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Wendy’s #1 Life Rule: Simplify!

Wendy’s #1 Life Rule:  Simplify!

Keys Products Have Many Uses!

We design products that can simplify your life.  At Keys we think differently!

Over six years ago, when we started designing and manufacturing skin health products, we had a fundamental belief that we could invent products that would solve skin issues and make people feel good.  We were inspired by our imagination and explored the use of revered healing natural ingredients so that each of these products effectively would have more than one use.  We believed they should be simple, safe and make life less complex every day.   What a concept and it is our reality!

One of the reasons I enjoy being on the road with Keys is because our customers tell me how they love to use our products. While visiting our retailers throughout North America, I have heard so many great stories from our customers.   Invariably, they enthusiastically ask “Did you know that you can use this product for so many different things!?” I respond, “Well, actually yes!”

At Keys we think different.  It may sound crazy but we really do see things differently too. Ironically, when an industry expert says to us, “that’s the way it is done or always has been done,” we go the opposite way.  Common sense rules for us.

We are unlike many manufacturers who make a host of similar products with identical ingredients who then markets it differently with different labels, so that it appears to be a different product.  In my opinion, this practice adds so much clutter and complexity to our lives. Worse, to me it is dishonest.

Keys instead decided to change things by making a few simple products that have multiple uses.  The best part, we make products for people who really want to live with fewer things on the counter and shelf and in the shower.   And all are made with the positive intention that what you are using is safe for the whole family (including our pets).

Often I will hear variations of how a customer is using our product with great results.  And then every once in a while I am totally surprised.   Like the day I learned our customer loved our Tortuga Serum as a spot acne healer and as a tattoo healer and color enhancer!  So the product safely solved multiple skin issues and made the customer feel and look good!

I truly believe Keys customers, like Keys, have begun to change things.  They are cancer survivors, they are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers with sensitive skin.  These people read labels and are seeking the safest ingredients and products for their families and themselves.  More, they want products that do something and work.  They are the ones who also see things differently and we make products for these kinds of people!

I would love to hear from you about the ways you are using Keys products. Please send me an email to

I also wanted to share with you some of the multiple ways people are using our products… because these are just too good not to share!

Below are some of the uses that people have told us about over and over again:

Acne: Island Rx Liquid Soap/Shampoo, Island Rx Foaming Cleanser and Tortuga Intensive Therapy Serum Roll-on   For ‘Backne’: use Island Rx Liquid Soap/Shampoo head to toe

After Bath/Shower Moisturizer All Purpose Healing Spray:  RediCare Healing Spray

Brown Spots:  Island Rx Liquid Soap & Foaming Cleanser and Solar Rx SPF 30+ Moisturizer Sunblock

Chapped or Dry Lips:  Eye Butter, Luminos Hydrating Moisturizer

Tinted Foundation: Mix your favorite powdered mineral makeup with Luminos Hydrating Moisturizer or Solar Rx SPF 30 + Moisturizer Sunblock

All-Over Itchy Dry Skin: RediCare Healing Spray

Chapped, Cracking or Dry Skin (Hands, Face, Feet…anywhere!): Tortuga Lotion

Creamy Face Wash for extra dry facial skin: apply Tortuga Super Emollient Lotion and rinse off

Dark Circles: Island Rx Liquid Soap & Foaming Cleanser and Solar Rx SPF 30+ Moisturizer Sunblock


Babies and Children:  Island Rx Foaming Cleanser and Tortuga Super Emollient Lotion

Severe Cases:  MetaClean Healing Soap/Shampoo, MetaCare Healing  Lotion, and /or Redicare Healing Spray

Hand Sanitizer: Galleyon Naturally Antibacterial Foaming Soap, can be used on the spot without water; or wash and rinse with water

Safe Pet Shampoo & Conditioner: Mangrove Shampoo and Mangrove Conditioner

Flying and Crawling Insect Repellent: (for people and pets!) RediCare Healing Spray

Make-up Remover: Tortuga Super Emollient Lotion

Make-up Brush Cleaner: Galleyon Naturally Antibacterial Foaming Soap

Poison Ivy/Poison Oak: Galleyon Liquid Soap and RediCare Healing Spray Therapy

Rosacea: Solar Rx SPF 30+ Moisturizer Sunblock and Island Rx Foaming Cleanser

Super Hydrator for Face: Tortuga Super Emollient Lotion

Shaving Solution: Mangrove Foaming Shampoo

Tattoo Healer and Tattoo Color Enhancer: Tortuga Intensive Therapy Serum Roll-On

Swimmer Soap to Leach Chlorine: Windsurfer Soap/Shampoo used head to toe

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