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Cold, Flu Bronchitis? Keys VaporJel To The Rescue!

VaporJelBronchitis Sucks. Keys VaporJel To The Rescue!

In the not so long ago past if you wanted some fast relief from congestion you took the vapors from Smelling Salts. The problem was that you would have been killing your lungs and smell nerve receptors.  Keys VaporJel is the updated natural solution!

Be Careful Using Old Remedies

Long long ago, people sought relief from chest and respiratory issues using a small bottle kept in the purse or pocket. They were called smelling salts. Often people would take a snort to clear their heads of the fuzzies as well as helping with the symptoms of colds, the flu and tough to solve bronchitis. Unfortunately these little bottles could kill you because they we made from ammonia.

It seems like all sorts of respiratory ailments are coming year round these days. Keys VaporJel may be the fast fix to recovery.   VaporJel is our avocado based jel with menthol, camphor and eucalyptus. Spread a little on your chest at night and a dab under the nose during the day to open up your air passages and release congestion.

My VaporJel Santa Fe Experience

For the holidays, I flew from sea level, 80% humidity and 80º F to Santa Fe which is at 7,000 feet, 20º F and nearly 0% humidity. I think the airplane introduced a bug and a few days into my trip, I thought that I was having altitude sickness.   It turned into an obvious bout with bronchitis. Vapor Jel to the rescue. I remember my grandparents and their little smelling salts bottle. So I tried the same thing with VaporJel. I opened the jar and took in a deep breath. I felt instant relief from the burning chest sensation.   I decided to put some on a wash cloth soaked with hot water. Better! Then I started to apply it under my nose and the relief was longer lasting. At night, I rubbed it on my chest which helped me sleep.  Relief!

Go VaporJel! You Rock!

Now, VaporJel will not cure bronchitis, but it sure helped with my symptoms.

Avocado oil based, natural stimulants that work without petrolatum and chemicals!  Providing natural relief.


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