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Keys Urban Shield – Super Ointment

Urban Shield – Product of the week

Urban Shield Jel is one of our best selling products because universally, it does so many things for the skin. Urban Shield is based on our Avo Jel replacement for petroleum jelly. Rather than being made from petroleum, our base is an identical jelly made from avocado oil. We add strategic Ayurvedic and homeopathic ingredients to turn it into a universal ointment that achieves multiple results for skin problems.

The history of Urban Shield and its name was based on a request from friends that lived in New York City and Los Angeles that complained that their skin was being bombarded with chemicals in the cities that included hydrocarbon pollution and a just plain dirty environment. Our solution was a barrier (shield) that they could apply that would capture these pollutants on the surface of their skin. Initial tests proved that it was successful, but like most customers, they wanted more. As we added ingredients based on their observations, the Urban Shield of today was born.

It is all in the ingredients that tell the story about Urban Shield Jel.

  Avocado Oil Jel

  • Using a gel on the skin seals it from the external environment. Like an invisible bandaid, the gel protects the skin while acting as a carrier for the rest of the purpose-based ingredients.
  • Avocado oil is super emollient and hydrating.
  • Avocado oil has whole natural Omega-3 properties that rejuvenate.

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