a micelle-based soap is Magic. Unlike surfactant based cleanses, it gives and takes. It nourishes the skin and removes things the skin does not want. I believe Island Rx soap and foaming wash have the highest concentration of micelle available anywhere.

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Keto Diet & Keys – Skin Is In The Game

Keto and Skin – Carb-Free, Sugar-Free, Sodium-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free Anti-Aging

The revelation that some skin care products have sugars, carbs gluten and salt is stupefying and scary!  Clean products are not that hard to make if you know what you are doing.

The Keto diet is sweeping the world and at Keys as well. In its purest form, we are switching our bodies from sugar burners to fat burning. Yes, the body runs on fat as well as sugar. There are lots of benefits to the switch, cutting out ALL sugar and limiting carbohydrates to under 20 gram a day. Yes, it will melt the weight off your body quickly, but what it does for your health is even more critical. Not the least of which is your skin.

Funny as it sounds, Keys products are ketogenic. No carbs and no sugar and they are mostly good fats like avocado oil, black seed oil, olive oil, etc. etc. Besides being gluten-free (carbs), we are sugar-free.

The exciting part is that those of us at Keys that have been on a Keto diet for three months now have noticed how good our skin looks and how fewer products we have to use to have great looking skin. Our skin universally seems smooth and cleans easier as if the grime is riding on top of our skin. Lotions and creams require less to get more. I have personally cut my Reflex and Luminos usage by about a third (33%), and my skin loves the nourishment.

There were some ironies like when I tried to use a sugar scrub, and my skin reacted almost as it dropped out of ketosis. Yes, and I will never do that again. One person tried a bar soap that turned out to have a raft of gluten and carbs used for thickeners, filler, and grains as an abrasive. Gluten = Carbs. And yes, we now believe the skin reacts to sugar and carbs the same way as our gut does.

So, most of us will never go back to sugar and carbs because of how the Keto diet has made us feel. Life changing is about the only description I can offer. Knowing that some skin care brands use carbohydrates and sugars, as well as artificial sweeteners, was stupefying to all of us. It is a central message for all of us that have noticed how much better or skin looks, feels and acts since going Keto.

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Mangrove Shampoo & Conditioner – Pour Homme

Bob Root Keys Technologist & Founder

You love all your children equally, but sometimes those older more independent ones move to the corner of your eye. Mangrove Shampoo & Conditioner are among my oldest children and have matured into quite the adults. In product years, they are in their thirties and quite resourceful.

Dynamic Duo

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When Mangrove Shampoo and Conditioner were born, I had a vision for them which was entirely different. They were going to be a one-stop go-to duo for men. Early on, our marketing people convinced me to focus more on people with short hair for the products. That was not how I perceived them and over time, they matured into what I envisioned them to be. , Mangrove Shampoo and Conditioner are a duo that are the only two products men need and want in their lives for their hair and skin.

Men Like Multi-use Products…Yep

So instead then tell you what they can do, I will tell you about how I used them this morning. Seeing them in the bathroom shower was a reunion with my dynamic kids that I want to share.

Okay, the obvious is that I started to wash my hair lathering up and smelling the clean, fresh tropical smell that initially got them their names of Mangrove. I had enough lather to soften up my beard to shave. I final lathering of my hair before rinsing, I used what was on my hands to wash my face. Then I squirted some more Mangrove shampoo (soap) on a mesh scrubby and washed the rest of me. I cranked up the shower heat and rinsed off lightning fast. I mean I forgot how fast a clean Mangrove feels. Now clean, I dried off in the shower.

Mangrove Conditioner Not Forgotten

Okay, you thought I was going to say that after rinsing I would apply Mangrove conditioner and rinse again. No Way! I dried off to light dampness and squirted Mangrove conditioner into my hands. Nope, not the hair yet, I lotioned my damp face and neck. With the remaining, I ran my hands through my short hair to apply Mangrove as a leave-in conditioner. I then pumped some more to rub on my dry elbows and my arms that are generally exposed to the sun and everyday environment. I love our Tortuga lotion for really dry spots, but Mangrove Conditioner is not only a remarkable hair conditioner for short hair, but it is a light lotion that does not feel heavy on my skin.

Afternoon Swim

I am a distance freestyle swimmer for health and exercise purposes. Sometimes I get to swim in salt water pools, but it is mostly chlorine or bromide pools. There is nothing more harsh to your hair or skin than a chlorine or bromide pool that you spend 30 to 60 minutes every day. My grey hair could look like straw, but it does not… you guessed it, Mangrove Conditioner.

In my pool bag, there is now a Mangrove Conditioner. I rinse off before getting into the pool and then work Mangrove Conditioner into my wet hair. On goes a Nike Swimcap for my laps. The Mangrove not only conditions my hair, but it keeps the chlorine from leaching my hair. After the swim, I rinse again I do a quick outdoor shower with Mangrove Shampoo. It is 100% biodegradable, so there is no harm to the environment where the shower runs off to and no huge suds. I add Mangrove Conditioner to my hair and jump in the hot tub to relax after my swim.

Shine my Shoes and Clean My Glasses

You would not believe all the things I use Mangrove Shampoo and Conditioner for every day. Before writing this, I did a quick wipe of Mangrove Conditioner on my Merrell leather clogs to give them a shine. Then I used Mangrove Shampoo to wash my grubby reading glasses. No streaks, clean and fast rinsing. Maybe I will look for a door hinge to lube up.

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Galleyon Soap – A Multi-Use Wonder

Wendy Steele – Keys CEO
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I have super sensitive skin. I am also a germaphobe. For that reason, I pay attention to everything that touches my skin. After all, this is the season when bugs and viruses seem to peak. Without a doubt, Galleyon Foaming Soap is my go-to product. It is naturally anti-bacterial and not a bactericide. Spearmint essential oils are effective cleansers. Therefore, it is not destroying the healthy microbiome on my skin. As a result, I use it not only for my hands, for my face as an extra cleanser and for sure on those things that ultimately touch my face.

All year round I pay particular attention to my facial skin. When I wear a cosmetic foundation, my clean fingers can be great applicators. Frequently, my favorite applicators for a sheer natural finish are my beauty sponge and make-up brushes. To that end, what you use and how you clean it does matter. Therefore, I use super clean cosmetic brushes and complexion sponges.

To be sure, I always use Galleyon Foaming Soap to clean my makeup brushes, sponges and tools. Galleyon is an all natural antibacterial spearmint soap that quickly and safely cleans my brushes and sponges.

To clean cosmetic brushes, first wet the brush in warm water. Then apply Galleyon foam cleanser to the palm of your hand. Follow by gently swishing the brush in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Afterward, blot to remove excess water. Use a clean washcloth or hand towel for this process. Gently press out water and take care to retain the original shape of the brush. Finally, allow it to air-dry naturally. Place the brush on a clean surface, like a countertop, with the brush tip hanging over the edge. This technique assures that the brush tip will maintain its shape during the drying time.

To clean cosmetic sponges, first wet the sponge in warm water. This time apply Galleyon foam cleanser directly to the sponge and squeeze cleanser throughout for about 30 seconds. Rinse in warm water while squeezing until water appears clear. For faster drying, press into a clean washcloth to remove excess water. Let air dry.

In conclusion, Galleyon has a rich spearmint lather that makes cleaning simple and pure. With natural conditioning oils, it does not dry out my brushes or damage my sponges. I also love that it rinses fast and leaves a refreshing scent!

Best of all no perfumes, toxins or bactericides that irritate my sensitive facial skin.

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Keys Deodorant? – Well Maybe!

A Keys Deodorant – If It Works For You!

For 15 years, customers have asked me to develop a deodorant. When I asked specifics, what they wanted was an antiperspirant. I may have unintentionally given them what they wanted.

About six months ago a young Keys fan texted me that he had been using our Skin-Aid as a deodorant and antiperspirant. I immediately corrected him that it probably would make a good deodorant, but was unlikely an antiperspirant. He quickly corrected me and said he noticed far less perspiration and he and his girlfriend loved the scent. Spicey and dry he said. So, I decided to try it and ask some of my beta testers.

It is hard to afford a blind study for a company our size, so you have to take into consideration that when I asked my beta testers if they would try Skin-Aid as a deodorant and antiperspirant that there is some built-in bias.

Before the results, I also analyzed the ingredients in our extract. They are very similar to Theieves® and some other natural remedies designed for skin disorders. Breaking down each extract in Skin-Aid, there were none that stood out as deodorizers or antiperspirant. The consensus is that only Aluminum Chlorhydrate is indeed an antiperspirant and used in most commercial products. A heavy metal, it works, but at what consequence? I did note that the combination theoretically could have some antiperspirant properties.

The results were mixed but leaned toward a ‘good’ deodorant and a ‘maybe’ antiperspirant. Universally, all suggested I write this finding.

SkinAid can make an excellent daily deodorant that seems to have some antiperspirant properties for some people. Sounds a bit like corporate FDA speak, but the results were worth noting as a maybe!

SkinAid is probably one of the most broad-spectrum products we make. The list for what it does for people grows daily. Being a deodorant/antiperspirant is icing on the cake. Hope this helps!


Buy Skin-Aid by Clicking Here.  Use code: SKINAID at checkout and save 10% off.  Coupon Expires February 5, 2019

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Keys New Online Super Store!

Keys has a New Super Store.

Visit and register to receive a $5.00 off discount on your first order. You must register or reregister on our super store because the new store has a much higher level of security, encryption, and ease of use.

Why? We realize last year that there was a significant demographic shift happening. Last year 85% of our customers purchased our website from a desktop or laptop computer. Over the last year, that number has flipped to 80+% of our customers purchase Keys products using a smartphone or tablet computer. What that meant to us was a need to redesign our entire store from the ground up around smartphone and tablet technologies while maintaining simple use on laptops and desktops. It was hard, but we are up and running.

Here are a few things you will notice:
• Simple and complicated interface
• Fast! processing and simplified checkout for Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones
• You can choose to save your credit card information. (not on our site, but called from Merchant Bank…Super Secure!)
• Ordering is 2X faster than before

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have saved our old store as a Bookmark, you will have to access the new store by entering in your browser or by Clicking Here.

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Mangrove Hair & Skin Conditioner for Men

I was at a classic style barber shop in Mesilla New Mexico. Sort of a man cave with traditional services. After the cut and shampoo, my barber placed a hot towel on my face. Then to my surprise, he conditioned my hair and then moved to my face. Yes, he used the same conditioner on my face and hair. It felt good.  I asked him to see the conditioner bottle to look at the ingredient. Full of junk, but the core ingredient caused me to think about our Mangrove conditioner.

In keeping with the new writing trends, I tried conditioning my face and hair for a week with Keys Mangrove Conditioner. I wash my hair every day and generally do not moisturize much. Honestly, after a week, my hair looked great. Wendy commented that my skin looks better than ever. Now I am hooked on the combination of using Mangrove for my hair and face.

Mangrove Conditioner – Maybe a new trend for men.

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Eczema – Getting Wise – It’s Probably the Chemicals in Your Life!

Eczema seems to be a catchall term for a lot of doctors. The cause is unknown, but some of us suspect chemicals in everyday products.

Bob Root – Keys Founder

Common culprits for chemically induced eczema are sulfates in laundry detergents, PEG (propylene glycol) in just about everything and parabens (a biocide in most products). So, what we have heard from our customers is that finding the cause of the skin irritation is much more important than giving it a name. Doc’s seem to want to name it so they can prescribe steroids and topical antibiotics. We find this seems to make thing worse with usually a fast relief and then a return of the irritation with a vengeance.

Our customers tell us that our MetaCare and RediCare do an excellent job of getting rid of the symptoms and keeping them away. The secret seems to be the Neem and Karanja oil we use along with high-quality ingredients. MetaCare is a nice soothing lotion, and RediCare is the same basic formula in a sprayable lotion that is good for larger areas.

The trick seems to find out what is bothering the skin. Sleuthing the cause is the best solution. Look to those laundry detergents that use sulfates and optical brighteners (phosphorus mostly). Most imported clothing has fire-retardants in them. Carpet cleaners also use sulfates.  Parabens in 98% of skincare products.

Getting Clean is more than what you eat!

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Dear Dr. Google

96% of educated internet users consult Dr. Google first when they have a health concern. It is easy to understand why. It takes a matter of seconds to access an answer to your symptom on Google Search. You instantly get opinions from people and reputable sources like WebMD, Mayo, et al. ..and it does not cost anything. More often than not, Dr. Google offers many solutions that you can decide to try or not.

Keys business is skin health. Our customers’ issues can range from an itch or rash to Melanoma. Our products are designed to solve skin problems, so understanding quickly what might be bothering you helps you to make quick decisions and try things that might or should help. The reality is that Google offers many options versus waiting months for a dermatologist appointment. Your health is your responsibility and understanding what might cause your symptoms is something you want to know fast.

Often a trip to the emergency room for a simple skin disorder gets escalated out of control. Often simple natural skin health solutions will help quickly. Google often helps to identify the cause so you can eliminate what might be bothering you.

Speed is wellness!

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Bandage Test for Skin Disorder Causes

I am constantly asked how can you tell if a skin disorder is caused internally or from exterior attacks.  Here is how I do it and why my trick works.

Bob Root – Keys Technologist & Founder

The bandage test really works to help find the cause of skin disorders quickly. In our 15 years of research and development, we always keep focused on our mission to solve skin problems using natural remedies. Over the same period, we have seen time and again that most skin disorders are from exposure to chemicals in the environment or chemicals in conventional products.

Sulfate, parabens, PEG’s and the balance of the Dirty Thirty Chemicals are at the top of the list of skin disorder causes we have seen. The bandage test may not be 100% exact, but it is something I invented to help decide whether a skin disorder is internal or externally caused.

Band-Aid® Brand make a series of band-aids called Hydro Seal. It is available in just about every grocery store or drugstore. Here is how to do the test. Let’s say you have a rash that has been bothering you. Place a small Hydro Seal band-aid anywhere in the affected area. Follow instructions to create an excellent watertight seal. Then wait for a week and remove it. If it has diminished or gone away, something your skin is coming in contact with is probably the cause. Since the hydro seal has isolated to an area, the bandage test is usually very enlightening.

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Asymmetrical Dermatitis – Fact or Fiction

Asymmetrical Dermatitis is a common diagnosis for a skin disorder that appears on one side of a person or animal.  Fact, Fiction or catchall diagnosis?

A couple of years back I was attending an event at Capitol Drug Store in West Hollywood (WeHo) California. A mom stopped by because she heard I was going to be there as a part of my book tour. She showed me her little boy’s face. His left cheek was inflamed. She said she had waited weeks to see the dermatologist and he said it was asymmetrical dermatitis. He was given a bunch of creams and ointments to take that included steroids and antibiotics. One was Prednisone. She Googled the prescriptions and was horrified by the side-effects. She asked me my thoughts.

Rather than commenting on the birthday basket from the dermatologist, I asked, “Does your son sleep on his left side?” Yes, she said! “Do you wash his bedding with Tide with Bleach.” the look on her face was astonishing, and she answered, yes! I walked her to the back of the store an showed her a laundry detergent brand named BioKleen.

I asked her to wash everything in BioKleen and send me an email in a couple of weeks. Astonishingly (not) the asymmetrical dermatitis was gone.

Not my first time at this rodeo.

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Healthy Skin Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover Trick.  Our theatrical actor friends have shared this super easy tip with us. As part of their occupation, they must wear heavier makeup for the stage. Based on their experience a cleansing lotion works best for fast and easy makeup removal. Their trick is to use an emollient, gentle and naturally non-toxic creamy lotion all over their face and neck, massage in with a little tap water and wipe off with a warm face cloth. Keys Tortuga Lotion works well as an all-natural makeup remover lotion. A little bit goes a long way, and the emollient avocado oil, carrot seed, and black seed oils hydrate the skin while prepping for makeup removal. Best of all it leaves no trace of dryness or irritation. Some also will do a double cleanse by following up with our Island Rx Foaming Facial Cleanser.

Clean and healthy skin, skip the drama.

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Groomers – Show and Tell

Groomers, show me your hands! We travel all over the US with our dog Jasper. He is a snow-white Bichon Frise. Jasper’s coat care requires grooming every six weeks. I google to find a master certified groomer in the area. My initial visit with the new groomer starts the same. I ask the groomer to show me their hands. I want to see the condition of their hands! Inflamed, irritated, dry or cracking hands are red flags. Their hands are evidence about what they are using to bathe the dogs. Ugly groomer hands mean irritating ingredients for the dog’s skin and coat. Cheap grooming shampoo is the culprit. And after bath perfumes are also irritants. Jasper is eight years old and has never experienced skin irritation issue from shampoo. Of course, all of his life he has experienced our KODA OmniCleanShampoo. Not one groomer has ever complained about my bringing KODA shampoo. We have educated quite a few groomers along the way.

Show your dog that you care. Always take clean, chemical-free dog shampoo with you. Tell the groomer to use your shampoo on your dog! And request no perfumes to be added after bathing.

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PurPlay Condoms Safe

An actor friend called me to tell me her engineer boyfriend said he couldn’t use condoms with PurPlay. Why did I ask? He read somewhere that oil-based personal lubricants should not work with condoms. Not True!

PurPlay is avocado and coconut oil, not petroleum or chemical based. Petroleum oils have solvents in them that can degrade latex and other synthetic condoms. Not good to generalize. PurPlay oils do not deteriorate.

PurPlay® line of personal lubricants provide the highest form of sensitivity and work with the majority of condoms available. PurPlay Classic, PurPlay Surf, and PurPlay Astra use the same base lubricant.

Good to Go!