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Foot Calluses? Go Gluten-Free!

bob_topazBy Bob Root

Keys Scientist and Founder

Soft feet will last you for a lifetime preserving your nerve sensitivity, stability and balance as you go older.  Calluses, on the other hand, will decrease you ability to feel as you walk, your inability to stand for longer periods and walk not balanced.  Not too mention how those calluses scratch and tear up those ebed sheets.

Take off your shoes and socks.  Look at your feet.  Calluses?  Probably gluten in your diet.

We have known for a long time that many common typical disorders have probable links to gluten.  Dark circles under the eyes, gum and periodontal issues and, yes, calluses have been linked to all that bread, pasta and wheat based products some intake.  In fact, Wendy, my wife and partner, had all three.  Going on a Paleo diet (gluten-free) reversed all of these maladies for her and she lost twenty pounds in the first three weeks as a bonus.  Wendy’s mom was a baker at home.  The kids came home from school to fresh baked cakes, cookies and all sorts of gluten intensive goodies.  Maybe not so good, her mom had foot callus problems all her life.  Could it have been the gluten?  Again, to repeat, Wendy’s dark circles, gum problems and her calluses started to disappear in two weeks and were gone in almost 30 days when she went gluten-free. Continue reading Foot Calluses? Go Gluten-Free!

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Bob Root on the Dr. Amy Myers Show

dramymyersPromo-coverLong time friend and adviser, Dr. Amy Myers recently interviewed Bob Root, Keys Technologist, about his book Chemical-Free Skin Health.  Amy is a leading practitioner and medical doctor specializing in Functional Medicine in Austin Texas.

Keys has been a part of the Functional Medicine movement for many years.  Whole functional ingredients makeup the Keys line and Amy asked Bob some interesting questions.  Listen in by clicking the speaker Icon below.

Amy’s website is available by Clicking Here











Click to listen
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Travel Tips from Dr. Amy

Tips to Stay UltraHealthy While Traveling

 Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, with family, friends or solo here are some tips to stay UltraHealthy while away from home.

1.    Plan ahead.  This is the MOST important factor.

2.    Bring a meal or two with you. Whether you are traveling by plane or car, you do not want to get caught without an UltraHealthy meal.  If you are traveling by car make sure to pack a cooler filled with UltraHealthy goodies.  If you are traveling by plane most food will be fine for several hours being cooled by the air conditioner of the plane or an airport. Continue reading Travel Tips from Dr. Amy

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Is Your Body’s Engine Running Optimally? Dr. Amy

When your car’s engine is finely tuned and running optimally; you know it.  Likely that is the case with your own body also, and when it is out of tune you know that too.

 Your thyroid gland is like the engine in a car – when it is under-active everything slows down leading to weight gain, fatigue, poor concentration, constipation, infertility, low libido, depression, slow heart rate and low body temperature.  When it is overactive your metabolism speeds up leading to weight loss, anxiety, insomnia, fast heart beat and loose stool. Continue reading Is Your Body’s Engine Running Optimally? Dr. Amy

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You are what you apply – to your skin!

You are what you apply – to your skin! What’s in your body lotion?

You’ve heard the old adage “you are what you eat.” Now I’d like to add another to that. “You are what you apply.” To your skin, that is!  Substances that affect your overall health and wellbeing don’t simply work their way through your system by travelling the gut alone.  An often-overlooked route – the transdermal (through the skin) route – allows substances ranging from the beneficial to the bad to enter your bloodstream and circulate throughout your body.  So, if you are what you eat, and you are what you apply, the question is:  what are you? Continue reading You are what you apply – to your skin!

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The Future of Medicine is NOW!

The future of medicine is now.

If I asked you to describe your ideal physician – what would he or she “look” like?  Would she be compassionate and empathic?  Would she meet with you for a hour or maybe even two? Would she listen attentively to every detail of your health history knowing it’s interconnected like a web and everything is a clue into your present state of health?  Would she be knowledgeable about nutrition, environmental toxins and stress reduction, and more importantly, spend time talking with you about these things?  Would she be concerned with preventing disease and getting to the root cause of your illness instead of just treating the symptoms with a pill? Would it be a healing partnership rather than a hierarchal relationship? Continue reading The Future of Medicine is NOW!

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UltraHealth…What A Concept! A Real BHAG!

UltraHealth…What A Concept!  A Real BHAG!

by Bob Root, Keys technologists & founder

In tech, we had a phrase that we used to differentiate really big projects.  BHAG stands for a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  When I helped to start Keys, we had some big hairy goals.  Universal Wellness was perhaps the biggest.

Remember, I am from high tech engineering, a practicing quantum physicist and a dreamer.  Ergo a futurist who believes anything is possible.  The adage that anything new is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration simply means to me that usually one person or a few have the spark of an idea and then it takes many more people working hard over a period of time until the rest of us get it.  In all endeavors, we all are both leaders and followers at some point in time.  The concept of Universal Wellness is not new, but it certainly is becoming a BHAG with many leaders and many followers of Natural  and Functional Medicine.

Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz) and I have a similar BHAG.  To put ourselves out of business.  Universal  wellness will do that.  Continue reading UltraHealth…What A Concept! A Real BHAG!