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Keys Epigenetic Skincare – Musing about Functional Skin Health

We make epigenetic systemic changes to our physiology every day — Consciously and mostly Unconsciously.

Bob Root – Keys Founder & Scientist

There are many things that we can do in our lives to change our genetic processes. We have found that one of the significant enigmas as humans is inflammation. It is measurable, but at the same time, very distant and diverse. Inflammation is external chemical factors or internal changes like stress. Stress itself is unusual because anything the afflicts itself on our bodies is stress in a form.

We have found that many chemicals used in skincare are often looked at as benign when viewed by itself and in micro quantities. However, when combined in an aggregate way or with other chemicals, the conglomerate creates physical stress on the body.

Take methylparaben. Parabens are used at ~0.05% concentration in most skincare claiming its use as a preservative. It is a biocide chemical. It is a very bad-ass chemical that kills good and bad bacteria indiscriminately. True, but imagine the statistic that the average woman uses 38 different products a day on her skin, and each contains 0.05% methylparaben. That is a cumulative 19% level of methylarabben and is considered extremely toxic at those levels. At 0.05%, it is a bad-ass. At 19%, it is toxic. Now combine the same methylparaben with a Phthalate fragrance, and you have a hormone disrupter that could be interacting with your body’s insulin levels. None of this is proven, but it is speculated by the contrarian scientists and medical thinkers. How much in our life is refuted by the establishment only to be (pro)found to be true? If you live in a big city, more than likely, your benzene levels are out of tolerance. If you are a smoker, the benzene levels are borderline caustic. We will not change the establishment, but we can change ourselves.

Recognize the principles of epigenetics, where our behavior and lifestyle change our genetic processes. A simple example of this is in a recent book I wrote called “Keto Plus,” where I changed my lifestyle to go to the Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, and going Sugar-Free. I became a “Fat Burner” and lost a lot of body fat percentage. What it did was to alter my genetic food profile from the outside-In. My food intake ratios went from carbs to fats like avocado, butter and olive oil.  The actural ratios are 70% fat, 10% carbs and 20% protein with no sugar.  Epigenetics is all about outside influences and this is merely one simple example.

I am in the skin business, and I have known for years that if you get Chemical-Free and use alternative whole natural ingredients, you can physically change the architecture of your skin in a form reversing or at least slowing the aging process. Really.

There are some fantastic guru’s that are on the front lines. Gary Taubes, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, and Dr. Jason Fung are ones you should pay attention to for the facts about epigenetic. I am pretty informed, but I do not have the “Cred” that they do.

The message is still pure. You are responsible and in charge of your health & wellness. Take charge of your life and well-being.

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Hormone Disrupters and Insulin Resistance

Do Hormone Disrupters Cause Type 2 Diabetes?

Bob Root – Keys Founder & Scientist

I am in the skincare business, but also a wellness advocate.  I am a firm believer that much of our skin and body aging is affected by chemicals in our lives.  From time to time I find things out that go beyond our business, but are worth noting as someone who cares about society.

Since writing my book, “Keto Plus,” I have not stopped investigating anomalies that I marked down as I researched my book. There are a couple of people I stay close to in their work. One particular person is Gary Taubes, whose books buck conventional thinking about health, wellness and nutrition.   

Now enter my book titled, Chemical-Free Skin Health. It was in the back of my mind as I wrote Keto Plus because a lot of research kept touching on hormone disrupters and the effects on obesity and weight gain. I dedicated a lot of space in CFSH to hormone disrupters as the concept was the basis of the original “Dirty Dozen” chemicals in skincare products as positioned by “Search for the Cause.” As a side note, this organization was initially funded by George Lucas in the San Francisco Bay Area. The goal of the organization was to find out why there were elevated cancer rates in the area. They conclude that it had something to do with the “Dirty Dozen” chemicals.

Forward to now, and the Dirty Dozen have grown to the Dirty 100. Among these chemicals are parabens used as preservatives, phthalates used as fragrance enhancement, and fire retardants. All purported to disrupt hormones. Cancer is the big one, but phthalates in young men’s fragrances are theoretically the cause for lack of sexual development at puberty and beyond. To my surprise, when I found out that BP-A might be a hormone disrupter to insulin, it got my real attention.

If you contact Dr. Google and search for hormone disrupters, you will find a few days worth of intense reading. It will be no surprise to me that many writings by Gary will popup.  There is so much to read and by some huge scientists that the conventional thinking is now questionable.

Insulin is a Hormone

I live a relatively clean life food-wise and in my external environment. I am mostly in dark sky communities, but I realize that I am a potential victim of my settings. Travel and encounters are probably not great, but when I do blood tests for environmental toxins, I test pretty well in heavy metals. Realizing there are no real tests for hormone disrupters started to make me wonder, “Was my elevated glucose blood levels potentially caused by a hormone disrupter stored in my body fat?”

Now consider that type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. There is a lot of debate and speculation about what insulin resistance means. The nature of research is to drill deep into a subject. Unfortunately, in medicine, analysis usually starts as an opinion, and the research itself is to prove that opinion. In short, if your hypothesis is that most cars are red and you only look for red cars, your analysis would prove that out categorically, albeit flawed. Researchers are often incorrect about their first principle assumption when it is opinion-based. It is tough for me to research where the issue is immediately confronted with contrarian opinions. How can you study when you cannot arrive at a fundamental principle that is worth investigating? For me, the premiss that type 2 diabetes is caused by too much sugar in an individual’s diet seems plausible on the surface. What if nutritional and environmental hormone disrupters created insulin resistance.

In another article, I pointed out that almost all skincare products use parabens at about 0.5% as a bactericide preservative. Parabens kill all bacteria, good and bad. Now multiply that by an average 38 products, an average woman uses a day on her skin, and you realize a 19% concentration of parabens on the skin. What goes on the skin goes into the body.

I am not saying parabens cause insulin resistance, but what if some other hormone disrupter did?

Dr. Google

Out of curiosity, I Google’d, “Can hormone disrupters cause insulin resistance?” I was pretty shocked at what came up, and my old friends at the National Institutes of Health dominated the topic. So, I logged into my “PubMed” account and followed my nose. Here is what they said:

From NIH Pub Med

The etiology of type 2 diabetes mellitus involves the induction of insulin resistance along with the disruption of pancreatic β-cell function and the loss of β-cell mass. In addition to a genetic predisposition, lifestyle factors seem to have an important role. Epidemiological studies indicate that the increased presence of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in the environment may also play an important part in the incidence of metabolic diseases. Widespread EDCs, such as dioxins, pesticides, and bisphenol A, cause insulin resistance and alter β-cell function in animal models. These EDCs are present in human blood and can accumulate in and be released from adipocytes. After binding to cellular receptors and other targets, EDCs either imitate or block hormonal responses. Many of them act as estrogens in insulin-sensitive tissues and in β cells, generating a pregnancy-like metabolic state characterized by insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. Adult exposure in mice produces insulin resistance and other metabolic alterations; in addition, during pregnancy, EDCs alter glucose metabolism in female mice, as well as glucose homeostasis and endocrine pancreatic function in offspring. Although more experimental work is necessary, evidence already exists to consider exposure to EDCs as a risk factor in the etiology of type 2 diabetes mellitus and other diseases related to insulin resistance.

Key Points

  • The prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) has increased dramatically worldwide, making the disease one of the fastest-growing public health problems
  • The etiology of T2DM is based on the induction of insulin resistance together with functional disruption of insulin-producing β cells; genetic predisposition and environmental factors play key roles
  • Some widespread endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), at concentrations found in human plasma, induce insulin resistance and alter pancreatic β-cell function in cellular and adult animal models
  • Epidemiological data indicate that exposure to EDCs is linked to an increased risk of diabetes mellitus in adults
  • Data obtained from pregnant mice and offspring indicate that short exposure to the EDC bisphenol A during pregnancy disrupts glucose homeostasis in female mice and their adult male offspring
  • Sufficient scientific evidence is available to consider the exposure to persistent organic pollutants, including bisphenol A, a risk factor for T2DM and other metabolic disorders

 Holy Shit!

When I read this, my first reaction was “Holy Shit.” Maybe Gary Taubes and others are already on this, but I am now not sure. “Were the toxins locked in the fat tissue and released during Keto? Is that why my glucose levels are down?”

Film at 11

I don’t know for sure, but I am sure this is going to be the basis of my research as I drill into the subject. If I hit some box canyons, I will let you know. I do encourage you to research the topic for yourself. Not whether hormone disrupters cause insulin resistance, but could other disrupters cause other hormones, you may be deficient in, from being functional.

So for me, my first principle basis for researching is, “Hormone disrupters cause type 2 diabetes.” I hope that Taubes and others with far more cred jump in on the hypothesis.


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Is Resistance Futile! How To Survive Amazon?

“Death by Jeff?” aka Amazon.  Who is next?

Will Natural Pharmacies, Apothecaries, and Natural Markets survive the Amazon invasion. I believe the answer is yes if you are smart and act quickly.


by Bob Root, Keys co-founder and Chief Technologist and Scientist.

Bob Root – Keys Founder & Scientist

You may know me as the formulator and one of the founders of Keys. Less known is that I am an entrepreneur survivor of the photography industry and the personal computer collapses.

Keys is a company that made a conscious decision to only sell our products exclusively through established brick and mortar Natural Pharmacies, Apothecaries, and Natural Markets. We have flourished in what has become a commodity market. Now it is becoming a war zone between the grocery titans that are threatened by the Amazon juggernaut. 

We are more than concerned now than ever that our channels are now under attack by Amazon and its new subsidiaries. Referred to as “Death by Jeff,” there are several books about the topic, so it probably is a survival tool to make yourself aware.

There used to be a camera store on every corner and a computer store on every block. Both have all but disappeared for numerous reasons, but primarily because of the onslaught of Amazon into these markets. Amazon is the largest retailer of computers, tech, and cameras. The retailers who thrived in these markets are gone. Why? Where did all the bookstores go? Yesterday, Pier 1 announced they are closing half for their 900 stores and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  In the natural markets sector, Lucky’s, Earthfare are gone and Sprouts stock is plummeting.  All because of Amazon.

Living through the morphing of these two industries not only saw retail channels collapse, but many brands died in the process. There was a common thread as to why both went out of business. “They tried to compete on price and bought products primarily through distribution for convenience.”

When Walmart became a food supermarket, it started the movement to big box stores concept where they became the one-stop place for food, household items, and prescriptions. Cameras and computers were too technical for commodity stores in the early days. Same as in natural products, differentiation between conventional products with nasty pesticides and chemicals were quite easy ten years ago, and many brands traded only on the fact that they were chemical-free without offering differentiated features, benefits, and advantages to their customers. NGOs like the EWG trade on fear and drove to educate consumers about harmful chemicals in conventional products. The “Dirty Dozen” chemicals are almost gone, driving all stores to more commodity and price-based shopping for natural products. Big box stores are now as natural as they are conventional, making them the preferred markets of choice.

Today, Amazon owns Whole Foods, is sweeping urban markets with Amazon Go convenience stores, and will be announcing an entire new chain of local grocery stores coming in 2020. Their goal is simple to understand. It is “Domination.” Like a scorpion stings anything, it is merely their nature. Competing with them toe-to-toe is death. They plan to target a broad range of customers while also providing a full array of online products deliverable to their stores for pickup. Not only does it look like an unstoppable machine. It is unstoppable.

There literally are bunches of books written about Amazon as a market eating machine, but coming from two markets that were devoured by Amazon gives me a unique perspective that I feel I need to share.

Camera stores, computer stores, and natural product sellers all started the same. They differentiated themselves through unique product offerings and customized services, all cemented by consumer education. Not too long ago, you could march into a camera store with a roll of film or a memory card and get pictures to share with your friends. That is gone. 

The emphasis is on differentiated products. Last year we saw a 300% increase in natural markets going out of business. Why? Frankly, it is simple to see from a high altitude, but they probably did not see their death coming. What they did to kill themselves was to buy exclusively from distributors the same products that Amazon, big-box, and grocery stores have and trying to sell at higher prices. They honestly expected loyal customers to pay more for the same products. What they forgot was to differentiate their product offering, making it desirable for people looking for products that work and are not the same things as Kroger or Walmart sells. When Amazon bought Whole Foods, they brought their buying power and AI systems to the grocery market, starting a war a couple of years back. Again, I could probably write a 1000 page book detailing the problem and solution, but here it is in a nutshell.

For pharmacies, apothecaries, and natural markets to survive Amazon, they have to return to their origins and differentiate their product offerings and themselves by:

  1. Join the “Buy Direct” movement and carry only products not sold by distribution (aka commodity)
  2. Carry products that not sold in mainstream grocery stores or Amazon’s grocery stores
  3. Carry products that are functional and on purpose
  4. Regain margins by offering differentiated products  
  5. Educate consumers as to why the products you carry are better than the commodity stores
  6. Reinstate the Pharmacy, Apothecary and Natural market as a trusted advisor in the community
  7. Stop trying to compete with big-box stores by driving down manufacturers’ pricing stifling their product innovation.
  8. Hire buyers that know product differentiation in place of beating up salespeople for BOGOs, better pricing, and Free-Fills.

So, if you find yourself asking your vendors to lower their price and be “Cheaper Please Cheaper,” you are driving yourself and them out of business. So get on the high side of things and offer your customers new and different products than those carried by Walmart, Kroger, and any other super-duper markets. It goes beyond supporting the small boutique product manufacturers. Frankly, they do not need your charity; they need your business because distributors won’t carry their products because they are not cheap enough. Become the boutique reseller you once were through differentiated products, education, being their trusted advisor, and refocusing your attention on the customer.


Keys products are functional and integrated medicine natural products that have measurable results. Bob is the Chief Technology Officer and head formulator. Keys was born after he created his products for his wife, Wendy, after her Melanoma diagnosis and subsequent battle with chemicals in her prescription products. Bob is a former High Tech CEO and engineer from Silicon Valley. He began his career at Polaroid before migrating to the personal computer industry in its fledgling days. Bob is the author of “Chemical-Free Skin Health®,” “Keto Plus” and “Defining Moments,” books. He has written hundreds of articles on the natural products market and was a member of the Washington Speakers Bureau. He is a member of the World Future Society who specialized in skip-generation technology and scenario planning.

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Neem & Karanja Oil – Ayurvedic Solutions

The Magic of Ayurvedic Medicine

Bob Root – Keys Founder & Scientist

Just about everyone involved with natural skincare and Ayurvedic medicine has heard of Neem oil. Well, Neem has a sister oil from a symbiotic plant that lives near the Neem tree. It is called Karanja oil. The simplest way to put it is that the two together are a dynamic duo for natural skin therapies. What is also very interesting about the pair is that Neem is known for its pungent scent that some people cannot tolerate. When you mix Neen and Karanja, the combined scent resembles the smell of freshly husked corn, and it is quite pleasant. What Neem does not do for the skin, Karanja fills in.

Keys MetaCare lotion, RediCare Spray lotion, our Alternative Naturals Urban Shield ointment, and MetaClean Castile micellar soap all use the blend of Neem and Karanja oil to ward off many misdiagnosed skin disorders. These products help and even reverse dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis-like disorders.

Karanja Citings:   According to Hartwell (1967–1971), Karanja fruits and sprouts are used in folk remedies for abdominal tumors in India, the seeds for keloid tumors in Sri Lanka, and a powder derived from the plant for tumors in Vietnam. In Sanskritic India, seeds were used for skin ailments. Today the oil is used as a liniment for rheumatism. Leaves are active against Micrococcus; their juice is used for colds, coughs, diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence, gonorrhea, and leprosy. Roots are used for cleaning gums, teeth, and ulcers. The bark is used internally for bleeding piles. Juices from the plant, as well as the oil, are antiseptic. It is said to be an excellent remedy for itch, herpes, and pityriasis versicolor. Powdered seeds are valued as a febrifuge, tonic, and bronchitis and whooping cough. Flowers are used for diabetes. Bark has been used for beriberi. Juice of the root is used for cleansing foul ulcers and closing fistulous sores. Young shoots have been recommended for rheumatism. 

Continue reading Neem & Karanja Oil – Ayurvedic Solutions

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Keto Plus – A New Book by Keys Founder, Bob Root

Keto Plus Book – Turbocharging the Keto Diet

Click Cover to buy on Kindle Amazon
Bob Root – Keys Founder & Scientist

I decided to create my own version of Keto by combining the Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting and giving up sugar.  When I told friends, they said I should write about it.  So, I took a few days off over the New Years break to write Keto Plus.  It is a short book of more the why and how I did it versus justification.  If you are looking for a way to drop pounds quickly, this $3.99 Kindle read might just help you understand the process.  The references to the guru’s I found are worth the price alone.  😉

Here is the “Why” in a nutshell.

I needed to lose weight fast. I had to drop my blood glucose faster. My clothes were telling me I had to lose inches, and a fat percentage test at the docs confirmed it was time for a change. Travel was getting the best of me, but I was not that out of my ideal weight.  What was wrong was my body fat percentage and blood glucose levels.

Keto diet alone was not going to be fast enough for me. So I reached back into my history and combined Keto with intermittent fasting. I then did the unthinkable, unimaginable change to go sugar-free. The result was 25 pounds down, body fat down from 22% to <6%, and my clothes hung on me. The ultimate was that I felt worlds better. This book is about how I did it in 90 days.

Keto Plus, came about when a blood test showed I had an elevated glucose level. As an autodidact, I drilled into the solution. As a scientist, I found some real doctors that were not only controversial, but they bucked the conventional wisdom with some shocking facts and revelations. This book’s foundation comes from hundreds of hours researching effects, studies, and points of view of contrarian experts.

“I discovered my holy grail of the fountain of youth! It is what I call Keto Plus because it combines the Keto diet, Intermittent Fasting, and going sugar-free. I became a “fat burner.”

What I really did was to reprogram the way I fuel my body and life. Think of it like looking at cars in a used car lot and the salesperson asks, “what kind of fuel do you want your new car to burn. Do you want gasoline, diesel, or electric?” I realize that I wanted to stop burning carbs (gasoline), avoid too much protein (diesel), and consume only electricity (fat) in my body. So, I set out to change my carb dominant diet to fat, creating a new ratio of fat first, protein a distant second, and almost no carbohydrates. 

So what is Keto Plus? There is an underlying assumption for this book. It is “Being Fat Is Not Healthy and Sugar Kills.” To lose fat, you must first stop eating sugar, eat fat to lose weight, and lower your body fat percentage. My secret is a strict Keto diet, an 8-hour food eating window, and eliminating all sugar from my diet, including fruit.

It is truly a lifestyle, but first, a philosophical change. “First Principles Thinking” about this epidemic of obesity and sugar born diseases alter conventional thinking. The research and realities I encountered became Keto Plus.

Sugar in human diets has not been around for long. It saw its beginnings in the late 1800s, but became dominant in the early 1900s during the “cereal wars.” Yes, just a few men took down a nation.

Here is the Keto Plus punchline.

The moral of this story is that to attain all the results of this book, “You Must Stop Eating Sugar!”

  • Our bodies live on three sources: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 
  • Fasting was the way of life for our ancestors. 
  • Raw sugar in all of humanities diets did not exist 200 years ago.

Change your approach!

  •     Keto teaches how to burn fat.
  •     Intermittent fasting helps the body burn fat.
  •     Cutting out sugar does not allow the body to regress to a state of dependence.
  •     Minimizing carbs helps Keto to make you a fat burner. 

There is a simple ratio of food intake on Keto: 

  • 70% Fat
  • 20% Protein
  • 10% Carbohydrates

Following this rule, I went from 22% body fat to 5.9%, eating mostly good fat.

Keto Plus – The Challenge

Are you capable of living outside the establishments thinking? 

    • Do you want to lose inches everywhere on your body?

    • Ditch diabetes

    • Lose body fat!

    • Release and use all your fat-soluble vitamins

    • Reset your life

    • Change your attitude about everything

    Keto Plus – Lifestyle change and not a diet.


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Keys Nextra Line Featuring NeoRetinol – Coming Soon!

Keys New Discoveries – NeoRetinol

“Retinol is a vitamin A ester developed many years ago with side effects as legendary as it effects.  We have developed NeoRetinol that does all the same things as Retinol, but with none of the side effects.”   Wendy Steele Keys CEO

Retinol is the staple of everyone’s skin regimen that wants to turn back the clock. Retinol is a vitamin A ester developed many years ago, primarily for acute acne sufferers. The effects are legendary, as are the side effects. Retinol claims to erase wrinkles and fine lines, but the drying, redness, and peeling flaking skin happen when you use too much too frequently. Lots of fakes on the market and the real stuff sells for about $300 an ounce. What used to be prescription-only saw the emergence of many fakes when the Retinol trademark expired.

Keys has always researched ancient aboriginal remedies and coupled them with pure high efficacy natural ingredients. So, it is not uncommon to find us searching the outback of Australia or the rain forests of South America for elements and solutions. Sometimes it is easy when you walk into a village, and 60-year-olds look like 30 somethings with bright clear, smooth skin. You ask, “What are you using on your face?” More often than not, it is a single plant or tree byproduct that they attribute their youthful appearance too. A good example is Tamanu oil that we discovered was being used by Polynesians to soften the appearance of aging. That is why we feature Tamanu oil in our Reflex ProBiome Serum.

Often, it is not easy to figure out how an element of designing new products work or how to extract it. Sometimes it is a combination of things that people put together that works. Generally, when you find these sorts of solutions, the elements are not commercially available. Most companies pass on this discovery process in favor of chemicals that almost work. At Keys, we are scientists first and developers second. So, we are drawn to revolutionary discoveries. It is just our nature.

Element 6 – NeoRetinol

In Western Bolivia near Lake Tiwanaku is a place called Pumapunku. At its peak, Pumapunku is thought to have been “unimaginably wondrous.” Adorned with polished metal plaques, brightly colored ceramic, and fabric ornamentation, it was an Inca cultural center. It was visited by beautifully costumed citizens, elaborately dressed priests, and elites decked in exotic jewelry. Research shows that there were merchants around 500 AD that were selling fountain of youth style remedies that lore has it, reversed aging.

About five years ago, we heard about this elixir and probed Ancient Astronaut Theorists studying Pumapunku for what they had discovered. Their tales are always slanted and biased to what they are trying to prove. Within these stories come sub-stories of the culture and vanities of the people who lived and visted there. They report that the native people never aged. We read into it that they had some secret.

Element 6 is our discovery from the region. It is not just one plant extract, it is a combination of elements, mostly from far away, but constructed at Pumapunku. I am confident I have not discovered the exact concoction from Pumapunku, but I am on the path with our Element 6 ingredient. I will not tell you what it is, but what I can tell you that it is plant and tree-based and that it does everything that Retinol does with none of the side effects including no sun sensitivity.

What we have observed is that it reduces fine lines, resurfaces, and smooths the skin without drying, scaling of the skin, or redness from overuse. I use it twice a day, and I have notice age lines disappearing, dark spots fading, and my eye bags diminishing. My skin feels softer than when I was a teen. I like to think I look younger. I also sent it to my posse of Hollywood TV and Film makeup artists. They had similar results feeling tightening and firming of the skin. They all noted a smoothing and almost restructuring of their skin. Please keep in mind. These are the most beautiful people walking the planet. For them to notice a change is a big deal.

So, where are we? We have a new line or very high-end products coming out in 2020 called Nextra. Nextra is a truncated word describing the line and is a combination of the words Extra and Next. Element 6 is an ingredient in all of the products. The first in the Nextra Line is NeoRetinol. It, too, is a play on words that it is the next generation of Retinol with none of the side effects. NeoRetinol is in beta test now with our beta-test team. These individuals range from actors, makeup artists, young and old. These people are not shy about being critical, and feedback so far is extraordinarily exciting.

Sometime in Q1 of 2020, we will introduce NeoRetinol and other members of the Nextra line of products. They will not be $300 an ounce, but they will not be big box store fakes either. No pricing is set, but like all Keys products, we will employ modern manufacturing techniques to reduce the cost of making Element 6 as much as possible. Equally, the ingredient deck will be impressive for the exotic ingredients we will add to each of the products to make them work more effectively in age reversing.

What I can say for sure is if you have skin that you have not taken care of, you will notice a dramatic change. If your skin is flawless, youthful, and well kept, you will feel the difference and more likely, friends and family will notice a change.

For Now, NeoRetinol is Coming Soon.

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Keys Ten Basic Principles – Bob’s Story

Melanoma Was The Keys Beginnings

Bob Root – Keys Founder & Scientist

I have never told my story. Most of everything we have written is about Wendy’s fight with Cancer and stupidity in the skincare market intermixed with how I created our products. So, since it is 15 years in business this year, I just felt like writing down my perspective of who we are.

In 1994, I met the woman of my dreams. In 1997, I nearly lost her to Melanoma cancer. Dr. Hugh Greenway at Scripps in LaJolla, CA saved her life. The prescriptions so severely hurt her that the experience became the basis for the invention of our products. The experience changed my life and my purpose. Read our book, “Defining Moments” and will get a tiny glimpse….tiny… of our lives together.

Keys was born was out of strife and conflict. It was a confusing time where any action was better than no action. Everything on the market was full of junk and even the “natural” brands had parabens and sulfates. It was 2004 when the first four products debuted at the Natural Products Expo and the years since have been full of change, innovation, and staying true to our purpose. It shocked the industry when our newly minted sunscreen, Solar Rx, was featured as the most effective by Consumer Reports Magazine, and the EWG ranked it the safest out there.

Continue reading Keys Ten Basic Principles – Bob’s Story

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For Makeup Artists Only…Actors Too! Join Our Pro Team

Keys Vanities Makeup Artist & Actors Pro Team

Keys Vanities Pro Team entitles the professional makeup artist, and actors too, to unique benefits, including product discounts and exclusive access to tips and techniques. …and the most exciting is a free membership in our Beta testing team where you will see new products and be able to test them before they are in production.

What You Get?

If you qualify for the program, you will receive a 40% product discount online at and receive an industry insider newsletter sent out to your email on a periodic basis.

Learn More and Apply – Click Here


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Keto Diet Saves On Skincare!

Bob Root – Keys Founder & Formulator

Keto Skin!

There are two ways you can save half of your skincare products price. Either you get 50% off the price, or you only have to use half as much.

We have always said that a 100ml 4-ounce bottle of Luminos or Tortuga lotion is like getting a 600ml bottle of lotion. It is because there is almost no water in the formulation. All of the oils are concentrated and in therapeutic proportions. Avocado oil is our dominant oil, and the blend provides the highest possible concentration of emollients without chemicals. True, but what if you could use only half as much of Keys products and get the same results?

Enter My Keto Diet

Okay, I am lucky that as I have gotten older that I have tended to lose weight rather than gain. I went on the Keto diet to lower my blood glucose. The net was that I lost another 10 pounds, went from 16% body fat to 5.9% and gained lean muscle mass. What was to most exciting side-effect was that my complexion tightened and my skin was super-hydrated.

Although I love Luminos as a moisturizer, as I have pointed out in previous articles, I use Tortuga lotion as my go-to everything lotion. Although Wendy uses almost all of the Keys products every day, I am a two Keys product guy. Give me my Island Rx and my Tortuga.

So what I noticed after the first month on Keto was that I reduced the amount of Tortuga I was using by half. After three months, I was down to a stabilized 1/3 the amount of Tortuga I was using daily. My dominant fat intake is avocado, cheeses, fish, and some fatty meats. What I found was that being on Keto and operating at a ratio of 74% fat, 19% protein, and 7% carbs and No Sugar!   My skin became more emollient. Even my dry elbows disappeared. Why? I have become a fat burner, and more fat finds its way to my skin requiring less product. I now only apply Tortuga to wet skin because I can’t spread a thinner layer without the surface being wet.

My usage of Tortuga has gone down to about 30% of what I used before. Less is more savings. Ironically, my Island Rx usage is also down, but I have not figured out why.


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Micellar Water FAD or Innovation

Click To Buy

Keys Island Rx Foaming wash is a patriarch of our line. With the popularity of micellar water cleansers, we thought it would be essential to point out that Island Rx has always been micelle-based. It has been that way since its introduction in 2004.

Our society, especially beauty, is fad and fan based. Keys has always been a “Fan” based product line, but we have started a few “Fads” in our 15 years. More often than not, we have not been credited with some interesting trends.

There is a difference between fads and fan-based products. Word of mouth advertising is generally associated with fan-based products and Fads with fake news.

The origin of the word fad is generally tied back to about 1834. Loosely related to “hobby, pet project” (adjective faddy is from 1824), of uncertain origin. Perhaps shortened from fiddle-faddle. Or maybe from French fadaise “trifle, nonsense,” which is ultimately from Latin fatuus “stupid.” From 1881 as “fashion, craze,” or as Century Dictionary has it, “trivial fancy adopted and pursued for a time with irrational zeal.”

Micellar water is not a fad as it has been the fundamental basis of Castile soaps for over 500 years. It is neither new or a flash in the pan. The fact that many are crediting the invention to a French chemist just a few years ago is bunk. Said, the fad is also functional. But, the craze of it will diminish, and we will keep extracting micelles for our Island Rx foaming wash.

All of our soaps are micelle-based cleansers.

Windsurfer is a huge fan-based product with runners, outdoors people, and people that want a refreshing citrus lime full body cleanser.

MetaClean has helped people with psoriasis, eczema, and other skin disorders for years because of its Neem and Karanja ayurvedic oils.

Island Rx Foaming Wash is consistently one of our top sellers because of how it cleans and moisturizes the face neck and hands with avocado oil and clary sage.

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Glacier Water Micelles and Other Natural Mysteries

Island Rx Foaming “Glacier Water” Cleanser – All Natural, Chemical-Free Healing Foaming Wash for Skin Disorders, Itching, Allergies & Irritations.

Our micellar abundant cleaning soap was developed for sensitive skin like the face and neck.  The micellar technology foaming applicator automatically dilutes the  Island Rx formulation so that it can be used directly on wet skin.  It is also great for bathing small children and babies.

Island Rx was the first product we developed. With over 100 initial version, the product was developed for Wendy Steele after her bout with Melanoma. The basis for Island Rx is a 300-year-old Castile soap recipe with holistic and naturopathic influences in the form of healing essential oils, a Micelle that resembles the antioxidant properties of natural glacier water and the addition of softening oils like avocado and jojoba. Keys customers have reported the reversal of common skin disorders like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, and skin allergies after just a few uses.

From 2004 Article: Micelles by Bob Root

There are two distinct places that you find Micelles.  One is in Glacier Water and the other is Castile Soaps.  They fundamentally trap and hold dirt from the skin and wash off with water.  Simple, but a very complex mystery of nature.

Micelle Structure

A micelle, plural micellesmicella, or micellae) is an aggregate of surfactant molecules dispersed in a liquid colloid. A typical micelle in aqueous solution forms an aggregate with the hydrophilic “head” regions in contact with the surrounding solvent, sequestering the hydrophobic single tail regions in the micelle center. This phase is caused by the insufficient packing issues of single-tailed lipids in a bilayer. The difficulty filling all the volume of the interior of a bilayer, while accommodating the area per head group forced on the molecule by the hydration of the lipid head group leads to the formation of the micelle. This type of micelle is known as a normal phase micelle (oil-in-water micelle). Inverse micelles have the headgroups at the center with the tails extending out (water-in-oil micelle). Micelles are approximately spherical. Other phases, including shapes such as ellipsoids, cylinders, and bilayers, are also possible. The shape and size of a micelle is a function of the molecular geometry of its surfactant molecules and solution conditions such as surfactant concentration, temperature, pH, and ionic strength. The process of forming micellae is known as micellization and forms part of the phase behavior of many lipids according to their polymorphism.

Micelle Structure

In our studies of ancient remedies, we found that some of the most powerful yet gentle skin agents were Clary sage, blood orange, black cumin (black seed) oil, carrot seed oil, and avocado oil.  When using on the skin in lotions or soap, they perform the same as some harsh chemicals in a slow but sure manner.

So, how does all this work to help acne suffers?  We have found through our customers that they have developed a sort of regime that makes perfect sense to me.


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They get off all the junk(dirt) and go clean, including shampoo, personal care, and home care products.  You probably already get this because you are reading this.  Then they wash daily with Island Rx foaming wash, rinsing and lightly drying.  In the morning (some twice a day) they apply Solar Rx.  Yes, the sunblock.  Solar Rx contains pharmaceutical grade avocado oil, back cumin oil, carrots seed oil and uncoated zinc oxide.  Those powerful essential oils soothe the skin and mimic the skins own sebum restoring good oil levels lost by being exposed to hydrocarbons, pollutants, dryness, and dehydration.  The uncoated zinc oxide is at 18.5% by volume.  Most zinc oxide based acne and skin prescriptions only contain 5%-6% uncoated zinc oxide.  They discovered that they could get the same pharma grade zinc oxide in Solar Rx at much higher levels and a fraction of the price of prescription creams.

Here is a link to the original full article

Buy Island Rx Foaming Wash

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Sardines – Skin & Omega 3’s

Sardines for Beautiful Skin – Sardines = Omega 3’s!

Bob Root, Keys Technologist

Sardines may be the best anti-aging secret going to protect and beautify your skin.  It The Omega 3 oils, collagen and proteins are the start of something beautiful…You!

Forever, skin gurus have said there is a direct relationship between Omega 3 oil and beautiful, youthful skin. I agree. Also, it is the balance of Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s that is equally important. Too much Omega 6 is bad and can cause breakout on the skin and discoloration. Omega 3’s only is excellent, but balancing Omega 3, 6 and 9 is essential. It turns out the perfect combination is sardines. Don’t like sardines? Too bad because fish oil capsules won’t work. Here is why.

Buying fish oil capsules and smearing will not work because your skin and pores will not like it. The combination will clog your pores, and the oils themselves are going the wrong direction when you apply them. They want to be excreted from the skin and pores. Some believe that taking a high-end fish oil capsule works, but not in my experience. What does work is eating a can of those silvery goodness fishes and watching your skin improve, clear and become youthful looking.

Cardiologists have long held that the secret to heart health is Omega 3, 6, and 9 in a combination that looks just like sardines. Dr. Jonathan Wright and other nutritional experts all recommend eating sardines three times a week. Yep, an entire can every other day.

The results are measurable in a blood test but more important to me is what they do for your skin. So here goes, eating sardines is like a natural botox for the skin except the sardines don’t leave you expressionless. Those Omega oils and other nutrients cause the skin to smooth, collagen to build and fine lines and wrinkles to lessen. And you can eat a ton of sardines for the price of one Botox treatment.

So, Eat Sardines to look younger and healthy. The side benefit is that you will be helping your heart as well.

I do not like all sardines. My favorites are Crown Prince Mediterranean with olive oil and olives. I buy then by the twelve pack on Amazon. BTW, if you are on Keto, this is also the perfect ratio of fat to protein. Here is the link to my brand listed below.


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Micelle & Keys Island RX Soaps

The Micelle Magic – It’s All In The Soap!

Bob Root, Keys Technologist

The secret to clean vibrant skin is a natural oil-based soap that is full of Micelle.  They are magical in almost every way imaginable.

When I first developed Island Rx soap, it was because I could not find a Castile soap that was lower in alkalinity. As I formulated and saponified oils like Avocado, Jojoba, Coconut and Olive oil, I not only noticed that they were not as alkaline, but that there was some different reaction on the skin. Researching my ingredients and processes, I realized I was releasing something called a Micelle.

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Micelles are polar critters that live in a real soap. One end of the structure loves water, and the other loves oil. So the more micelle in soap the more effective it is in clearing oil, dirt, grime, and pollutants from a surface like the skin. These are not little creatures that live in a Jedi Knight’s blood like in Star Wars, but an ionic compound that does work.

On the skin, micelle act to remove all sorts of things and a high-density micelle soap like Island Rx foaming wash does many things at once. Here are just a few:

1) It removes dirt and grime
2) Removes “loose” acne-causing bacteria
3) Dissolves dead skin (exfoliates)
4) Affects skin collagen
5) Removes complex oils
6) Balances pH
7) Causes positive skin reactions
8) Deep cleans and opens pores releasing pollutants
9) Carries oils from the soap formulation and deposits them on the skin
10) Rinses quickly and thoroughly carrying away unwanted contaminants

In other words, a micelle-based soap is Magic. Unlike surfactant based cleanses, it gives and takes. It nourishes the skin and removes things the skin does not want. I believe Island Rx soap and foaming wash have the highest concentration of micelle available anywhere.

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Mangrove Shampoo & Conditioner – Pour Homme

Bob Root Keys Technologist & Founder

You love all your children equally, but sometimes those older more independent ones move to the corner of your eye. Mangrove Shampoo & Conditioner are among my oldest children and have matured into quite the adults. In product years, they are in their thirties and quite resourceful.

Dynamic Duo

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When Mangrove Shampoo and Conditioner were born, I had a vision for them which was entirely different. They were going to be a one-stop go-to duo for men. Early on, our marketing people convinced me to focus more on people with short hair for the products. That was not how I perceived them and over time, they matured into what I envisioned them to be. , Mangrove Shampoo and Conditioner are a duo that are the only two products men need and want in their lives for their hair and skin.

Men Like Multi-use Products…Yep

So instead then tell you what they can do, I will tell you about how I used them this morning. Seeing them in the bathroom shower was a reunion with my dynamic kids that I want to share.

Okay, the obvious is that I started to wash my hair lathering up and smelling the clean, fresh tropical smell that initially got them their names of Mangrove. I had enough lather to soften up my beard to shave. I final lathering of my hair before rinsing, I used what was on my hands to wash my face. Then I squirted some more Mangrove shampoo (soap) on a mesh scrubby and washed the rest of me. I cranked up the shower heat and rinsed off lightning fast. I mean I forgot how fast a clean Mangrove feels. Now clean, I dried off in the shower.

Mangrove Conditioner Not Forgotten

Okay, you thought I was going to say that after rinsing I would apply Mangrove conditioner and rinse again. No Way! I dried off to light dampness and squirted Mangrove conditioner into my hands. Nope, not the hair yet, I lotioned my damp face and neck. With the remaining, I ran my hands through my short hair to apply Mangrove as a leave-in conditioner. I then pumped some more to rub on my dry elbows and my arms that are generally exposed to the sun and everyday environment. I love our Tortuga lotion for really dry spots, but Mangrove Conditioner is not only a remarkable hair conditioner for short hair, but it is a light lotion that does not feel heavy on my skin.

Afternoon Swim

I am a distance freestyle swimmer for health and exercise purposes. Sometimes I get to swim in salt water pools, but it is mostly chlorine or bromide pools. There is nothing more harsh to your hair or skin than a chlorine or bromide pool that you spend 30 to 60 minutes every day. My grey hair could look like straw, but it does not… you guessed it, Mangrove Conditioner.

In my pool bag, there is now a Mangrove Conditioner. I rinse off before getting into the pool and then work Mangrove Conditioner into my wet hair. On goes a Nike Swimcap for my laps. The Mangrove not only conditions my hair, but it keeps the chlorine from leaching my hair. After the swim, I rinse again I do a quick outdoor shower with Mangrove Shampoo. It is 100% biodegradable, so there is no harm to the environment where the shower runs off to and no huge suds. I add Mangrove Conditioner to my hair and jump in the hot tub to relax after my swim.

Shine my Shoes and Clean My Glasses

You would not believe all the things I use Mangrove Shampoo and Conditioner for every day. Before writing this, I did a quick wipe of Mangrove Conditioner on my Merrell leather clogs to give them a shine. Then I used Mangrove Shampoo to wash my grubby reading glasses. No streaks, clean and fast rinsing. Maybe I will look for a door hinge to lube up.

Click Here to Buy!

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The American Organic Hustle – Understanding The Misunderstood

VaporJelMy name is Bob Root.  I am one of the Keys founders and the chief scientist.  A customer contacted Keys Customer Service with three fundamental questions. The questions are mostly about being organic and safety as well as functionality. I have answers, and they might not be what you think.

First, What Does The USDA Say About Organic and Skin Care?

USDA certified organic foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines addressing, among many factors, soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, and use of additives. Organic producers rely on natural substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods to the fullest extent possible.  Skin care and cosmetics can have a USDA certification if the ingredients they use are the same as food that has been certified organic

● FDA does not define or regulate the term “organic,” as it applies to cosmetics, body care, or personal care products.

organic● USDA regulates the term “organic” as it applies to agricultural products through its National Organic Program (NOP) regulation, 7 CFR Part 205.

● If a cosmetic, body care product, or personal care product contains or is made up of agricultural ingredients, and can meet the USDA/NOP organic production, handling, processing and labeling standards, it may
be eligible to be certified under the NOP regulations.

● The operations which produce the organic agricultural ingredients, the handlers of these agricultural ingredients, and the manufacturer of the final product must all be certified by a USDA-accredited organic certifying agent.

Click Here to Download the FDA Document on Organic

Keys Customer Asked About Organic?

“I am delighted with the questions and order of the questions asked because I have waited a long time for the market to mature to understand my answers.” This will be one of the main subjects on my Joe Rogan Podcast.

Questions & Answers!

The Customer asked: “I am thinking of getting Keys MetaClean Healing Soap & Shampoo, it says there is >85% organic content, what is the rest that is not organic in this shampoo?”

Bob Response: “There is a reasonably simple answer here, but has more far-reaching implications because consumers have a perception that the meaning of organic equates to safety. Later for that.

One of the biggest consumer misunderstandings in skincare is that organic is not a synonym for safe. Safety comes in many forms including trusting the people who use the products you buy.

At core levels, an ingredient, like Avocado oil, can be purchased from a producer that has followed and been monitored by the USDA(United States Department of Agriculture). Wild-crafted ingredients like Shea Butter and high-quality beeswax cannot be certified as Organic because they cannot be traced through the process of where a plant comes from or how they are pollinated. It is pretty hard to trace the pollination path of bees through the jungle.

Technically, MetaClean is considered to be organic because it exceeds the 70% rule put forth by the USDA for skin care and cosmetics. Yes, a product can be USDA certified organic and still have 30% non-organic ingredients including water. We choose to list the true organic content as opposed to using a blanket statement that may or may not be true. So MetaClean has 85% organic ingredients and 15% wild-crafted. In this case, it is Shea Butter made by hand in Ghana by a women’s tribe that we have been buying from for nearly 15 years.

As to safety, there seems to be an impression that organic farms are safe, run by Hippies and use state-of-the-art equipment. People often opt to buy at a farmers market versus trust a new age supplier. That may be a bad decision.

To gain a USDA Certificate, it takes modern machinery and techniques to get certified. We love “wild-crafted” ingredients because they are hand-made and usually of the highest quality. Most often, they come from places that do not even know what a pesticide is and their religions or culture do not permit them to use pesticides. So, that farm on the California coast near the diesel truck stop and using 100-year-old rusted machinery lubricated with motor oil is organic and not safe. Most often they have spent more on their Organic Farm sign or Facebook page than they have testing their food for pollutants and pesticides.”

Whole versus Fractionated Ingredients

Customer Asked, “When you list on the right the vitamins/actions, are you indicating that the actual ingredient is providing those vitamins, for example, Avocado Oil gives Retinol vitamin or is Retinol separate from the Avocado Oil?”

Bob Response, “Great question and a good pick for an ingredient to use as an example! We opt to use only whole ingredients because of how pure forms interact. We use the term “Chemical-Free Skin Health” as a marketing term because fractionated and estered whole ingredients used in most skin care products are used to amplify the effects of the base ingredient. The product branded as Retinol is a powerful and violent product using massive levels of a particular type of vitamin A extracted and condensed into something that has immediate effects on the skin. The adage that if it burns and makes something red it must be working. Retinol, the brand, works in minutes and overnight. Is it better? To me, the answer is no because it harms.

Whole retinol in avocado oil has gradual effects improving the skin elasticity and tone over a much more extended period. Use it every day, and you will see a difference in a couple of weeks, and it is life-long if you keep using it. More important, the “Keys Challenge” has always been to see how long it takes before your friends notice a change.
So, quick results are quick but are they harming. That is the biggest question.

To answer directly, we do not separate ingredients into their constituent components; we appreciate what they do for you in their native form.

Product Safety Rankings

Customer Asked, “What is it in here that can be unsafe for some individuals since it is not complete 0 on safe scale.”

Bob Response: “I would never design, produce or sell a product that is knowingly not safe. I am an engineer who developed products for my wife suffering from the chemical after effects of Melanoma caused by prescription sunscreens, creams, and lotions. We make and design products that solve skin problems and make people feel good. Part of feeling good is knowing that I am here to ensure that my products are safe.

So, I suspect you are talking about the ranking on the EWG Skin Deep database. You should probably direct the question to them, and you might start by asking why Aloe Vera has a 3 ranking (if 100% natural).

The database is an excellent tool and has been abused by companies in the past selling just plain water to get a 0 ranking.  Also, the database is an accumulation of many databases. The EWG does not have its own broad spectrum testing program. I have long questioned the numeric ranking system versus a pass/fail system or a category ranking similar to the way California ranks restaurants. Where you have a choice of eating at an A establishment or not at a B

Thank you for your questions and taking the time to contact us.  I hope I have answered them to your satisfaction.  Bob

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Keys Deodorant? – Well Maybe!

A Keys Deodorant – If It Works For You!

For 15 years, customers have asked me to develop a deodorant. When I asked specifics, what they wanted was an antiperspirant. I may have unintentionally given them what they wanted.

About six months ago a young Keys fan texted me that he had been using our Skin-Aid as a deodorant and antiperspirant. I immediately corrected him that it probably would make a good deodorant, but was unlikely an antiperspirant. He quickly corrected me and said he noticed far less perspiration and he and his girlfriend loved the scent. Spicey and dry he said. So, I decided to try it and ask some of my beta testers.

It is hard to afford a blind study for a company our size, so you have to take into consideration that when I asked my beta testers if they would try Skin-Aid as a deodorant and antiperspirant that there is some built-in bias.

Before the results, I also analyzed the ingredients in our extract. They are very similar to Theieves® and some other natural remedies designed for skin disorders. Breaking down each extract in Skin-Aid, there were none that stood out as deodorizers or antiperspirant. The consensus is that only Aluminum Chlorhydrate is indeed an antiperspirant and used in most commercial products. A heavy metal, it works, but at what consequence? I did note that the combination theoretically could have some antiperspirant properties.

The results were mixed but leaned toward a ‘good’ deodorant and a ‘maybe’ antiperspirant. Universally, all suggested I write this finding.

SkinAid can make an excellent daily deodorant that seems to have some antiperspirant properties for some people. Sounds a bit like corporate FDA speak, but the results were worth noting as a maybe!

SkinAid is probably one of the most broad-spectrum products we make. The list for what it does for people grows daily. Being a deodorant/antiperspirant is icing on the cake. Hope this helps!


Buy Skin-Aid by Clicking Here.  Use code: SKINAID at checkout and save 10% off.  Coupon Expires February 5, 2019

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Keys New Online Super Store!

Keys has a New Super Store.

Visit and register to receive a $5.00 off discount on your first order. You must register or reregister on our super store because the new store has a much higher level of security, encryption, and ease of use.

Why? We realize last year that there was a significant demographic shift happening. Last year 85% of our customers purchased our website from a desktop or laptop computer. Over the last year, that number has flipped to 80+% of our customers purchase Keys products using a smartphone or tablet computer. What that meant to us was a need to redesign our entire store from the ground up around smartphone and tablet technologies while maintaining simple use on laptops and desktops. It was hard, but we are up and running.

Here are a few things you will notice:
• Simple and complicated interface
• Fast! processing and simplified checkout for Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones
• You can choose to save your credit card information. (not on our site, but called from Merchant Bank…Super Secure!)
• Ordering is 2X faster than before

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have saved our old store as a Bookmark, you will have to access the new store by entering in your browser or by Clicking Here.

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Parabens – They Are Everywhere

Parabens hiding in plain sight.

parabensWhen I started writing my book, Chemical-Free Skin Health, I thought I would mention Parabens as a side comment in the chapter on the Dirty Dozen Chemicals in most skincare products. Yes, about 95% of every skincare product produced has a bacteriacide that goes by many names. Most are listed on product labels as Methyl-Paraben or something with paraben in the name.

I was speaking at a conference and was attacked by a person in the audience because they claimed that parabens were not harmful in the small amount used in a product. True that most applications of this bacteriacide are in the 0.5% range and are useful in keeping mold and bacteria growth in check. Back to the incident, I responded that “the average woman uses between 20 to 40 products a day on her skin. Because paraben use is cumulative, that means that the average woman is exposing herself to 10%-20% parabens levels every day. They sat down, and the moderator of the discussion took a quick turn away.

The rub is simple. Parabens kill good and bad bacteria indiscriminately. That is in the bottle and on your skin. The MSDS (federal product safety document) requires a fully garbed and nitrile gloved worker also to wear a respirator if exposed to >2% paraben levels. Someone using 10%-20% level of parabens cumulatively is damaging the skin microbiome and affecting that person’s overall health.

Read more in Chemical Free Skin Health available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon

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Mangrove Hair & Skin Conditioner for Men

I was at a classic style barber shop in Mesilla New Mexico. Sort of a man cave with traditional services. After the cut and shampoo, my barber placed a hot towel on my face. Then to my surprise, he conditioned my hair and then moved to my face. Yes, he used the same conditioner on my face and hair. It felt good.  I asked him to see the conditioner bottle to look at the ingredient. Full of junk, but the core ingredient caused me to think about our Mangrove conditioner.

In keeping with the new writing trends, I tried conditioning my face and hair for a week with Keys Mangrove Conditioner. I wash my hair every day and generally do not moisturize much. Honestly, after a week, my hair looked great. Wendy commented that my skin looks better than ever. Now I am hooked on the combination of using Mangrove for my hair and face.

Mangrove Conditioner – Maybe a new trend for men.

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Calluses and Gluten Connection

I was attending a panel discussion at an industry event. A researcher from Finland showed a study connection calluses on feet, knees, hands, and elbows to people having gluten intolerance. The speaker did not offer any solutions other than avoiding gluten.

What was particularly interesting is that she did point out that it was a manifestation that covered those people with mild gluten intolerances as well as those with full-blown celiac disease. I asked her if there was a Psoriasis connection and she said there was, but not enough detail was available.

We have noted that both our Tortuga lotion and MetaCare have a semi-fast-acting effect on calluses and Psoriasis. We have seen and heard from our customers that eliminating gluten has reversed calluses. Initially, we thought that it was just the Tortuga or MetaCare. Now, we are wondering.

Any thoughts?

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Eczema – Getting Wise – It’s Probably the Chemicals in Your Life!

Eczema seems to be a catchall term for a lot of doctors. The cause is unknown, but some of us suspect chemicals in everyday products.

Bob Root – Keys Founder

Common culprits for chemically induced eczema are sulfates in laundry detergents, PEG (propylene glycol) in just about everything and parabens (a biocide in most products). So, what we have heard from our customers is that finding the cause of the skin irritation is much more important than giving it a name. Doc’s seem to want to name it so they can prescribe steroids and topical antibiotics. We find this seems to make thing worse with usually a fast relief and then a return of the irritation with a vengeance.

Our customers tell us that our MetaCare and RediCare do an excellent job of getting rid of the symptoms and keeping them away. The secret seems to be the Neem and Karanja oil we use along with high-quality ingredients. MetaCare is a nice soothing lotion, and RediCare is the same basic formula in a sprayable lotion that is good for larger areas.

The trick seems to find out what is bothering the skin. Sleuthing the cause is the best solution. Look to those laundry detergents that use sulfates and optical brighteners (phosphorus mostly). Most imported clothing has fire-retardants in them. Carpet cleaners also use sulfates.  Parabens in 98% of skincare products.

Getting Clean is more than what you eat!

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Bandage Test for Skin Disorder Causes

I am constantly asked how can you tell if a skin disorder is caused internally or from exterior attacks.  Here is how I do it and why my trick works.

Bob Root – Keys Technologist & Founder

The bandage test really works to help find the cause of skin disorders quickly. In our 15 years of research and development, we always keep focused on our mission to solve skin problems using natural remedies. Over the same period, we have seen time and again that most skin disorders are from exposure to chemicals in the environment or chemicals in conventional products.

Sulfate, parabens, PEG’s and the balance of the Dirty Thirty Chemicals are at the top of the list of skin disorder causes we have seen. The bandage test may not be 100% exact, but it is something I invented to help decide whether a skin disorder is internal or externally caused.

Band-Aid® Brand make a series of band-aids called Hydro Seal. It is available in just about every grocery store or drugstore. Here is how to do the test. Let’s say you have a rash that has been bothering you. Place a small Hydro Seal band-aid anywhere in the affected area. Follow instructions to create an excellent watertight seal. Then wait for a week and remove it. If it has diminished or gone away, something your skin is coming in contact with is probably the cause. Since the hydro seal has isolated to an area, the bandage test is usually very enlightening.

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Asymmetrical Dermatitis – Fact or Fiction

Asymmetrical Dermatitis is a common diagnosis for a skin disorder that appears on one side of a person or animal.  Fact, Fiction or catchall diagnosis?

A couple of years back I was attending an event at Capitol Drug Store in West Hollywood (WeHo) California. A mom stopped by because she heard I was going to be there as a part of my book tour. She showed me her little boy’s face. His left cheek was inflamed. She said she had waited weeks to see the dermatologist and he said it was asymmetrical dermatitis. He was given a bunch of creams and ointments to take that included steroids and antibiotics. One was Prednisone. She Googled the prescriptions and was horrified by the side-effects. She asked me my thoughts.

Rather than commenting on the birthday basket from the dermatologist, I asked, “Does your son sleep on his left side?” Yes, she said! “Do you wash his bedding with Tide with Bleach.” the look on her face was astonishing, and she answered, yes! I walked her to the back of the store an showed her a laundry detergent brand named BioKleen.

I asked her to wash everything in BioKleen and send me an email in a couple of weeks. Astonishingly (not) the asymmetrical dermatitis was gone.

Not my first time at this rodeo.

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PurPlay Condoms Safe

An actor friend called me to tell me her engineer boyfriend said he couldn’t use condoms with PurPlay. Why did I ask? He read somewhere that oil-based personal lubricants should not work with condoms. Not True!

PurPlay is avocado and coconut oil, not petroleum or chemical based. Petroleum oils have solvents in them that can degrade latex and other synthetic condoms. Not good to generalize. PurPlay oils do not deteriorate.

PurPlay® line of personal lubricants provide the highest form of sensitivity and work with the majority of condoms available. PurPlay Classic, PurPlay Surf, and PurPlay Astra use the same base lubricant.

Good to Go!

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Keys, Thievery Corporation and – An Unlikely Group.

Keys, Thievery Corporation and Cafe Cody – The Beginning

Every company has many stories of how it started and defining moments that changed the course of its history.  For us, Thievery Corporation and Cafe Cody were defining moments.

Every entrepreneur has good days, average days and some really bad experiences that teach, scar and modify you.  Creating defining moments mark course changes for everyone.  It is how we respond that separates us all.

Keys is no different, but with the caveat that we chase defining moments rather than avoiding them.  Change is good, so constant change must be better.  Innovation follows function, but form follows emotion.  Recognizing our core need to innovate and change, there are so many defining moments and we embrace all of them.

Thievery CorporationOne such story is our close encounter with the musical group Thievery Corporation and how they and a small internet radio station in Mallorca Spain altered the direction of our company numerous times.

So this story starts like all other Keys stories.

Boy high tech Silicone Valley CEO meets girl VP at Coca Cola.  They have a 3000 mile relationship, fall in love and run away together for a new life away from the corporate grind.  They plan their getaway to the Caribbean on a 85’ sailboat when a diagnosis of Melanoma changes their direction forever.

Keys was born in earnest to create products that Wendy could use to battle off the skin distress Wendy suffered from the chemicals in prescription products prescribed to her after her Melanoma surgery.  

Keys started over 15 years ago building natural skincare products with the help of many friends who advised, guided and helped in sometimes the simplest ways.  The advisors and advice were too numerous and great to single out just one.

So, in those early days we had developed four products that included Solar Rx SPF, Island Rx soap, Windsurfer soap and Tortuga lotion.  In our little factory, we employed manufacturing techniques from a combination of high tech and Coca-Cola.  We manufactured, shipped and designed everything ourselves.  All were chemical-free, vegan, gluten-free and completely whole natural. Our skincare factory resembled more of a food production process.  Rightfully, loyal customer adopted our products and we experienced good growth in our little niche market.  Many of this customers are still with us today and feel more like family.  

One of the early stories became the foundation of our close encounter with the music of Thievery Corporation and our long support of a little internet radio station in Mallorca Spain called

What is funny is the event lead to one of our fastest, most beloved and highest selling products.  Eye Butter was not born out of need, but more want.  So, here is that story.

Eye Butter and Thievery Corporation

One day, in our early days, a call came in form a industry supporter of Keys asking if we would like to present and be a part of an event in Hollywood for 300 Hollywood Makeup Artist.  Sponsored by the Environmental Media Association, the event launched us into many movies, TV shows and a very nice relationship with, then first lady of California, Maria Shriver.  

The answer to whether we wanted to participate in the makeup artist event was an immediate yes.

Circa 2006

As the story goes, the person on the other end of the phone said, “the only problem is that you need a product that will interest the makeup artists.   Oh Great!  The event is a couple of months away and we had no idea of what to design.   Wendy had used Tortuga for everything from a lip cream to eye cream.  She thought, we need an eye cream anyhow, so why not do that.

Years before, I had been to an industry trade show in New York City and ran into this wonderful woman from Ghana who had sent me samples of her Shea Butter.  There were several types and I was using the unfiltered unprocessed version for our Tortuga lotion and Solar Rx.  It was and still is the most amazing ingredient that we get from the tribe directly in Ghana.  Part of the problem with using it for an eye cream was that it’s color is grey and the amount I would have to use in an eye cream would make the product grey.  Not so desirable.   I remembered that one of the sample she sent was a beautiful yellow.  I dug it out of a cabinet.

It only took 10 or so tweaks to get the formula for the new eye cream.   After those experimental versions, I had enough to makeup just one jar to show our team.  We gathered around a big teak table that was our conference table and just about everything else work surface.   I popped the top and the smell of fresh cucumber stunned everyone.  The yellow color was perfect and the consistency excited everybody.   This would be it for our future eye cream and our entry pass to the Hollywood makeup artists event in Santa Monica California.  The event coordinator agreed that it was perfect and asked me to makeup 300 samples for their gift bag.

But what to call it.   We sat around the table throwing out ideas that got worse as we went on.  From the Coca-Cola influence, all Keys products have names that have some special meaning.  Tortuga, Island Rx etc became the naming standard for Keys.   So, just Eye Cream would not work.

I had filled the jar with a French pastry piping bag with a fluted tip to make it look more attractive.  One of our teams young son said it looked like butter and suggested Eye Butter.  Although we had been trying to bring cucumber into the name, Eye Butter it was.  We were running out of time.

So, I am an engineer with a predisposed opinion about everything.  When the event coordinator asked for 300 samples, I just assumed that it would be the full 15ml jar that I had showed them.  Little did I know that I was the only company that brought full size products to the event.

The event came and the opening speeches started as volunteers handed out the treasure bags for the makeup artists.   Being somewhat respectful, the makeup artists sneaked a peek at what was in the bag.  Almost everyone noticed the big Eye Butter jar and could not resist.  I am still friends with some of the makeup artists I met that day.  We still laugh at what happened next.

The makeup artist could not resist and as Amy Smart, the eco inspired actress began to speak, the artists dug into the bag and pulled out the Eye Butter.  Unbelievably, the room filled with that smell of fresh cucumber.  Everyone dipped into the jar and started to apply it to their eyes directly on top of their makeup.  It was controlled chaos.  The event coordinator was thrilled, but her east coast counterpart was perturbed at me and remains so to this day.

After my part, it took me over an hour to get out of the hotel.  The makeup artist had a million questions and a bunch of opinion of how it should be refined.  Great event!  It was the beginning of Keys in Hollywood, but it also was the beginning of our relationship with Thievery and Cafe Cody.

As I said, Eye Butter is consistently in the top 5 products we sell yearly.  Seasonally, it moves into the #1 position frequently.  Okay you say, but who is this Thievery Corporation and what is  More important, what do they both have to do with Keys?

The Thievery Cody Connection to Keys

My trip to California from our factory outside of Annapolis Maryland was bittersweet.   Yes, I was heading back home to LA ,but it would be alone and not with my pal and sweetie.  The reason was that just a few weeks prior to the event Wendy fell off a ladder and tore just about every ligament in her right ankle.   She would be relegated to cruising around the factory using an office chair as a makeshift scooter with ankle elevated.   No way could she fly or standup for even a few minutes at the event.

So, I was off to LAX.  It was a lonesome trip with the only upside that my 3 million miles on American Airlines scored me a first-class upgrade.   Walking out of LAX, I was greeted with the wonderful weather of the Southern California’s center of everything.  I gathered my boxes of samples and bag to head to the rental car agency.

When I jumped into the car, I decided to take the coast road to the Marina Del Rey Marriott hotel.  I arrived a bit early for check-in, so I got to hangout in the lobby.  That is when it happened.

The MDR Marriott is very trendy and contemporary.  Sitting in the lobby, I heard music like I never heard before.  It was an interesting combination of a downtempo beat, a bit of reggae with almost jazz scat singer vocals.   Determined to find out who the artist was, I went to the from desk and asked what the music was.  The front desk person said she did not know.  Out of character, I said, I need to know now!  I even shocked myself at my aggressive behavior.  Then I heard a voice from my side of the counter from an older hip looking guy.  He said, the music is called Chill and that is Thievery Corporation’s “Lebanese Blonde!”  He said there is also a guy in Mallorca starting an internet radio station and it is called Cafe Cody…   There are lots of artists including big names like Madonna recording the genre.  I thanked him and out of curiosity I asked how do you know.  He said he was with SONY music and was in MDR for meetings.

I have always believed in coincidences, but this one would turn out to be life changing for me, Wendy and Keys.

Excited, I checked into my room and called Wendy.  She thought I was insane as I tried to explain the music.  I spent the rest of the evening trying to listen to Cafe Cody.  Today, you can just click the link, but ten years ago it required all sorts of software and tweaking to listen.  It was internet bootleg music in the early days.

So I did the event and headed back east.  When I arrived, my first task was to get Cafe Cody up on our internet at the factory and broadcast it throughout.  It was an instant hit with every human, dog and cat at the factory.  Friends who visited became instant fans.  Chill music still plays in our offices with the factory listen on Chill-day which comes just after Outlaw Country Day.

The Story Continues

Clearly, when I hear Thievery’s Lebanese Blonde, I am immediately transported back to the MDR Marriott and that first encounter with Thievery Corporation.

Part of the irony of the story is that we have never been able to see them live and that is about to change.

Thievery Live!

It was not without trying, but we could never connect with Thievery live.  Even though they were based about 35 miles west of our factory in Washington DC, no matter the appearance, we were either out of town or torn away for business.  A couple of times we were close within a few hundred miles.  Once, we were scheduled to be in Las Vegas and Thievery was going to be at The Brooklyn Bowl, but we had to cancel.

The inspiration for this article is that a couple of weeks ago, Wendy received a marketing email from Thievery that they would be in Reno NV the 4th of September around Burning Man time and over the labor day weekend.   Hmmmm.  We both looked at each other and said yes!  It is only a four hour drive from Eugene where are new factory is located.  …and it would be nice to get away.  So Wendy began.  show tickets?  Got ‘em.  Hotel reservation on labor day??? Got ‘em

So here we go and will update you on what it was like for us to finally here Thievery live.

Are we crazy.  Well Yes, but it pays to be a bit crazy most of the time.  I just only wish that words could capture what Thievery and Cody have meant to us.  The music has sustained us through good time and not so good times.

Everyone at Keys is inspired by different things.  Two things we all share at Keys are a love of Thievery Corporation and   To both we are grateful and forever fans because they both have bright us meaning and have been a thread of normality for us.

It is just another story about Keys and one of the important ones.

Rememberin the past, living in the present and planning for the future.

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Apple – The Next Revolution in Healthcare & Wellness…A Keys Perspective

Apple – The Next Revolution is….

By Bob Root, Keys Founder and Technologist

Being insiders in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, it is clear that there are many severe problems with our healthcare systems.  Young greedy new doctors flock to rich suburbs to make their fortunes. Many 65+ year old’s bilking the healthcare insurance systems by treating their doctor visits as a new-age hobby.  Healthcare, en-mass, using TV commercials creating FUD…Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt…to drive people to take pharmaceuticals feeding the cycle of doctor to hospital to drugs to the casket.

Today, self-aware medical practitioners realize that the healthcare system treats the 60+ as expendable.  While many doctors are disturbed by this flaw in the system, they admit privately that healthcare in America is set to find cancer and then get every last dollar out of insurances to either cure or kill the patient.

According to AARP (AARP Study) the vast majority of Americans age 50+ (85%) say they have taken a prescription drug in the past five years, and three-fourths (76%) say they are currently taking at least one prescription drug on a regular basis.  Just watch the Weather Channel to see an unbelievable amount of pharmaceutical commercials flanked by lawyer adverts asking if you have been harmed by a drug or medical device.

In researching this article, I must admit that I slipped into a cross between depression from all the sickening stories of peoples’ lives being ruined to a mild case of hypochondria where I took on the symptoms of various maladies.

What To Do

I guess the easiest answer of what to do appears to be only two choices.  Either you bitch about the system in hopes of some Washington politico changing it or, like Apple, you change the game.  This article is about once such game changer and a very simple example of how it can be changed overnight.


We started Keys Care because of my sweeties bout with Melanoma.  The Mohs surgery saved her and the prescriptions left her skin a total train wreck.  We fixed her skin.  Visits to Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and Dermatologist are a way of life for Wendy.  Sometimes waiting 6 months for an appointment to have a 5 minute look by the doc to make sure that suspicious mole was benign.  Yes, it seems inhuman, but it is typical. Again, many docs are well intentioned, but they have no control over the required insurance process that rakes the patient over some hot sharp coals.


Funny use of a term to describe people.  To see a doc you must be patient?  Seems so!

Apple To The Rescue

When I saw the first Apple Watch with built-in heart monitor 3 years ago, I clearly saw the revolution starting.  I saw the same sensor reported to also be a blood glucose monitor that was quickly turned off because of heat from the medical community.  Yes, a heart tracker was okay for fitness, but leave doctoring to the doctors was a cry heard down many halls including the FDA.

The War is All But Over and Apple is the Victor

The invention of the Apple Healthkit enabling software is the nuclear hand grenade with the healthcare system holding the pin.  Envision a software that would let developers create apps that use the sensors and cameras on Apple devises to alert,  diagnose and schedule immediate treatment for disorders they detect.  I know, it is hard to imagine, so during the launch of the new Apple Watch 3 and iPhone X, I decided to create such a hypothesis to show how such a bold move would be possible.  Some quick searches of the web and to my surprise, my hypothesis is already in play.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the Glue

Elon Musk says that AI can destroy humans faster than a world war.  Probably true, but it can also change lives and save them as well.  Ultimately, AI will give way to intelligent neural networks, but what Apple has created is nothing less than the first true revolution in healthcare.

A Simple Example

Before I detail this my example, it is important to realize a couple of things.

  1. Any systems based on a database like medicine or law will be replaced by AI in the next 10 years
  2. My simple example below is one of tens of thousands possible uses of AI
  3. Denial is futile

Herein is a simple hypothesis based on Wendy’s life after Melanoma.

To reiterate, here is a true story that happened to her not too long ago.  She had a mole removed from her breast about a year prior to this incident.  She visited the dermatologist who took a biopsy a few days before Wendy had to travel on customer visits.  The report is that it is suspicious and the doc recommends to take another biopsy.  Her skepticism is a learned trait and she questions the doc intensely.  Revealed, it turns out that it was not that the biopsy was suspicious, it was that the test sample was flawed and they could not get a good reading.  This is not how the doc sold the need for another biopsy.  After all, they have to protect their own, don’t they.  So, now it is a 6 month wait to see a competent dermatologist for an appointment.  She opts to travel across country to Mayo Clinic.  Greeted by a suited doc, he whips out his binocular magnifier and before looking her over he reads her medical record.  Reading the chart first…Hmmmm he says, this one looks suspicious.  Wendy says WHAT?  He says we should cut this one out.  She says, you are looking at a flawed biopsy and we need to take another biopsy, not cut my TIT up.  She says, can we have a look at it with a Molescope.  He says, we have one, but my eyes are better.  Wendy walks out. 

I realized that at one point there were six doctors, two assistants and Wendy in the room.  I said the the receptionist, “now that was a fair fight!”

Now for what I see will happen in the near future…like next year!

I will use my iPhone 7 plus to take closeup pictures of moles and any regularities using a Molescope ll which I purchased on Amazon for $299.  This is the fun part for me!   We will upload the images that we also mapped onto her body locations. An AI programs scans the images in real-time looking both at a visible light picture and the thermal image as well.  In real-time it looks for irregular shapes and ‘hot’ moles.  In real-time it pops up a window with green lettering that says “nothing suspicious.”  Recommends a reshoot of certain moles in 6 months. 

6 months later I get to reshoot and upload again.  In real-time, a red window pops up with four suspicious moles that are now ‘hot’ and has grown irregularly.  Immediately a window pops up asking her a zip code for where she is now because the AI software knows she is constantly traveling.  She types in 92102.  The AI software pops up a screen that looks like  It says in a Siri voice, “Choose a date and time to schedule a biopsy.”  She says, speaking to Siri, “I see tomorrow at 2pm is open.  Can you book that.”  Siri says, “I have scheduled your biopsy and forwarded your medical records with the images and location for the biopsies.”  Siri, “Would you like me to book a car to pick you up?”  “Yes,” Wendy says. 

The next day the car arrives at 1:30p and she arrives 5 minutes before her appointment.  She thinks, “Funny, the place has no waiting room, no disinterested receptionist behind a shut glass window and there is a man that has an iPad that greets her.  “Hello Ms. Steele.”  Wendy says, “How did you know it was me?”  He says, “Apples new face recognition software identified you and brought your records up on the iPad.”  “WOW” she says. 

Wendy asks if he is a nurse.  He answers, “no, I am an engineer.”  He leads her into a room and asks her to sit in a chair that looks like something in a SpaceX capsule.  She says, “When will the doctor be in to do the biopsy?” He laughs, and says’ “The doctor is here.” As he points to a robotic arm.  Wendy actually relaxes because she is no stranger to doctors, but also is relieved that this robot has no ego. 

“So what is going to happen now,” she says.  He says, “I see you have four suspicious areas from the initial scan.  The robot will scan these suspicious areas again to see if the more high powered sensors confirm the scanned irregularities.”  The what?  “Here, watch this 2 minute video and at the end you can ask me any questions you have.”  She watches and has no questions.  It is all covered and she is now curious to get started.

The robot begins to work by first positioning its arm in front of her face.  Siri’s voice says, “I am scanning to make sure that you are Wendy Steele and will map the locations of the irregularities.”  Siri says, “Welcome Wendy Steele, I will start now.”   Siri starts and says, “Hmmmm.”  Wendy says “WHAT?”  Siri says, “Haha a bit of Siri humor!”  “Now relax, this will take about a minute.”  The arm swings to the first mole.  Siri says, “this one is okay.”  The arm moves to the next mole.  Siri says, “This one is okay as well.”  The arm move to the third mole.  Siri says, “This one does not look right and we will come back to it for a closer look.”  On to the fourth, Siri says, “This one is okay as well.”  Back to the third, the robot moves in close and relooks at the mole.  Siri says, “This one looks like a basil cell carcinoma and I would like to do a Mohs style biopsy.  Do you agree to the biopsy?”  Wendy says, “Yes, do I need to sign something?”  Siri says, “No, I recognize your voice print and you only have to say, I agree.”  Wendy says “I agree.”  The robot swabs a topical anesthetic, waits for 60 seconds and then injects a subdermal anesthetic. 

On the screen in from of her, a 4k video of an undersea adventure pops up for her to enjoy while she waits the four minutes for the anesthetic to take effect.  See Siri knows Wendy is a swimmer and the undersea video relaxes her while her favorite chill artists, Thievery Corporation, plays “Lebonese Blonde.”

The video ends and the robot swings in on the mole.  It uses a new form of Mohs surgery.  Rather then taking a biopsy and checking for clear cancer-free margins and then a larger biopsy plug, Siri tells Wendy, “I am going to take a dozen small needle biopsies around the mole where I think clear margins should be. Then I will use a small robotic knife the remove the mole and test it in real-time.  If all is clear, I will glue the site closed and you will be done.”

The process begins as Wendy strains to look away as her curiosity peaks.  Two minute and it was done.  Siri says, “Wendy you are done.  I have posted your calendar with a reminder to take another picture of the area next week so I can see that everything is healing properly.

20 minute start to finish and Wendy steps into the waiting car for her return ride with only a small dot bandage on her arm.  She thinks, a glass of wine would be nice.  After all, no big bandage with instructions to keep the arm elevated.  Yes, wine sounds good and asks Siri on her Apple Watch 3, “Siri, where is a good wine bar near me with Tapas?”  Siri says, “I like the Vampire Lounge on Santa Monica Blvd.  Would you like to go there?”  Wendy says, “Yes!”  Siri says, “I have loaded the destination on the cars CarPlay Maps®.  You will be there in 5 minutes.”

Far fetched?  NO!  …and yes it is coming soon.

The simplest way to describe it is when check engine light comes on in Wendy’s Corvette Grand Sport, she takes it to the nearest Corvette dealership.  They greet her, take the car, fix it and return her on her way in a matter of minutes.  All day, everyday.   Shouldn’t healthcare be the same?

Impersonal?  No way.  I would choose Siri over an intern doctor that probably has not slept in 18 hours and is being trained using 25 year old techniques.

Lastly, they say medicine is an art.  That’s NICE! I believe it needs to be a science and Apple is on its way to making it so.

The FDA has given Apple a Fast Track allowance.  Seems as though it is a pretty tame and low-end allowance though. We will see if Apple will go rogue.

A Bit of Advise!  Run Out and Buy Apple Stock Now!

When Wall Street gets its head out of its own proverbial healthcare ass and realizes what Apple has created, they will bail like fleeing rats from the healthcare systems ship.

Authors Note:  I have a vested interest in Wendy’s health and safety.  Her example herein is our story of how Tim Cook’s Apple will affect us personally.  I sat down for 30 minutes and typed on my iPad non-stop listing industries and markets the iPhone cameras, sensors and Apple Watch will create and enable.  The current heart monitor in the Apple Watch WILL save lives world wide.  Add AI and we can turn painfully slow experiences into instant experiences.  Apple’s Augmented Reality, Siri and Sensors in its products will revolutionize many industries.  Apple is no longer an entertainment company with Tweets, Facebook and picture sharing.  It will be the largest medical device company in the world in five years or less.  After all, it only took 2.5 years for it to become the worlds largest producer of watches…and now those watches an Apple are on the FDA Fast Track medical device program.



VaporJelAuthors Notes:  This article was inspired by Tim Cook at Apple.  During his keynote presentation introducing the Apple Watch 3 and iPhone X, there were numerous referrals to medical technology and health.  So, I decided to take a quick look at any and all advancements that related to our own healthcare scare.  Wendy’s Melanoma was a wakeup call that would not be forgotten.  I looked at the Apple Watch and iPhone technology as it relates to our skin.  It is a road to this article that was clear, wide, paved and well signaged.  It took me all of an hour to research and another hour to write. Imagine if I really dug deep into what is possible.  The next couple of years will be amazing!

Again, this is just one tiny segment of the medical market.  No brainer how impactful Apple will be.

Another fine point is how the Apple Watch has improved our daily health from just our Healthkit and Activity app mapping.  It is very interesting to monitor your heart and exercising.   Just beware the “Open Rings” syndrome…that in a future article.

Truth be told, I trust Apple with my medical information more then some local doctors office


Bob Root is a former Silicone Valley Tech CEO and is the founder of Keys Care and Applied Alchemy products companies.  He is a member of the World Future Society and has briefed military and business leaders on the use of mesh network nanobots, neural networks, AI drones and advanced AI medical systems.  He is an author and speaker of diverse futurist subjects.

Disclaimer:  Bob was affiliated with Apple in the early days of the Macintosh and was a vendor to Apple while in Silicon Valley.

As always, this article is the thoughts and view of Bob Root and not that of Keys or Orion Learning Intl., inc.

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SmallFlower Interviews Bob Root, Keys Scientist & Founder About Probiome

Smallflower Chats with Bob Root of Keys Natural Skincare & Beauty (Probiome)

Keys Natural Skincare & Beauty (Probiome) was born after co-founder Wendy Steele was diagnosed with and beat melanoma. The cancer was gone, but she was still dealing with some nasty side effects on her skin – itchy, irritated patches that were just made worse by sticky sunscreens. Her then-boyfriend (now husband) Bob Root decided to take matters into his own hands and researched the work of everyone from Harvard MDs to aboriginal healers.

The products that Bob developed for Wendy worked great for her, so together they decided to start manufacturing for the public. We sat down with Bob to discuss their products, how the company got started, and his best advice for people looking to switch to natural skincare.

Smallflower: The Keys story starts with Wendy’s bout with Melanoma and her struggles with ineffective treatments for the subsequent skin troubles. As you were first working on products with Wendy, when did you realize that you were on to something bigger than a one-off personal solution?

Bob Root: Wendy’s Melanoma came at a time where our core business was brand marketing consulting for major tech and pharmaceutical companies.  I shared prototype products with the pharma people and they encouraged us to develop the first four products.  We sold online only, and the big break came in 2007 when Consumer Reports Magazine ranked Solar Rx number one in its category.


At the same time, the Environmental Working Group ranked Keys’ four products number one in each of their respective categories.  Now at 43 products, we continue to have the safest ratings on the EWG.  This series of events caught the attention of over 500 retailers which increased the brand awareness.  Over the years, we’ve continued to work with integrity, avoiding high-volume big-box store lures.

“Probiome is a Keys-registered trademark for products that restore the balance on the skin by creating formulations that promote good bacteria growth on the skin”

S: Can you briefly describe the Probiome line and name, where the idea came from, and where you think probiotic and microbiome-friendly products are going to go over the next few years?

BR: Ten years ago, I became a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Microbiome Project.  The project discovered that our skin has 10 times more bacteria than human skin cells. Creating a balance is what Probiome means.

Parabens and Triclosan destroy good and bad bacteria collaterally.  This imbalance allows bad bacteria to attack the skin.  I firmly believe that greater than 50 percent of diagnosed skin disorders are caused by products containing parabens and triclosan.Probiome is our registered trademark for products that restore the balance on the skin.  We do this with formulations that promote good bacteria growth on the skin, similarly to how probiotics restore the flora in the gut. The difference is that gut flora can be promoted by adding breeder bacteria.  Skin needs an environment that attracts natural growth of the skin flora.

Natural instead of conventional is a good first step.  Natural oils that promote growth is the real answer.  Our products are the real deal, because they use the right ingredients of the highest quality and in therapeutic proportions.

S: For someone who is new to natural skincare products, what’s the single best piece of advice you can give them?

BR: Read the label – if you can’t recognize the names of the ingredients, don’t buy it. Find a manufacturer that you trust implicitly.

Also, vote with your wallet.  It will change the world faster than donating to Non-Governmental Organizations.  Manufacturers follow the money.

S: If there was one currently popular skincare ingredient you could get banned, what would it be and why?

BR: Parabens!  FDA recently banned Triclosan.  To brag a little bit, my book helped a lot to polarize the FDA.

S: Are there any upcoming projects you’re excited about, that you can give us some hints about?

BR: Our Alternative Naturals line has very deep potential.  Basically, the initial challenge was to replace petroleum jelly with a jelled avocado oil for the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS).


It blossomed into a series of products that offer a non-petroleum jelly carrier for solution-oriented products.  So we will continue to replace the top ten used solution-oriented products that have petrolatum as its carrier with AvoJel.

Another hot project is bio-based 3D printing of skin cells as a catalyst for age-reversing skin repair.  It’s really out there, but it’s where I’m headed.  It’s more than anti-aging, it’s un-aging.

S: What’s one Keys product that nobody should be without?

BR: For anti-aging, Solar Rx. We use no chemical sunscreens, only pure uncoated zinc oxide in a natural lotion base. Solar Rx is for those who want to avoid the extreme aging effects of UVA and UVB on a daily basis.

This is a reprint of the Small Flower article.  You can Click Here to go to their site.

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Congrats America! You Did It. You Voted With Your Wallets

You Voted With Your Wallets!  Natural Products Are Mainstream in Grocery Stores.

In my book, “Chemical-Free Skin Health®” I suggested that the fastest and best way to bring about change in Natural Products was to buy products that were pure and clean. Voting with your wallets. Boycotting the junk also sent a huge message.  Well, you did it.  The result is that not only have you put natural products front and center on store shelves, but you have convinced major brands to return to their roots by offering natural wholesome and clean products.

walletsI recently read a draft report by a research firm that specializes in retail store trends.  They noted in a recent study that many mainline brands like Campbell soup have initiated and brought out new natural brands that are simple and wholesome alternatives.  Campbell’s “Well YES” brand was singled out as an example of how many brands have shifted back to simple foods.  Same was noted for personal care.

walletsI decided to do something totally out of character.  I went to a Kroger Fred Meyers store in Newport Oregon and just walked the aisles.  This store has a natural products section, but it was very apparent that all the food aisles were focused on natural products.  As a point of reference, when a retailer puts products at eye level and easy to grab, that is what is called “First Position” meaning that it is priority.  Walking the soup aisle, Amy’s and Campbell Well Yes were front and center.  The jam and peanut butter section was even more noticeable.  Traditional brands like Skippy were bottom shelf with Jason’s, Smucker’s Natural and other pure brands were front and center.  The rest of the store was the same as was the conventional health and beauty aisles.

So, you did it.  You voted with your wallets and sent a message to the manufacturers that you wanted a change and they responded.  Good on you and good on them for listening.

I must also say that I hope you have learned a lesson that your voice works, but a voice that speaks directly to those that can make a change.  The manufacturers!  Stop wasting your money by donating to those that claim to be trying to change the government to protect us all from the evils of bad manufacturers.  Keep your dollars in your wallets and spend them on products that are good for you.  Trust me, funky questionable products that sit on the shelf get discontinued quickly by retailers that see them gathering dust.  Those manufacturers that get their products returned because no one is buying them speaks volumes.  Always, always, Vote With Your Wallets.  It works every time.

walletsWhen we started 15 years ago, Keys promoted natural functional products that solved problems and make people feel good.  We said, “and by the way, they are natural.”  Today we still market the features, benefits and advantages of our natural products.  Because of the natural products food movement, we now have a huge following by people wanting to solve their skin disorders with natural products.  We are celebrating the turnaround…or really the return to natural.

I guess a simple message is that the P&G’s of the world are really not so bad.  They just follow the money.  If you ask for junk, that’s what you get.  If you ask for good, that’s what you get.

So leave your money in your wallets.  Spend it wisely on products that you know what is in the container.

Congrats!  You just learned how powerful you and your wallets can be.


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Cold, Flu Bronchitis? Keys VaporJel To The Rescue!

VaporJelBronchitis Sucks. Keys VaporJel To The Rescue!

In the not so long ago past if you wanted some fast relief from congestion you took the vapors from Smelling Salts. The problem was that you would have been killing your lungs and smell nerve receptors.  Keys VaporJel is the updated natural solution!

Be Careful Using Old Remedies

Long long ago, people sought relief from chest and respiratory issues using a small bottle kept in the purse or pocket. They were called smelling salts. Often people would take a snort to clear their heads of the fuzzies as well as helping with the symptoms of colds, the flu and tough to solve bronchitis. Unfortunately these little bottles could kill you because they we made from ammonia.

It seems like all sorts of respiratory ailments are coming year round these days. Keys VaporJel may be the fast fix to recovery.   VaporJel is our avocado based jel with menthol, camphor and eucalyptus. Spread a little on your chest at night and a dab under the nose during the day to open up your air passages and release congestion.

My VaporJel Santa Fe Experience

For the holidays, I flew from sea level, 80% humidity and 80º F to Santa Fe which is at 7,000 feet, 20º F and nearly 0% humidity. I think the airplane introduced a bug and a few days into my trip, I thought that I was having altitude sickness.   It turned into an obvious bout with bronchitis. Vapor Jel to the rescue. I remember my grandparents and their little smelling salts bottle. So I tried the same thing with VaporJel. I opened the jar and took in a deep breath. I felt instant relief from the burning chest sensation.   I decided to put some on a wash cloth soaked with hot water. Better! Then I started to apply it under my nose and the relief was longer lasting. At night, I rubbed it on my chest which helped me sleep.  Relief!

Go VaporJel! You Rock!

Now, VaporJel will not cure bronchitis, but it sure helped with my symptoms.

Avocado oil based, natural stimulants that work without petrolatum and chemicals!  Providing natural relief.


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Keys Celebrates Ten Years With News – OTC & New Director of Sales

Press Release:

Keys Plans OTC Natural Product Line

Taps Industry Veteran To Innovate Sales Effort.


Today, Wendy Steele, Keys CEO announced that the Keys brand of skin care products is planning to expand into the OTC (over the counter) segment with a line of natural remedies.  She also announced an expansion of Keys brand sales efforts to strengthen the move into OTC by tapping an industry veteran as their new Director of North American Sales.

wendy_glowWendy Steele offered, “Keys celebrates its 10 year anniversary by innovating new products and augmenting our sales efforts.  This is a back to the future moment for the Keys brand.  Keys products have always been functional.  Our products have solved skin problems for our customers and made them feel good since we began the Keys brand.  The natural products industry has become a strong part of everyone’s lives in the nutrition and supplements area.  It is time for natural skin care to become a part of this OTC market segment.  As industry innovators, we are taking the first major steps instigating a needed change.”

In the next few months, Keys will introduce new products that are designed to replace many familiar conventional brands with naturally derived extract based products.  These natural OTC innovations are designed to mimic the mainstream products with functional natural solutions.  Steele added, “We have ten “Back-Country Medicine” products in the pipeline based on our own natural extracts developed in cooperation with Applied Alchemy, Inc.  Each product combines extracts that we have developed in our laboratories with natural whole essential oil combinations to solve skin problems.  Examples are a chemical-free broad spectrum natural insect repellent and skin conditioner that will compete with Avon’s Skin So Soft and a first-aid spray that will be a natural alternative to Bactine.”

New Keys Sales Leadership

AnneWendy Steele also announced today that supplements industry sales veteran, Anne Otis will join the Keys brand as its new Director of North American Sales.  Otis is a 13 year sales professional joining Keys from the natural health industry.  Steele added, “We are thrilled to have Anne join us because she is both a practitioner and sales expert in the business of building a solution oriented sales channel.  Over the last ten years, I have watched the natural health industry grow and mature while the skin care portion has become a scent focused daily discounter commodity industry.  We want to grow and support retailers who are trusted advisors to their community and who compete with green washing big box and luxury natural market stores.”

Anne Otis is a 13 year sales veteran who has her masters degree in nutrition.  Anne offered, “There are natural markets, co-ops and natural practitioners that have stayed the course of offering their customers resources, knowledge, information and trusted personal advice.  Keys has always been a brand offering natural remedies and solutions.  As we innovate new products, it is my charter to innovate the sales channels.”

Wendy added, “Anne’s charter is to grow our sales systemically by focusing our resellers on the features, benefits and advantages of the Keys brand and the new OTC products coming soon.  We want to support resellers who are trusted advisors in their communities with products that the big box and glamour retailers cannot get.”

Orion Learning International Inc. was established in 1999 as a marketing and consulting firm focused primarily on the pharmaceutical and technology industries.  Clients include companies like Pfizer, Qualcomm and other advanced thinkers.  The Keys brand was a spinoff based on Wendy Steele’s successful defeat of Melanoma skin cancer.  The company has been innovating solution based functional natural skin care products since 2005 and is credited with numerous “firsts” in the industry.

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Super Lice – RediCare Works!

Bob Root Keys Scientist – Founder

There are reports all over the US of a resistant strain of super lice that are not controlled by convention lice treatments.  I have been aware of this for a couple of years, but without scientists raising the warning flag, my words have fallen short.

Our customers have reported that our RediCare is not only highly effective at repelling initial lice infestation, but also kills the lice.  Customer reports are that RediCare works where other treatments did not.  Frankly, we have not been able to find a study group where they are willing to test natural alternatives because most of the research is sponsored by large companies trying to prove their product works.  We have not been able to find any research project that is university internally sponsored.

My theory is unique of why RediCare kills lice.  Simply, it appears that because RediCare uses various oil types to mimic the skins own sebum that it actually suffocates the lice.  I am told and have researched that lice breath through their exoskeleton.  It is plausible that RediCare does clog the exoskeleton of lice leading to their extinction.

In short, RediCare works and our customers tell us that it rids lice and repels them.

What is also interesting is that it is not uncommon to hear that a product works with some mutations and not others.  So far, in the last three years, we have only heard positive results using RediCare for lice.  Important is that the reported states for the super lice are also states that we have heard of success using RediCare.

Below is the article from the Telegraph in the UK.  Once the study is released, you should hear more about this in the news.




Super head lice warning as scientists discover almost all species are resistant to treatments

Scientists report that lice in at least 25 American states have developed resistance to over-the-counter treatments still widely recommended by doctors and schools.

Doctor Kyong Yoon, of Southern Illinois University, said: “We are the first group to collect lice samples from a large number of populations across the United States.

“What we found was that 104 out of the 109 lice populations we tested had high levels of gene mutations, which have been linked to resistance to pyrethroids.”

licePyrethroids are a family of insecticides used widely indoors and outdoors to control mosquitoes and other insects. It includes permethrin, the active ingredient in some of the most common lice treatments sold over the counter.

Dr Yoon said that the momentum toward widespread pyrethroid-resistant lice has been building for years. The first report on the development came from Israel in the late 1990s.

He became one of the first to report the phenomenon in the US in 2000 when he was a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts.

Dr Yoon said: “I was working on insecticide metabolism in a potato beetle when my mentor, John Clark, suggested I look into the resurgence of head lice.

“I asked him in what country and was surprised when he said the US.”

Dr Yoon tested the pests for a trio of genetic mutations known collectively as kdr, which stands for “knock-down resistance” which were first found in house flies in the late 1970s after farmers began using pyrethroids rather than DDT.

He found many of the lice did indeed have kdr mutations, which affect an insect’s nervous system and desensitise them to pyrethroids. Since then, he has expanded his survey.

In the most recent study he gathered lice from 30 states and discovered that samples from 25, including California, Texas, Florida and Maine, had all three genetic mutations associated with kdr making them the most resistant to pyrethroids
Dr Yoon says that lice can still be controlled by using different chemicals, some of which are available only by prescription.Samples from four states – New York, New Jersey, New Mexico and Oregon – had one, two or three mutations. The only state with a population of lice still largely susceptible to the insecticide was Michigan. Dr Yoon said why lice haven’t developed resistance there is still under investigation.

But he added: “If you use a chemical over and over, these little creatures will eventually develop resistance.

“So we have to think before we use a treatment. The good news is head lice don’t carry disease. They’re more a nuisance than anything else.”’

The findings are due to be presented at the 250th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society.

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Glucosamine HCL + Chondroitin Sulfate Might Be As Effective AS NSAID’s For Dogs & Humans

Glucosamine HCL Information

bob_topazBelow is a blurb from the Natural Products Association released this morning about the use of Glucosamine HCL as a pain reliever.

We have known for quite a while that our customers using our KODA Proflexoil for their dogs have noted a reduction in pain and symptoms for joint problems.  Below are the results of a NIH study that confirms in trials that using this natural combination appears to be as effective as NSAID’s like Celebrex.  We have been against Vet’s prescribing NSAID’s, but have not had the research trials to be able to offer factual results.  Even though this study is for humans, the biological systems of dogs and humans are very similar because of their millennial symbiosis.  We are happy to read this study as it confirms our own observations.


Chondroitin sulfate plus glucosamine works just as well to ease the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis as anti-inflammatory drugs, according to study results published in the journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the Western world, and the knee is the joint that gets hit with it most frequently. Osteoarthritis is expected to become the fourth leading cause of disability by 2020, write the study’s authors.

Because the non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) often used for arthritis can themselves cause serious gastrointestinal and cardiovascular effects, scientists have been hunting for alternatives for years.

Koda-logo-w-puppyThe recently completed trial, called the MOVES trial (Multicentre Osteoarthritis InterVEntion trial with Sysadoa) was conducted in Europe among a group of 606 patients with primary knee osteoarthritis and moderate to severe pain who were recruited from 42 centers in Spain, Germany, France and Poland. A multidisciplinary team of investigators including rheumatologists, orthopaedists and primary care physicians participated. In the double-blind, randomized, multicenter, parallel group trial, patients were given pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulfate (1200 mg/day) and glucosamine hydrochloride (1500 mg/ day) or 200 mg of celecoxib (an anti-inflammatory drug) daily for six months.

Visit The Proflexoil Page Here

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Safe Cosmetics Campaign & Keys – Red Lists

safe cosmetics logoKeys was an early supporter of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  As a Champion Company for the Campaign, we have promoted the Dirty Dozen and later, Dirty 30 chemicals that you should avoid in your skin care and hair care products.   Safe Cosmetics has recently done a great job of updating their website and social media efforts.  What we are especially pleased with is that they have come up with a great visual reference of what chemicals to avoid based on product function.  These icons are easy to read and quickly give an idea of what to watch out for.  Below are the icons that you can click to enlarge.


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”4″ gal_title=”Safe Cosmetics”]

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Balding? Hair Re-growth? – Keys Island Rx!


Keys Island Rx May Be The Answer

by Bob Root, Keys Scientist

As a natural products company we are not allowed to make claims unless we follow a clinical trial process.  We are able to report what our customers tell us.

It was not to far after we began that we started to receive comments and testimonials about how our Island Rx promoted hair growth in both men and women.  For the longest time we believed that it was the process of our customers getting off of conventional shampoo and switching to a natural alternative.  Made sense to us, but for years, mostly men, claim that their hair grows more using Island Rx Liquid soap as a shampoo.  We decided to dig into the formulation and also make some theories of why it works for our customers.

So, here is what we know reading as many papers and studies that I could get my hands on.

Island Rx Liquid Soap
Island Rx Liquid Soap

To over simplify, conventional shampoos have a large amount of Sodium Laureth (Lauryl) Sulfate or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate.  These are commonly referred to as SLS or ALS.  A number of studies I have read track back these chemicals to causing inflammation of the scalp pores.  Hair is a protein extruded through a pore.  The theory is that when hair pores become inflamed, the size of the pore is reduced and the hair gets thinner.  This made sense to me because hair near  a balding spot seems thinner.  As the pores close down, the air stops growing

Balding is a form of alopecia.  So when you think this way, many of the suggestions of how to treat the disorder also makes sense.  It is worth Googling and also reading a article here on Clean Green Cafe titled Kyle to Keys! My Hair is Growing!

So, just about everywhere you read, the articles recommend switching from a sulfate based shampoo.  That seems to slow and even stop hair loss for many.  But why are our customers claiming hair regrowth.

Under The Hood

I decided to try to break down our Island Rx formulation to see why it might be working to stop and in some cases reverse hair growth.  In Kyle’s story above, he used MetaClean and yet, most of our customer testimonials refer to Island Rx.  In truth, the base soap we developed for Island Rx is the same as MetaClean.  I started my analysis by looking at our base soap recipe.

A true Castile soap is Olive oil saponified using a alkaline substance.  Castile soaps came from the Castile region of Spain 500 years ago.  They would mix olive oil and the ash from a wood fire to make a soap that cleans.  The problem with these soaps and ones made like it today is that they are very alkaline to a point where some are harsh.  The quest for soap makers is to use up as much of the alkaline substance to keep the alkalinity lower.

When we started, I experimented with hundreds of recipes, I started to replace the olive oil with other “softer” oils.  Eventually I got to the recipe we use today which has olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and Jojoba oil.  Typically the alkalinity is as high as 11.5 pH for Castile soaps and mine is about 8.5pH.  Thinking about why this might be important, I realized that it was probably more the type of oils I was using, but I did read that a mild alkaline rinse on the head is recommended for alopecia and therefore for balding.  I also read a number of articles exclaiming that the properties of coconut oil do help hair growth.

I also found some articles talking about raw avocado oil containing a natural retinol which aids hair growth.  I have known and promoted Island Rx to slow fade sun/age spots because of the retinol in avocado oil, but I really did not know about retinol effecting hair pores.  Yes, our Island Rx contains raw avocado oil that is put into the recipe after  the soap making process.  I originally did this as a conditioner humectant for the hair because Castile like soaps do make hair feel waxy.  This is why our Silkin is so popular because it is not a Castile soap and it more resembles conventional sulfate shampoos but without the SLS or ALS.  So, that raw avocado oil is an add to the equation.

As I read more, I zeroed in on each component as if it was the only ingredient.  Clary sage has tons of articles written about how it is used for hair growth.  Blood orange essential oil also has a number of purifying and clarifying articles written about it.  Both are listed in ancient Chinese medicine journals as having cleansing and antibacterial properties.

My Conclusion

All of the above!  It really appears to me that the reason that Island Rx liquid soap has so many fans is that it just works for them.  Each ingredient I looked at has some properties for hair growth.  My guess is that by combining them to make our first soap, the recipe just works.  Sorry, I hope to be able to figure out why so maybe i could make something even more powerful for hair growth.  Nothing stood out, but I am working on a amped version of Island Rx to see if I can speed up the process.

Stop Read!

Slowing, stopping balding and hair regrowth takes time using Island Rx.  Customer reports range from noticing less hair on the pillow in a couple of weeks to hair regrowth in a couple of months.  It is very important to not use any other products on your hair unless it is natural…completely natural.  If you use a pomade, change to raw natural coconut oil as a conditioner and styler.  Our Mangrove conditioner works well and will also facilitate regrowth because of the avocado oil.  Do not use conditioners or products contain silicone (dimethicone)  Go clean!  No Junk Please!

Why More Men?

This one eluded me until my wife and boss, Wendy Steele, pointed out the obvious.  “Women have log hair as a rule and Castile soaps and Castile-like soaps (Island Rx) are very hard to manage after washing.  Men typically have shorter hair and are not bothered with Island Rx.  In fact, most men use Island Rx Liquid soap head-to-toe.”  A small amount of research bore out the theory as men with long hair do not like Island Rx as a shampoo and women with short hair are not bothered by it either.  So, using Island Rx for short balding hair seems to work according to our customers.

There you have it.  It Just Works!

I you are interested in trying Island Rx, Click Here to go to the Island Rx Liquid soap page.  At checkout there is a box to add a code for a discount.  Use RX15 in the box to get a 15% discount as incentive to try it.  The Code entry box is just below the Cart Totals on the first page of the checkout.  Oh, make sure you hit the little arrow button to apply the discount code or the discount won’t work.

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Don’t Freak Out. Its Mostly Good Bacteria. Keys DIY

DIY Bacteria Handprint
Keys Bacteria Handprint

A Unique Keys DIY Way To Show How Your Childs Handprint Can Lead To Good Hygiene!

This is actually a great science project for kids to learn about bacteria in their environment.

Tasha Sturm at Cabrillo College posted this image on MicrobeWorld and I happened to see it.

Basically, Tasha took a sterile dinner plate and poured TSA (Tryptic Soy Agar) into it.  She then took her eight year old childs hand and pressed in onto the TSA.  She then let it culture.  I do not know for sure why she did this, but it impressed me that it was a great lesson for all of us why hand hygiene is so important.

Okay, here is the adult lesson we should learn from this.  The reason we do not use a bactericide like triclosan or parabens in our products is because this good bacteria keeps in check the bad bacteria like staph, MRSA etc.  If you kill off the good bacteria, science has shown that the bad comes back first.  Because the good returns fairly quickly, we often see redness and inflammation after people use hand sanitizes in stores and ones that they personally carry.  The redness disappears in a few days after the good bacteria has reclaimed its territory.  So, if you ever wondered why you should not use bactericide based hand sanitizers, here is the reason.

Keys Galleyon Antibacterial Soap
Keys Galleyon Antibacterial Soap

Our Galleyon uses a Castile base with Lakota Sioux spearmint essential oil to reduce overall bacteria levels without killing it.  Equally reducing bacteria levels also permits the good bacteria to ward off some viruses where totally eliminating bacteria offers a easy to invade environment.

We have about 10 times more bacteria on our skin than we have skin cells.  This friendly bacteria helps to protect our largest organ, the skin.

International agencies recognize that there are two forms of antibacterial properties.  A bactericide kills all bacteria indiscriminately and washing with soaps reduces bacteria significantly without killing it.  In other words, washing maintains the balance of good bacteria leading to proper hygiene.  Triclosan (antibacterial hand soap chemical) is like a nuclear weapon to both good and bad bacteria.  It is not a good thing.

This is really a big deal.  In my book, Chemical Free Skin Health®, the original draft had a paragraph about Triclosan.  By the time it was finished, I dedicated an entire chapter to how destructive Triclosan is to the skin.

So the moral of the story is, it is good to be clean, but not too clean.

You can Click Here to read an article I wrote a couple of years ago in association with our alliance to the Human Microbiome Project at the National Institutes of Health.  It is a not so nice story of a boy who was so void of bacteria that his skin, head-to-toe was in total disarray.  His pain was a wakeup call for many.

So, thanks to Tasha for such an interesting experiment to teach her child and us about bacteria in our environment.

So, as a Keys DIY, you can try this at home.  It is a great lesson to sound and old.



Note:  Chemical-Free Skin Health is available on our store or on Amazon in either paperback or Kindle formats

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Keys Congrats Ele Keats – Insidious 3 Movie Opens Big

Keys, A Big Fan of Ele Keats

incideousWe wanted to give a big Keys shout-out to Ele Keats who is staring in the movie Insidious 3 premiered in Hollywood this weekend.  Ele has a prominent part of the movie and we are so happy for her success.

Ele has been a fan, mentor, avid beta tester and dear friend of Keys and Bob & Wendy almost from the very beginning of our company.  She has been instrumental in guiding us into making a natural skin care product that could compete with conventional Hollywood makeup brands.  She has introduced Keys to so many people in Hollywood which has immeasurably helped us in our growth and success.

Ele, was the lead actress in the Indie film Snowflake and appears in numerous television commercials.  She is a true chameleon in that she can change her look and demeanor in a split second making her a very directable actor from one movie to the next.  We predict that you will see and hear a lot more from Ele.

Thank you Ele for all that you have done for us and we join everyone in wishing you even more success.  Enjoy the moment!

Click Here to read the article about Ele from a few years ago.

Ele has opened a store for her jewelry, so when in LA go visit.  Her is her information.


Ele Keats Jewelry
13028 San Vicente Blvd. Ste. 103
Brentwood, CA 90049
view google map »


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Help Us! Like and Follow Keys on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest

Keys tag line, “Ancient Remedies with Modern Technology” not only applies to our products.  It also applies to our business systems.  We strive constantly improve our delivery of content designed to help our customers make decisions about the products that they use.  The one thing that drives us most is creating shortcuts to get information to you easier and faster.  We are careful not to misuse your time by too many newsletters or redundant communications.

We need your help to make the next big jump in our communication technology.  Because of some new innovations at Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, we can send you snippets that will inform you without filling your email inbox with newsletters.

By liking or following us on Twitter and Facebook, you will receive short real-time notices of new articles, sales and other important communications.  Pinning us and following us on Pinterest will also provide avenues to information.

Over time, this will help Keys reduce the number of Newsletters from Keys.

So, please take a moment and Like and Follow Us…. Also, please tell your friends about us as well.



Click The Icons To Follow & Like Us On:

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Keys Solar Rx Tops EWG Sunscreen Report List – Reports Rodale (Prevention Magazine)


The Most Dangerous (and Safer) Sunscreens

Environmental Working Group (EWG) unveils its 2015 “Guide to Sunscreens.”


Trying to find the safest, most effective sunscreen used to be a real hassle. Sky-high SPFs might give you a false sense of security, and newer aerosol sprays could deliver harmful chemicals directly into your lungs. Luckily, Environmental Working Group (EWG) has taken the guesswork out of finding the best sunscreen, and today released its 2015 Guide to Sunscreens. We’ve listed some of the sunscreens rated best on the market in terms of both safety and effectiveness below.

Top-Rated Sunscreens From EWG’s 2015 Guide
• Badger Sunscreen, Unscented, SPF 30

• Keys Care Solar Rx Moisturizer, SPF 30+

 Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen, SPF 30

 Elemental Herbs All Good Kid’s Sunscreen, SPF 33

• Honest Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30

• BurnOut Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen, SPF 30

• Nurture My Body Sunscreen, SPF 32

• Raw Elements USA Eco Formula, SPF 30

• Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive, SPF 30

• Thinksport Sunscreen, SPF 50

EWG’s sunscreen report also ID’d what it’s calling the “Hall of Shame,” sunscreen products that are not only a waste of money, but also are potentially harmful. The organization recommends avoiding these sunscreens because they may contain oxybenzone, a chemical that can create abnormal changes in hormones. Some also contain retinyl palmitate, which could trigger damage and possibly cancer.

Others tout a superhigh SPF, which is basically a rip-off, since EWG says SPF protection tops out at 30 to 50. And still others contain harmful aerosols.

EWG’s Hall of Shame Sunscreens
• Banana Boat Clear UltraMist Ultra Defense MAX Skin Protect Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 110
• Coppertone Sport High Performance AccuSpray Sunscreen, SPF 70
• Coppertone Sport High Performance Clear Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 100+
• CVS Clear Spray Sunscreen, SPF 100
• CVS Sheer Mist Spray Sunscreen, SPF 70
• CVS Sport Clear Spray Sunscreen, SPF 100+
• CVS Wet & Dry Sunscreen Spray, SPF 85
• Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Sunscreen Body Mist, SPF 70
• Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray, SPF 100+
• Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray, SPF 70
• Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray, SPF 85+
• Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 100
• Coppertone Sport High Performance Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 100
• Coppertone Sport High Performance Sunscreen, SPF 75
• Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55
• Coppertone Ultra Guard Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70+
• CVS Sport Sunstick Sunscreen, SPF 55
• CVS Sun Lotion Sunscreen, SPF 100
• CVS Sun Lotion Sunscreen, SPF 70
• Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Daily Liquid Sunscreen, SPF 70
• NO-AD Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 60
• NO-AD Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 85
• Ocean Potion Protect & Nourish Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70
• Banana Boat Clear UltraMist Kids Max Protect & Play Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 110
• Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70
• Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55
• Coppertone Kids Wacky Foam Foaming Lotion Sunscreen, SPF 70+
• Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70+
• Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55
• Equate Kids Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55
• Kroger Baby Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70
• Kroger Kids Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70
• Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Beach & Pool Sunblock Spray, SPF 70+
• Up & Up Kid’s Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55

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Keys DIY – Makeup Remover

tortuga-featured-imageThis is a simple Keys DIY to cleanse, remove makeup and moisturize in one-step.  My friend the Broadway actor told me that she uses Keys Tortuga Lotion as a makeup remover for her heavy stage makeup.  So, I figure that this will work for everyone else wanting to remove makeup on a daily basis.

Tortuga will not only remove even waterproof makeup, it cleanses the skin and moisturizes before bedtime.

This is fast and easy.

Keys DIY – Makeup Remover
Recipe Type: Cleanser Remover
Cuisine: Natural Skin Care
Author: Bob Root
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1tsp
Use Tortuga to remove makeup, cleanse the skin and to deep moisturize
  • 1 tsp Keys Tortuga Lotion
  1. Pump Tortuga lotion into the palm of one hand
  2. spread evenly all over the face, lips and around the eyes.
  3. Let stand 1 to 2 minutes
  4. Wipe off with a soft tissue
  5. Rinse with cool water
  6. Let air dry or pat dry
You may have to use more Tortuga on eyelashes where a encapsulating mascara has been used. This includes mascara like Kiss-Me. For these, you can apply the Tortuga, let sit and then pull the tubes off of the lashes using very light pinch and pull technique.[br][br]You can reapply Tortuga to the lips after cleansing to help with chapped or chemically dried lips.
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Keys KODA Products Help with ACL/Joint Issues in Small Dogs

Keys KODA LifeTrace, Proflexoil and Omega life supplement joint and ACL issues in small young dogs. Add a Paleo diet and long walks extends their lives.
jasper-table_2There has been a lot of chatter recently about young small dogs needing ACL and knee replacement surgery.  Around the age of 10, our Bichon Disney had to have a knee replacement after chasing is cat sister.  The vet suggested both knees and I thought that I would like to let him rest between replacement, so we had the worst knee replaced.  Then I started him on a human type regimen to strengthen the ailing knee.  To my surprise, after 6 months, he was no longer favoring the hurt knee.  After 10 months, he no longer needed the knee replacement.  Until he passed a few years ago at 17, he never had a knee problem again.
What I did for Disney was to get his diet changed to more of a Paleo style with no gluten.  I supplemented his filtered water with a product called ConcenTrace that added back in the minerals stripped out filtering his water.  Then I supplemented his food with Glucosamine HCL (not sulfate) and Collagen using a human product called Glucose One.   Walking him a few miles a day not only strengthened his knees, but I believe lengthened his life by a few years.
Much of the reason we created our KODA line adding functional supplements to skin care was inspired by Disney.  So we continue to pay homage to Disney by helping other dogs with similar issues.
Please keep in mind that dogs have had a symbiotic relation with humans for thousands of years and their system have evolved to mirror humans.  So, generally speaking, what works for human works for dogs.
When we developed our KODA line, we polled Nationwide Insurance Pet Group to find the top ten reasons for vet visits.  Shin was a high percentage of the issues, but joint issues we masked in the report because most people believe that ACL and arthritis are age related.  They are, but people feeding gluten and watering their dogs with purified and RO water are contributors.  
lifetrace ionic Minerals for Dogs
lifetrace ionic Minerals for Dogs

Studies have shown that gluten/grains in a dogs diet have similar reactions as in humans.  Gluten in humans causes calluses and joint issues by creating inflammation.  Dogs are the same.

Purified and RO water robs the water of minerals which in-turn leach out minerals in the dogs body after drinking purified water.  The absence of minerals in the water creates a ionic neutrality that seeks out minerals to be whole.  
So, the thing to do which will also help weight loss are the following:
  • Put your dog on more of a Paleo style diet.  The lack of grain will aid in wait loss and reduce joint inflammation
  • Supplement purified and RO water with a mineral additive similar to our KODA LifeTrace.  It adds back in 76 needed minerals without sodium
  • Supplement with Glucosamine HCL and Collagen from even a young age.  Don’t wait until they are 10+ years old to use Glucosamine.  Make sure it is HCL and not sulfate, because the HCL also has Cox-2 properties.  We make a supplement called KODA Proflexoil that used daily will keep joint collagen levels at the max through all age groups.
  • Finally as a shameless plug, KODA OmegaLife is a fish oil replacement avoiding the high Vitamin A toxicity levels associated with real fish oil primarily seen in small dogs

Finally, our Bichon, Jasper had a serious bout of Blepharitis when he was a few months old.  It took some serious doses of Doxycycline and Prednisone to knock it down.  This course attacked his joints and we switched Japser to the regimen above and his knees have strengthend.  At the age of 5 (this August) he runs and chases his cat sister without issues that we saw when he was 1 year old.  So, it works.  Jasper also gets a minimum of 3 miles a day and often exceeds 5 miles a day when we are near a beach

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Keys DIY – Non Abrasive Facial Exfolient

tortuga-featured-imageMany years ago a Broadway actor taught me a trick using our Tortuga.  In those early days I did not know that most actors prefer not to use abrasive facial scrubs.  She told me that she uses our Tortuga lotion to exfoliate her skin by slowly massaging the lotion into her skin, letting it sit for 30 minutes and then lightly rinsing it off with cool water.

Try this recipe to remove the outer layer of dead skin on your face by emulsifying it with Tortuga Lotion and a simple massage with your fingers.  It really works and your skin will look radiant.

Keys DIY – Non Abrasive Facial Exfolient
Recipe Type: Facial Emulsifier
Author: Bob Root
This is a simple recipe to liquify surface dead skin and deep moisturize your skin.
  • 2, pumps Tortuga Lotion
  1. Wet you face
  2. Pump Keys Tortuga Lotion twice into the palm of your hand.
  3. Apply to your entire face using a circular massaging motion of your fingers.
  4. Massage the entire face spending extra time on dry areas.
  5. Keep massaging until you feel a buildup on your fingers. This is the dead skin emulsifying.
  6. Let sit on the skin for 30 minutes.
  7. Rinse with cool water.
  8. Air or pat dry.
  9. Done!
  10. No need to moisturize.
You may need more Tortuga if your face is extremely dry or you are in dry weather. You will start to feel the dead skin pill up under your fingers after a few minute of massaging.[br][br]Spread lightly around the eyes and avoid any deep massaging around sensitive delicate eye tissue.
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Keys DIY – Collagen Facial Scrub Exfolient

If there is one product that is the most asked for, it is an exfoliant scrub.  So, before I describe this DIY project, I first want to say that I do not like using abrasive scrubs on the skin.  To me, scratching off that dead layer of skin can be done easier and better using something like our Tortuga lotion which emulsifies the dead skin layer.  I will describe the non-abrasive version in another DIY snipet.

gelatinThe trick of this moisturizing collagen scrub is to mix and use the product quickly.  The blend of the gelatin (aka collagen) abates the dead skin  The Luminos acts as a moisturizer and will emulsify the collagen to allow it to sink deep into the skin tissue.  The trick is to use the mixture quickly to get the exfoliating action and then let the mixture set for 30 minutes to an hour to super moisturize the skin.

Below is a simple recipe that has the greatest benefits and the least amount of damage.  I must admit that if you follow the instructions below, your skin will radiate and glow for three or four days until another layer of dead skin builds up.

Try this early in the morning on a Monday and see if people don’t ask you what you did over the weekend to look so refreshed.

Keys DIY – Facial Collagen Scrub Exfolient
Recipe Type: Facial Scrub
Author: Bob Root
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1 TBS
Using dry gelatin creates a mild abrasive scrub that exfoliates the skin and deep moisturizes.
  • 2, pumps of Keys Luminos
  • 1/2 tsp of Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin
  1. Pump the Luminos into your palm.
  2. Pour the Great Lakes Gelatin over the Luminos.
  3. Quickly blend the gelatin into the Luminos.
  4. Immediately begin working the mixture into your facial skin using a circular motion.
  5. Make sure your face is evenly covered and then lightly massage your entire face for a few minutes.
  6. Let stay on the face for 30 minute to an hour.
  7. Rince off with cool water.
  8. air or pat dry.
  9. Go! You are done!
  10. No need to remoisturize.
Use this mixture around the eyes lightly and at the end of the application process. The collagen will be less abrasive and you will gain some tightening around the eyes making your eyes look refreshed.[br][br]As a trick, you can try to use this mixture on the inside of your elbow if you tend to have sensitive or allergic skin. Luminos and the gelatin are very mild, but it is always a good trick to test the skin inside the elbow anytime you are trying a new product.
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The KODA Product Story – Keys for Dogs

Koda-logo-w-puppyClick on the video below to see the features benefits and advantages of the ten KODA products for dogs.  This presentation was developed for Veterinarians to give them a better understand of the natural functional benefits of KODA products.

Click on the image below and when the video appears, click the start button.  Click on the screen once to stop and freeze the video and click again to restart


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”3″ gal_title=”Koda Product Presentation”]


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Keys diy – How To: Make an Omega Protein Facial Mask

Keys DIY or “Do It Yourself” for younger clearer looking skin

how-to-logoMany people have asked why we do not make a facial mask.  The simple answer is that the best mask for the skin has to be made fresh to have the greatest benefit.  As much as we try, there are somethings that you cannot bottle and are best when you make them yourself.

This recipe is great for the face, neck and hands.  The mixture reduces fine lines, fades skin spots, softens the skin and super hydrates to create a natural glow.

So here is a simple recipe using Keys Tortuga lotion and some fresh ingredients.

Omega Protein Facial Mask
Recipe Type: Facial Mask
Cuisine: Face, Neck and Hands
Author: Keys Geeks
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Mix all the ingredients together and use immediatley
  • 2 pumps Keys Tortuga Lotion
  • 1 egg (white only)
  • 1/8 avocado ripe
  1. Place all the ingredients together in a small glass bowl.
  2. Muddle or mash them until the mixture is smooth and even color.
  3. Apply immediately.
  4. Let stay on for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Rinse with cool clear water.
  6. Let air dry
This recipe is great for the neck and backs of the hands to smooth and reduce spots. Adjust the recipe as needed to create an even smooth mask.[br][br]This recipe super hydrates the skin, shrinks pores and the Tortuga/Avocado will help to slowly fade skin age spots caused by the sun because of the natural form of retinol they contain.


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Miracle Dogs Rescue Stories – A New Book

We love it when we find greatness.  It is especially wonderful when greatness has something to do with our furry friends.  We discovered Liz and Jack because they are KODA users and the images and stories in this book are wonderful to say the least.

MiracleDogs_cover_EMAILMiracle Dogs is an unforgettable collection of stories celebrating the meaningful and often miraculous lives of rescue dogs given a second chance. Readers cannot fail to be moved by stories like that of Wyatt, an assistance dog who helped a young boy with autism communicate with the outside world, and Fiona, who was found blind and starving in an alley and is now safe with her loving family. Stavrinides’ portraits are filled with emotion, love, and empathy, making this heartwarming collection a loving and poignant tribute to man’s best friend.

Celebrity pet owners like Hoda Kotb, Chevy Chase, Lance Bass, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Amanda Hearst, Peter Marshall, and others share their stories of adopting dogs in need, while organizations like The Gentle Barn, Operation Heroes and Hounds, Friends of Finn, and Assistance Dogs of The West share uplifting stories of rescued animals who have gone on to help their humans live fuller and more independent lives.

Liz_with-Jack_Ollie_Enzo_originalEach story features close-up and lifestyle portraits of the dog and their new family, followed by a concise, compelling narrative detailing the dog’s journey and new environment.

As a professional photographer, Liz Stavrinides spends much of her time on projects related to animal rescue. Miracle Dogs was born out of her desire to collect and share the stories of the dogs she’s met over the years, showcasing the incredible bravery and compassion of both canines and owners. Her portraits showcase beloved companions that were cast aside until they found owners who recognized their true worth, giving them a second chance to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

For more information or to order online visit:

Liz and Jack


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Keys Cross RediCare – The Many Uses


Keys Cross RediCare Healing Spray

Keys products have always had many uses.  These uses are Cross-Functional hence the name of this new category called Keys Cross.

Over our ten years, our customers have told us at seminars, book signings and online of how they use our products.  Every product we make may seem simple based on the ingredients, yet each are active products that have a purpose and multiple uses.  Our ingredients all fall into a class known to the natural remedies and Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners as functional ingredients.  Simply, they do something and have cross-functional uses. Combined, they become a very big tool for alternative medicine remedies and alternate uses.

Entire books have been written on the multi-functional uses of simple ingredients like baking soda and vinegar to name just two.  Keys products also have multiple purposes and uses to solve problems an make people feel good.  Often these uses crossover into other areas and are good for dogs, horses etc.  These crossover products start to expand the applications in both broader and deeper scenarios making it difficult to capture and to publish.



Keys Cross RediCare Natural Healing Spray

RediCare Therapeutic Spray
RediCare Therapeutic Spray

Primary Purpose:  RediCare is a all-natural insect repellant that wards off over 200 different insects.  It is a sprayable lotion that adds essential oils, extracts and botanicals to be efficacious and a lotion base similar to our Tortuga lotion to provide a moisturizing action that soothes and softens the skin instantly.  Because it is sprayable and has the vast array of botanicals, it has many many uses

[table id=5 /]


Click Here to Buy RediCare


Please us the form below to send us your special uses for Keys products

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Keys Cross Solar Rx – The Many Uses


Keys Cross Solar Rx

Keys products have always had many uses.  These uses are Cross-Functional hence the name of this new category called Keys Cross.

Over our ten years, our customers have told us at seminars, book signings and online of how they use our products.  Every product we make may seem simple based on the ingredients, yet each are active products that have a purpose and multiple uses.  Our ingredients all fall into a class known to the natural remedies and Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners as functional ingredients.  Simply, they do something and have cross-functional uses. Combined, they become a very big tool for alternative medicine remedies and alternate uses.

Entire books have been written on the multi-functional uses of simple ingredients like baking soda and vinegar to name just two.  Keys products also have multiple purposes and uses to solve problems an make people feel good.  Often these uses crossover into other areas and are good for dogs, horses etc.  These crossover products start to expand the applications in both broader and deeper scenarios making it difficult to capture and to publish.



SRX5163155b15de8.jpgSolar Rx  Moisturizer with SPF

Primary Purpose:  The main use of Solar Rx Moisturizer with Sun Protection to to protect the skin from damaging UVA and UVB radiation from the sun while providing a daytime moisturizer.  Solar Rx uses uncoated zinc oxide to provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  UVA are the aging rays while UVB are the burning rays.

[table id=3 /]


Click Here to Buy Solar Rx


Please us the form below to send us your special uses for Keys products

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Keys Cross – Keys Many Uses – Functional Products


Keys products have always had many uses.  These uses are Cross-Functional hence the name of this new category called Keys Cross.

Over our ten years, our customers have told us at seminars, book signings and online of how they use our products.  Every product we make may seem simple based on the ingredients, yet each are active products that have a purpose and multiple uses.  Our ingredients all fall into a class known to the natural remedies and Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners as functional ingredients.  Simply, they do something and have cross-functional uses. Combined, they become a very big tool for alternative medicine remedies and alternate uses.

Entire books have been written on the multi-functional uses of simple ingredients like baking soda and vinegar to name just two.  Keys products also have multiple purposes and uses to solve problems and make people feel good.  Often these uses crossover into other areas and are good for dogs, horses etc.  These crossover products start to expand the applications in both broader and deeper scenarios making it difficult to capture and to publish.

We have long wanted to write these down, but lacked the forum and the technology to make it easy for customers to contribute ideas and easy for us to publish their thoughts.  So, this will become a place that we can update your uses for each of our products in a simple easy to read format.

The idea is to create a tabular chart that will show the products Primary purpose and secondary cross-functional uses that our customers have discovered that works for them.  The charts will look something like the tabular below.  We also hope to capture real customer inputs and list them as quotes.


Solar Rx  Moisturizer with SPF

Primary Purpose:  The main use of Solar Rx Moisturizer with Sun Protection to to protect the skin from damaging UVA and UVB radiation from the sun while providing a daytime moisturizer.  Solar Rx uses uncoated zinc oxide to provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  UVA are the aging rays while UVB are the burning rays.

[table id=3 /]


Click Here to Buy Solar Rx


Please us the form below to send us your special uses for Keys products

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New! KPRO Silkin Natural Shampoo & Conditioner – Better Than Conventional and Salon Brands

silkinFinally, a natural shampoo that will clean and shine as well as conventional and salon brands, but without the junk.

Seven years in development, Silkin is the answer.  We originally designed it  for those with thick, long and big hair.  The great news is that is is even better for people with short, silky, straight and thin hair.  Men especially noted that they love the quick lather and ended up using it as a shave soap as well.  Color and perm safe, it is truly a revolution in hair care.

Do not take our word for it.  Click Here to order a $0.49 sachet good for a couple of washings or next time you order, you will get a sample of Silkin free automatically.

Silkin is an extension of our KPRO line.  6 months of testing has received many accalades from hair stylists, designers and everyday users looking for a natural alternative to conventional shampoos.

Silkin contains the same OptiFX particles that are in KPRO tinted products.  Silkin opens the hair cuticle to clean and the OtiFX particles cling to the cuticle to offer a color enhancer, special shine and shimmer.

Silkin comes in a 16 ounce (472ml) pump bottle and retails for $24.95.   It is a very concentrated shampoo that last much longer than expected.  Click Here to buy Silkin

Silkin is 100% All-Natural Moisturizing Professional Shampoo for All Hair Types and Treated Hair.  This KPRO Shampoo is designed to replace conventional shampoos and conditioners with professional results.

• Deep Cleaning Shampoo

• Color & Treated Safe

• Hydrating & Moisturizing

• Rich Lather for Short to Big Hair

• Low Scent – No Fragrance

• Color Enhancing Technology

• Chemical-Free


Watch this two-minute video to learn more.

[jwplayer player=”4″ mediaid=”3033″]



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US Patent & Trademark Office Awards Keys OptiFX®

The US Patent and Trademark Office has recognized and certified OptiFX® particle.  OptiFX particles are used in our KPRO line of super-cosmetics.  These particles defract and refract light and also transmit adjacent texture and tone across the skin.  Originally designed for ultra high definition digital motion picture cameras (UHDT), OptiFX particles offer a real illusionary effect on the skin that resembles a soft focus filter on the skin surface.  One unique features is that the OptiFX particle also transmits tone and texture from one particle to another.  This sub-feature hides fine lines without the use of fillers by reducing the shadow effects created by lines and wrinkled in the skin.  People with large pores also benefit from the illusionary effects.


KPRO products using OptiFX particles play nicely with all forms of makeup.  Custom blending of these moisturizing foundations and powders helps individuals to customize and tailor their “look” by blending techniques. Continue reading US Patent & Trademark Office Awards Keys OptiFX®

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Foot Calluses? Go Gluten-Free!

bob_topazBy Bob Root

Keys Scientist and Founder

Soft feet will last you for a lifetime preserving your nerve sensitivity, stability and balance as you go older.  Calluses, on the other hand, will decrease you ability to feel as you walk, your inability to stand for longer periods and walk not balanced.  Not too mention how those calluses scratch and tear up those ebed sheets.

Take off your shoes and socks.  Look at your feet.  Calluses?  Probably gluten in your diet.

We have known for a long time that many common typical disorders have probable links to gluten.  Dark circles under the eyes, gum and periodontal issues and, yes, calluses have been linked to all that bread, pasta and wheat based products some intake.  In fact, Wendy, my wife and partner, had all three.  Going on a Paleo diet (gluten-free) reversed all of these maladies for her and she lost twenty pounds in the first three weeks as a bonus.  Wendy’s mom was a baker at home.  The kids came home from school to fresh baked cakes, cookies and all sorts of gluten intensive goodies.  Maybe not so good, her mom had foot callus problems all her life.  Could it have been the gluten?  Again, to repeat, Wendy’s dark circles, gum problems and her calluses started to disappear in two weeks and were gone in almost 30 days when she went gluten-free. Continue reading Foot Calluses? Go Gluten-Free!

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History Made – Exoskelaton’s and the Technology of People®

Continue reading History Made – Exoskelaton’s and the Technology of People®

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Polluted Pets – What we are doing to our pets!

Bob Root, Keys & Koda Technologist & Developer

I am raising a red flag when it comes to our pets and the environment.  In my book, Chemical-Free Skin Health® I pointed out that about 50 years ago just about everything we put on our skin or came in contact with was naturally derived.  Now nearly 95% is synthetic.  There are now tens of thousands of chemicals that are in use that have never been tested for safety.  Worse, our pets are exposed in direct contact to hundreds of more chemicals for the shear reason that they typically where no shoes, clothing and dogs tend to lead with their noses.  This reality is played out in the article from the Environmental Working Group showing industrial chemical toxins at alarming high rates compare to humans.

In 2007, I was a founding member of Pets for the Environment which was a spin-off of the EWG.  It was just coming into vogue when the Melamine was discovered in food additives being made in China.  The timing was good, but because of budget cuts and Congressional naivete, the project did not last.  Now, we are trying to bring it back into public eye because of the results below and the continued exposure of our pets to toxic chemicals.

My belief is simple.  I believe that more than 50% of pet skin and gut disorders are caused by chmicals in their environment.  An environment where there are no barriers between the pets Continue reading Polluted Pets – What we are doing to our pets!

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iWellness? – An Open Letter to Tim Cook, Apple CEO

iWellness or iHealth – There is a difference.  Can Apple change healthcare forever?  Yes! Will they? bob_topaz

by Bob Root,  Keys Founder and Technologist

The rumors are pretty strong that Apple will introduce Healthkit technology in it next IOS 8 operating system for iPhones and iPad’s..and maybe iWatch this October. It will enable software, apps and hardware creations that will monitor your health.   …and hopefully affect your wellness.

The people at Apple have always listened to what people say and then do it their way.  This backhanded compliment is from a guy that once lived in the world that Apple calls home…Silicon Valley. Continue reading iWellness? – An Open Letter to Tim Cook, Apple CEO

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Gabi Wolf Update

If you have been following, through our friend Gabriela Castillo, we have all been nursing a little abused black wolf back to health.    Her leg was shattered from a fall at an abusive vet.  Malnutrition was also a factor to be dealt with.  So, sometimes just a picture is worth one thousand words.

Gabi wolf just out of surgery…Then
Gabi today with a new life!  Now!


From Gabriela.  Note about Gabi Wolf, July 31, 2014

gabi-lakeGabi Wolf’s adoptive guardian messaged me from their home in the mountains. They let me know that last night at dusk a deer came out of the woods near their home and came nose to nose with puppy Gabi wolf. The two just stared at each other and seemed just peaceful and wondrous. It was too dark to get a photo as Gabi Wolf is almost black. I was overjoyed at the moment that was shared. It was been raining there and been around 70 degrees. Gabi LOVES the weather. Coming from horrific desert heat then the concrete of Los Angeles (obviously two places NO wolf belongs) to mountain meadows etc is just fantastic and brings such happiness to those of us who do rescue. There have been some BIG thunderstorms and her guardian reports she has NO fear of them. She actually likes to watch the storm go by and enjoys the weather. I feel so blessed and gifted to have taken part in being of service to her.

The insanity/pressure/stress Joy Elyse Nadel and I with Rescue Me Incorporated went through is all worth it with follow-ups like this!

AGAIN! Thank you to everyone who helped. Thank you to everyone who networked. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Gabi’s leg is healing nicely. It bends now and she uses it more every day. Her guardian has done some amazing therapy with her to bring her to the best health possible.

The photo is of Joy and me when we were at the hospital getting Gabi her surgery.

The last photo is of Gabi present day. Enjoying a little nap outside her home after a three hour hike in the mountain and meadows.

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It’s Clear – Again. Clear Airless Containers Return

airless_clearLast year in a need to get a renewed supply of airless containers we were presented with the option of going all opaque white or having no containers.  Almost immediately our loyal customers raised up in unison that they wanted the clear translucent containers back so that they could see how much remained.  At the time, we had no options and immediately we polled our supplier to give us the option to return to a clear translucent base tube.  They listened and now all Keys airless products have a white pump with a clear base.

We have been shipping the clear base airless containers for the last month, but not all products were converted over.  Now, we are happy to say that all the airless products are shipping in the clear base container.

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RediCare – Not Just an Insect Repellant.

By Gabriela Castillo.

RediCare is not just for small pets and people! It’s amazing for horses! I discovered this product for horses when I rescued an abused mustang. His name is Arrow. I had some of the RediCare at home for my dog Baldr/us and needed something to help Arrow with some wounds immediately and discovered right away what an amazing find for horses this really is!

RediCare is an effective treatment for horses for all kinds of minor wounds, rashes and bug bites. Continue reading RediCare – Not Just an Insect Repellant.

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EWG 2014 Sunscreen Report – Keys Solar Rx in Top List

The 2014 EWG Sunscreen report was released and Keys Solar Rx was given a Excellent rating and was chosen as a Top Product in the moisturizer with sun protection category.   Click Here to jump to the EWG listing for Solar Rx.

The EWG ranking system is based on safety with most of the top brands rating a 2 on a scale of 0 to 10 (o = safest)  Keys Solar Rx was given a ranking of 1.

Solar Rx is cosmetically transparent and yet provides a UVA and UVB equivalent to conventional sunscreen rated at SPF 30+.  Solar Rx is not a go to beach or sport sunscreen because the lotion is a functional therapy water soluble medium designed to act as a moisturizer for everyday use.

Wendy Steele, Keys CEO, said, “Since the day we introduced Keys Solar Rx, it has received the highest ranking from the EWG and Consumer Reports magazine.  Safety and efficacy are the important facets about these two rating systems.  We applaud the EWG for their efforts and for the details as well as ease of use of the 2014 report.”

Below is the excerpt from the report.

Keys Care Solar Rx Moisturizer, SPF 30+

Keys by Orion Learning International, Inc.

Continue reading EWG 2014 Sunscreen Report – Keys Solar Rx in Top List

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Keys to Donate 10% of KODA Sales to Gabi Wolf Recovery!


Bob Root, Keys Founder and Chief Scientist

10246664_10152274142748241_5053619352056877098_nI awoke to some good news from Gabriela Castillo this morning.  Gabi Wolf’s surgery went well although x-rays discovered a much more damage to her leg than expected.  The good doctor took our personal guarantee that we would keep raising funds to pay for nursing Gabi back to help and did the surgery yesterday.

This has prompted us to offer that Keys will donate 10% of all KODA online store sales for the rest of May 2014 and all of June 2014 to Gabi’s cause.   Notice:  this is not some weasel worded statement of percentage of profits.  It is 10% of all KODA online store sales for the next 45 days. Continue reading Keys to Donate 10% of KODA Sales to Gabi Wolf Recovery!

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Clean Green Café Goes Mobile

keys-iphone_cgcWe have modified the software serving our Clean Green Café Blog and News Forum to detect smartphones and tablet users and switch to an easier to read format.  When you access Clean Green Café from your Android or iPhone, the software detects the type of device and changes to a simplified easy to read format.  Now you can read articles with larger type and formatted for your smartphone.  Tablet and iPad users can see the new mobile format or the standard Clean Green Café formats.  Nothing to do and you can switch back and forth if you like.

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New Mobile Store From Keys

keys-iphoneWe have installed a new store that permit our mobile smartphone and tablets customers easy access to our online store.  The new software detects the type of device you are using and switches to a different store template.  Android and iPhone Smartphone users will see a simplified version with large type and more succinct information with buy buttons that automatically become a checkout button.  The transaction engine is from through Wells Fargo with daily inspection by Trustwave.  Tablet users will have the option of looking at either a mobile store or our regular desktop store for more detailed information.

Nothing to do, just easier to use for mobile customers.

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New One-Page Checkout Super-Secure and Super Easy

checkoutWe accelerated the development of our new One-Page checkout to make checking out of our store easier, faster and more secure.  Last years, new banking regulations required all online merchants to comply with something called DSS.  Basically it was a multi-trip software authentication that forced us to have a secondary credit card entry page that worked most of the time, but failed some times because people were using out of date browsers or ha too high a level of firewall security.  We accelerated development and worked with and Wells Fargo to create a new way of authenticating transactions more securely and in one pass.  This makes our new One Page checkout faster, easier and more secure.  In initial test by customers they had no failures and the process was about three times faster.  Very Cool!  Thanks to our developers and partners.  Still with the new system we do not keep your credit card numbers on file which means it is always safe with you.

Everything is on one page and if your register with us, you need only enter your user name and password along with your credit card information to complete a sale.   Fast and secure, we are also working on a system to remember who you are and automatically log you in when you use a device that we recognize.

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Tortuga Turns 100 Years Old.

BW_wideby Bob Root, Keys CTO

The predecessor to Tortuga lotion was born in my grandmothers kitchen 100 years ago.   I grew up with this ancient remedy as a cure-all that saved me from cuts, bruises, dog bites, scrapes and even being jilted by a girlfriend or two.

My grandmother was an herbalist, naturopath and alchemist before Adele Davis was born.  I remember her picking weeds (herbs) and making potions, concoctions, soups, salves and rubs.  She was always experimenting with something that she would try on herself and us kids.

I am writing this article to explain the origin of Tortuga.  Tortuga has always been one of our most popular products.  Recently we have seen a real surge in interest.  This has come mainly through social networks of people trying to find solutions to skin disorders that western medicine have not been able to solve.  Many people have written to us telling of remarkable turn-arounds in their conditions.  For me, the credit goes to my grandmother’s bubbling caldrons.  I must pay homage to her for what she taught me.

Continue reading Tortuga Turns 100 Years Old.

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Keys Prime Ingredients and Actions


By Bob Root,  Keys Founder & CTO

One of our friends, Beatriz, suggested that we write something about our important ingredients and the actions. I actually had something we wrote for a reseller seminar series last year, so I dusted it off for this article.

It is a good idea with some caveats.

I think you know as a Keys follower that the quality and quantity of an ingredient is of the utmost importance to us.  Making sure an ingredient is the best money can buy and using enough in a formulation to be effective is of equal importance.  What you might not understand it that there are two equally important components.  That is how ingredients interact in a formulation and how the formula is made or the process of combining the ingredients.

In food, it is easy to understand that the ingredients are as important as the process Continue reading Keys Prime Ingredients and Actions

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FDA Taking Closer Look at ‘Antibacterial’ Soap

Over the years we have published a number of articles about antibacterial products containing Triclosan and parabens.  We encourage you to search Clean Green Cafe to read some of these articles and the entire chapter in Bob Root’s book, Chemical-Free Skin Health.  To recap, antibacterial can mean a bactericide like parabens and triclosan, or reducing bacteria levels without killing good bacteria with the bad.  The National Institutes of Health Human Microbiome Project points out that we have ten times more bacteria on our skin than skin cells.  Most good, these bacteria live symbiotically with our skin to protect us from bad bacteria like Staph and eColi.  The contention has been and still remains that killing all bacteria on our skin leads to the formation of “super-bugs.”  So using soaps like Keys Galleyon reduce bacterial levels because they contain spearmint, are Castile like soap and have slightly higher alkalinity that is

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Your Antibacterial Soap Could Be Harming You

Bob Root, Keys Chief Scientist and Founder

Update:  Soap & Water just as effective in removing bacteria!

I am pleased that the FDA has stepped in to force some requirements on antibacterial products.  As you read on, there are some very important points.  In the world of antibacterial products, there is no distinguishing between bacteriacides and bacteria reduction.  Triclosan is very similar to parabens found in most products.  The claim is that they are bacteriacides that kill 99% of all bacteria….good and bad.  As I have pointed out in other articles, we have as many as ten times more bacteria on our skin as we do skin cells.  Most of these are good bacteria that help prevent invasion by the bad bacteria like Staph and eColi.  Bacteriacides like parabens and Triclosan claim to kill bad bacteria, but also kill the good which the FDA now reveals might help form “super-bugs.”

Keys Galleyon is antibacterial in the sense that it falls into the bacteria reduction class of products because of the Lakota spearmint, Castile-like soap and that it is slightly alkaline.  I like to refer to this as a skin rejevenation process more than an antibacterial action.  The truth is that we have long known that a good wash with soap and water and a brisk warming drying will help to further reduce, but not kill the good bacteria.  Galleyon enhances the effect without harming the good bacteria on our skin.

The FDA is now echoing something that we have talked about for years and yesterday’s announcement further brings to light the need for strict controls on chemicals that come in contact with our skin.

So please read the announcement below and read the FDA announcement.  More information always gives us more choices that we can make.

FDA to Crack Down on Manufacturer Antibacterial Claims

Continue reading Your Antibacterial Soap Could Be Harming You

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KODA ProBiome – Part of the Solution for Dog Tear Stains

simply_wendy_bannerIt was two years ago to the day that we rushed our Bichon, Jasper, to the vet in Palm Springs California.  His eyes were so swollen and he was running a 106 degree fever.  After literally 1500 miles driving back and forth over a two week period and a $3,000 vet bill, he came back to us on Christmas eve.  He was so sick and the diagnosis of Blepharitis lead to major courses of Prednisone and a Doxycycline to quell the severe inflammation.  It was a very nice Christmas present.  We do not let these sorts of things go un-acted upon.


Jasper’s battle was the trigger to start the KODA dog line because our vet was all about solving the problem, but nothing about his wellness.  Inquiring to pet insurance companies became the design architecture of our five internal supplements and five topical solutions.
Part of Jasper’s issues was and is a chronic eye drainage issue.  He is well known in his travels for eye staining.  The eleventh product that is yet to be released was the first product we wanted.  It was not only an eye stain removal product, but a product that would also reduce the potential for eye infections.  In the two years since, we have been trying to find a product that will work and we are very close to launching it.  Perhaps even in Q1 2014.

Continue reading KODA ProBiome – Part of the Solution for Dog Tear Stains

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Keys Testimonials

For ten years we have been collecting testimonials in a virtual cardboard box.  These testimonials were fundamentally buried inside of our customer service system under the FAQs.  New technology has permitted to bring these testimonials out of behind doors and where they can be seen much easier.

testimonialAll along, the problem has been that we receive many duplicates based on common skin disorder and how our products have provided solutions and relief.  Now, we have figured out how to semi-automate the process.

Now, to the right you will see a rotating box with testimonials we have received in an area titled, “What People Are Saying.”

Also, if you look at the speed bar above, there is a tab for testimonials and a form to submit your own.

We encourage you to submit anything that our products did to help you so that we all may be able to help others.

For convenience, you can use the form below to submit entries right from within this article.


[formidable id=4 title=true description=true]



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Keys Joins Companies for Safer Chemicals to Change US Government Thinking!

Keys was a very early company joining the EWG Skin Deep database creation and the subsequent efforts to have the world recognize that many chemicals in our everyday life are the cause of many skin disorder.  Our founder, Bob Root, wrote the book, “Chemical-Free Skin Health,” to also emphasize the point helping to have Keys honored by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics as a Champion company.  Our work with the Environmental Media Association in Hollywood and now Companies for Safer Chemicals is a further expression of our desire and effort to change the way people, companies and the government think about what goes on to our bodies.  Bob is our representative on the Companies for Safer Chemicals committee and will help to spearhead our thinking within the group.

Continue reading Keys Joins Companies for Safer Chemicals to Change US Government Thinking!

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Keys Product Functionality Chart

One of the major search and questions we receive is what products should be used for what purpose.  For years we have had these suggestions on our customer service FAQs.  The problem has been that this form of information exchange is hard to get to and in our fast pasted world, we all seem to find it easier to re-ask the question rather than searching for it.

To this end, we have reset and reconfigured our website to now offer subcategories based on popular questions like acne, eczema, psoriasis and other disorders.  As we pointed out, we have also configured a predictive search function to make it easier to find products based on functionality in our online store.  We have also increased the search functionality on our blog herein where you can search based on keywords and phrases.  Adding to this is a bubble chart that we have simplified based on our printed literature.  Herein is the beginning of a chart that will become a page on the speed bar above that will expand to show functionality of our products. Continue reading Keys Product Functionality Chart

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Under The Hood – New Predictive Search Function

We are constantly making improvements to our website and online store.  Often the changes are important and also transparent.  Other times, we make big changes that improve the ease of use.

Recently we added some subcategories that show our products based on function.  For example, when you click on the category “Skin Therapies” there are subcategories for things like Eczema, Psoriasis etc.  When we made this change, you responded with a request for more functionality in the search function.

We have now added a technology called “Predictive Search” that monitors and chronicles search activity.  It learns habits as people ask question in the search box on our store.

Continue reading Under The Hood – New Predictive Search Function

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What Should We Video Next on the Keys Skin Deep YouTube Channel


Our new YouTube Video Channel called Keys Skin Deep has been a huge success for us.  Based on the channel and Clean Green Cafe entries, we have receive a lot of requests for various videos.  Frankly, they have come into us in all forms, so we created this form to make it easy to send us ideas.  Please send us your ideas below and click the send button.  Based on the number of votes, we will setup the shooting schedule.


[formidable id=3] Continue reading What Should We Video Next on the Keys Skin Deep YouTube Channel

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Going Natural in a Synthetic World – Bob Root

bob_topazIn his book, Chemical-Free Skin Health, Bob Root covers many subjects designed to help people understand how to Stop, Challenge and Choose a healthier way of thinking by becoming chemical-free.  In this video snapshot, Bob talks about the fact that the natural movement is not new, but a return to the not too distant past.

Bob asks us to Stop and read labels, then challenge them by reading ingredients and then to choose the best products for your own skin health.

Our skin is our largest organ and defends us from the elements.  Chemicals, break down our defenses.


[jwplayer player=”4″ mediaid=”2374″]

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KPRO Product Overview Video – Bob Root Keys Formulator

There are two videos below.  The first video is a detailed description by Bob Root, Key Scientist and Formulator, talking about the new KPRO, Keys Professional, product line.


[jwplayer player=”4″ mediaid=”2368″]


This video is a quicker synopsis of the new KPRO line.

[jwplayer player=”4″ mediaid=”2369″]


kpro_sachetsTry out our 4 pack sachet of the main KPRO products.  Click Here

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Keys Overview Video with Wendy Steele

simply_wendy_bannerThis is the first in a new series of online videos from Keys.  New technology will permit us to create small and effective videos for you to help understand us, our products and our mission.  This is also available on the new Keys YouTube Channel at


[jwplayer player=”4″ mediaid=”2345″]




Below is the Snapshot version of the overview above and is designed for a quick look at Keys, our products and philosophy.  It is design to be embedded, linked or downloaded for our resellers websites, blogs and forum.  It may also be embedded form our YouTube Skin Deep Channel at the link above.


[jwplayer player=”4″ mediaid=”2350″]





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Mangrove Conditioner is Back! Richer and Twice The Size

Thanks for your patience.  Mangrove Conditioner has not been available for quite a while because of unforeseen circumstances.  It has taken all this time to reformulate Mangrove to be even richer and more emollient than before.  Now it is back in a new size and with a new pump for easier use and application!  Now at 8 ounces and in an easy to use pump bottle you are getting a little more than twice as much for the same price as before.


New Mangrove – Natural Cream Hair Conditioner & Leave-in Styler 236ml – 8oz

Natural Conditioner Uses Brassica Oil Instead of Silicone

Mangrove Conditioner is back!  Twice as much, twice as rich and the same price as before!

  • Hydrating Conditioner
  • Natural Scalp Therapy
  • High Lustrous Shine
  • Conditions Hair & Scalp
  • Rich Natural Oils
  • Soothing Aloe Vera
  • Conditioning Brassica
  • For Treated and Colored Hair
  • Relaxing Aromatherapy
  • For People and Pets
  • No Silicone or Dimethicones

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, No Animal Testing, Chemical-Free, No Preservatives Continue reading Mangrove Conditioner is Back! Richer and Twice The Size

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New Try Me Category – KPRO Sachets for Sale

kpro_sachetsWe realize that the new KPRO line is pretty revolutionary and trying is believing.  We introduced the KPRO line at the Natural Products Expo East trade show.   We created sachets of the moisturizers, correction cream and eye cream so that you can give them a try to see which is best for you.  You can Click Here or on the picture to go to the Keys store to order.

Many people have contacted us to ask which product is best for them.   That is a hard question based on all skin types.  Since the KPRO line adapts to skin color, tone and texture, there is no need for colors and shades.  The products are all difference with levels of intensity varying from one to the other.  We created this trial, so you can find out what is best for you.

These sachets contain two or three applications of the KPRO Tinted Moisturizer, Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Tinted Eye Cream and Tinted Correction Cream. This is a great way to find which product works best for you. Shipping is included in the price. These sachets contain two or three applications of the KPRO Tinted Moisturizer, Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Tinted Eye Cream and Tinted Correction Cream. This is a great way to find which product works best for you. Shipping is additional, but nominal because of the light weight.

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The Jar Is Back – Keys Eye Butter


Eye Butter 15ml Jar & Airless Pump

Back by popular demand, Keys Eye Butter is now available in Jars again.   This Eye Butter is also smoother and richer with no change in formula.  The process has been improved to yield a rich and very smooth cream eye moisturizer.  And yes, it is available in either the jar version or the airless travel pump version.  Both are the same price and the same product in a different container.  Your choice at $19.95 for either container.

Eye Butter Eye Cream
Eye Butter Eye Cream
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Keys KPRO Cosmetic Products – Now Available!



KRO Product Description and Use.

We are there!  We have the first production run of our new KPRO product line.  We want to give you some details of the new products prior to them now that they are available.

The planned release of the KPRO product line was October 1, 2013.  Our team surprised me by finishing a few days early.  I am so proud of this team.  The surprises are always good!

 Just as a refresher, Keys has introduced a new series of Hollywood inspired products named KPRO or Keys Professional line.  Keys KPRO products use OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology to provide an illusionary appearance creating the hot trendy nude bare skin look in a 1-step chemical-free foundation.

Developed in concert with Hollywood makeup artists and filmmakers, this correction cream fills, hides fine lines and skin imperfections.  The technology literally copies and clones skin color, tone and texture transmitting vital characteristics to neighboring skin.  Like a virtual projector, 1 micron organic and plant-based structures transmit a smooth and vibrant skin finish.

Keys patentable technology works to reflect, refract and smooth skin tones adapting to light changes and environments automatically.  This is a true anti-aging product because rarefied ingredients help condition, moisturize and reverse skin aging as well as providing the cosmetic effects.  This is a revolutionary 1-step foundation with optical technology that transforms even lifeless skin to exciting dewy beauty.

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Keys Professional – KPRO Line – Cosmetic Tinted Creams and Powders


One Step to Vibrant Beauty and Natural Skin Health

OptiFX™ Patentable Adaptive Color Technology combined with Natural Chemical-Free Skin Health™

Synopsis:  Keys has introduced a new series of Hollywood inspired products named KPRO or Keys Professional line.  Keys KPRO products use OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology to provide an illusionary appearance creating the hot trendy nude bare skin look in a 1-step chemical-free foundation.

 Developed in concert with Hollywood makeup artists and filmmakers, this correction cream fills, hides fine lines and skin imperfections.  The technology literally copies and clones skin color, tone and texture transmitting vital characteristics to neighboring skin.  Like a virtual projector, 1 micron organic and plant-based structures transmit a smooth and vibrant skin finish.

 Keys patentable technology works to reflect, refract and smooth skin tones adapting to light changes and environments automatically.  This is a true anti-aging product because rarefied ingredients help condition, moisturize and reverse skin aging as well as providing the cosmetic effects.  This is a revolutionary 1-step foundation with optical technology that transforms even lifeless skin to exciting dewy beauty.

  • Chemical-Free
  • No Mica
  • No Silica
  • No Minerals
  • No Talc


 Introducing KPRO – Keys Professional Line


September 1, 2013 Santa Monica California:  At a meeting today, Keys Care revealed a new technology for natural foundations and HD powders that incorporates OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology.  This one-step foundation not only creates and illusion of smoother, softer and more even skin tones, it invisibly fills fine lines and creases for a younger more polished look.  The six new products are also natural skin therapies reversing aging through their chemical-free formulation and super-hydrating properties.  As these stand as amazing new technology features, the most important is probably how much time these products will save in daily regimens.

Bob Root, Keys Founder and Chief Scientist offered, “What if you could compress your morning regimen to get the “Natural Look” in 5 minutes of less?  What if it exceeded the performance of Nordstrom Counter makeup brands?  What if it is Chemical-Free?”

Keys has developed it’s new KPRO (Keys Professional) line to do just that.  Born in earnest in front of the highest definition cameras in the world, KPRO competes with conventional makeup in the Hollywood makeup artist bag and it is all-natural and chemical-free.

The illusion, smoothing and age-reversing is far more than luck. It is patentable technology called OptiFX™ and it was developed at Keys.

Express Lane to Your Day

 Blond_AJ“I am a makeup artist in Hollywood and because of my profession, people think I have all day to get myself ready to venture out into the world.  My day often begins at 4 am on a set that I will be on well past dark.  My day is spent creating the natural look on actors in 45 minutes or less.  The truth of the matter is that the majority of that time is spent laying down a natural looking foundation.  I often use 10 to 15 different color foundations to simulate the natural color contours of the face.  So, you can imagine my delight, shock and surprise when my friends at Keys sent me a top-secret product that cut my 45 minute foundation regime to 5 minutes. 

 I could not resist and woke one morning for a shoot and put this new miracle product on my face.  I applied this non-mineral natural tinted correction cream to my face and was amazed to see what looked like a flawless foundation.  I added check color, eyes and lips and I was done in less than five minutes.  Really!”

The Rumors Are True

Keys is Getting in to Color – A Sneak Peek.

Bob Root, Keys Chief Scientist said, “For the last four years, I have experimented with getting into the business of color.  Namely cosmetics.  What has stopped me was a set of standards that I wanted to adhere to and my mantra of wanting to not be another me too company entering the cosmetics game because it is this hot market segment.

 It was developed in concert with Red Camera Corporation and Arri for use in Ultra High Definition (UHD) film and TV.  The technology that I am using has never been used for makeup.  It adapts to skin texture and color.”

Expo East Product of the Year Nominee!

Keys OptiFX technology is under consideration as the best new product of the year at Natural Products Expo East trade show and will be featured in the New Product Showcase.  We plan a late September launch for the new line that will include:

  • Tinted Moisturizer with sunscreen
  • Tinted Moisturizer
  • Tinted Correction Cream
  • Tinted Corrective Eye Cream
  • HD tinted powder
  • HD powder (untinted)

All will have the OptiFXadaptive technology.  At the moment, we are not revealing the extent of the technology because of patents that we are filing.

There are numerous differences between this tinted foundation and conventional makeup.  First, the base lotion is our Luminos Moisturizer which is chemical-free, vegan and gluten-free.  The filler and color function were developed to offer silica-free, PEG-free, lead-free, mica-free and earth mineral-free.

OptiFX™  Adaptive Color Technology

optifx-vs-micaOptiFX™ is a combination of crystalline structures that are both plantbased and optical physics technology.  OptiFX™ was developed by us to create an extreme illusion on the skin that mirrors and broadcasts skin tones while also smoothing and diffusing the appearance of the skin.  This simulates a soft even surface that adapts to every skin tone, color and condition.   The particle clusters are  ~1 micron in size and are made from jet-dried Blue Agave Aloe blend and a porcelain type material that act like micro-mirrors.  These particles have a “0” rating from the EWG which symbolizes the safest of ingredients.

The biggest differences are the effects.  Most makeup is based on a technology called additive color.  Meaning the color is from the minerals, generally opaque and is the color of the existing elements.  This is why most mineral and conventional makeup comes in shades that have to be selected to match skin tone.  Our product is using a technology from the photographic world and is called subtractive color technology.  The primary reason for using this technology is that the particles absorb and refract the skin tone from around it offering a single product that work for the majority of skin types and colors.  Simplified, it absorbs color from around it and projects it out offering a more uniform look, smoother finish and a near perfect match to the persons skin tone.

I See Dead People!

Bob Root added, “Flat mineral makeup as a foundation has been all the rage primarily because it is purported to be “Natural.”  There are many problems with the term natural, but my simple problem is that mineral makeups are flat, too uniform and make people look dead to me.  A weekend at the Studio City (CA) Farmers Market and you will see the Hollywood elite looking bare faced and dewy.  It is so much more attractive than a flat pancake look.  The new bare face look, in itself, is a bit overboard in the “too-nude” direction and some young stars and entertainers can get away with it.  Most of us cannot.   I originally developed our AguaVit as a makeup setter to turn mineral makeup into the dewy look, but in my opinion, it was covering a bad thing in an attempt to correct the bad features of mineral makeup.  The KPRO line uses the OptiFX™ technology to create a uniform, color-matched and even tone that also provides a very alive dewy look that let the real you out while also creating an illusion of softer smoother vibrant skin.  A little sparkle that is subliminal attracts the eye saying ‘look at me’ without being gaudy or Le Cirquestque!”

What is also a big difference is the illusion OptiFX™ creates because of the particles.  It is a well known photographic principle that a spheres and plated particles diffuse, refract and gather light.  Simplified, for use in makeup, OptiFX™ based products create an illusion of softness, smoothing and natural color without looking flat, pancake or matte.  Overstated, you get the natural look in one product unto which you can add eye, lip and cheek color.  Done!

The technology was originally developed to “trick” high definition digital 4-5k cameras to make the skin of actors look more even, vibrant and more natural looking in the unforgiving world of high definition.  It has the same effect on the human eye making the people that use it look more dewy, natural and with the illusion of radiant skin.  Because it absorb and broadcast color from around each particle, almost everyone can wear it without looking like they have heavy makeup.

The products are currently being tested on television, on two films and in advertising photo shoots for fall fashion

Finally a Foundation for Men

bald-man_maskedMany cosmetic products are designed only for women.  That is how they start and end with little to no consideration for men wanting a more stylish contemporary look.  Designing for the camera means that a product has to work on all skin types and for both men and women.  Bob Root added, “A woman’s skin cannot look or react differently to the camera than her male counterpart.  A product designed for ultra high definition still and film must work equally for everyone and provide a foundation that the makeup artist can build on.  Flat makeup must somehow be made vibrant which is way too much work and looks fake.  The OptiFX™ technology affords a smooth workable foundation for the makeup artist.  For the rest of us, especially men, the technology offers a one-pass quick daily moisturizer that makes the skin look vibrant and alive.”

OptiFX™ is a revolution for men, because it does not add flat pancake color or a dry look like mineral makeups.  It recognizes the adjacent skin tone, texture and color and transmits it in a glowing smoothing effect that makes men look alive, attractive and natural.  The robust look is one that shows the strength of men while offering a personal and sensitive look at the same time.  Our male beta testers have all said that friends and especially women noticed a change, but could not explain why.  Bob added, “It is virtually invisible to the conscious eye and the technology does interact with the unconscious eye the same way it does with UHD camera sensors.  For men, the key words are vibrancy, sincerity and confidence.”

A famous male actor was noted as saying, “I am a well known Green advocate and yet my face is my life.  Yes, I want natural, but not at the expense of how I look on camera or in front of the press.  I have been a Keys Eye Butter fan for years now and have wanted more.  I have used Eye Butter all over my face to get the look that I want and need.  Masculine and alive!  My makeup artist put Keys KPRO Correction Cream on me before an appearance and I was blown away.  I said, this must be a man’s product and my makeup artist smilingly agreed…she always does.”


OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology will be exclusively in the new KPRO, Keys Professional, line being introduced at the Natural Products Expo East trade show in Baltimore Maryland on September 26, 2013.

There is an old adage from our years in high tech.  Because products change so quickly, we often joked that “a product will be available in 6 months, but literature is available in volume today!”  In our case, KPRO products are slated to be available by mid to late September and virtual literature is available now by clicking the icon.  Kidding aside, the literature does a good job of showing visually what we will be offering.

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Keys RediCare – Featured in Men’s Journal Magazine

menJBest Chemical-Free Insect Repellents


Few canned products inflame as much passion and confusion as insect repellents. On the pro-chemical side are those who claim that plant-based sprays and other alternatives simply don’t work at all, and so leave users exposed to pathogen-hosting insects carrying anything from West Nile to the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. But proponents of chemical-free repellents cite the possible toxicity of Deet to the human brain, and claim their all-natural alternatives work plenty well. (We’ll add that we’ve had a pair of sunglasses get lightly melted by errant Deet spray, which left us questioning whether we ought to be applying it to our skin on a regular basis.)

The truth, as often is the case, falls somewhere in the middle. So according to Dr. Mustapha Debboun, editor of ‘Prevention of Bug Bites, Stings and Disease,’ both types of products have their place. “The way to think about it is that chemicals are better for longer hours in the deep woods,” Debboun says, “while all-natural ingredients are fine for the backyard, beach, and other places where you won’t be out for extended periods.” So think Deet or picaridin for that jungle trek to Southeast Asia you’ve been planning, but something all-natural for day hikes and picnics closer to home.

Still, in a surprising twist (and what will be a humbling disappointment for chemical warfare proponents), it turns out that pound-for-pound, all natural options are actually the better performer. “Natural insect repellents generally repel a larger and wider range of crawling and flying insects [than chemicals] because of the diverse grouping of ingredients they contain,” says Bob Root, author of ‘Chemical Free Skin Health.’ Dr. Debboun concurs: “Lemon eucalyptus is just as good an ingredient as chemicals like Deet and picaridin.” Continue reading Keys RediCare – Featured in Men’s Journal Magazine

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A Brief Synopsis of KODA Products

KODA Products:  What and When to Use

bob_topazBy Bob Root, Keys Scientist

It is not a new concept that a dogs life can be extended by good nutrition.  What may not be as clear is that the polluted environments can shorten their lives.  That is why we created our KODA line for dogs.  KODA helps to extend your dogs life by providing supplements that are functional and topical therapies to protect them from the environment!

I recently had a dear friend tell me that he would like it if I would write an article about what to use and when regarding Koda products.  He politely said, I do not have time to understand the science, just tell me what I should use for my dog in simple terms in 500 words or less.  I realized that I probably spend a lot of time writing articles that are so detailed that people are not sure what to buy.  Maybe it is the scientist in me or a belief that people will not believe me if I don’t explain the details.  I did recall during the discussion with my friend that a professor once said to me, “Bob, I ask you what time is it and you lecture me on the origin of time.”  Maybe there was a hint in that remark.

So here goes for KODA for Dogs.

lifetrace ionic Minerals for Dogs

Must do’s

The two products that I recommend for your dog’s everyday health are Koda OmegaLife and Life Trace.

OmegaLife is a vegan fish oil replacement that provides the Omega 3.6 & 9’s using human quality vegetable oils without concern for Vitamin A toxicity from fish oil.

LifeTrace assures that your dog gets all the minerals they need through this water additive.  If you filter your dog’s water, you are removing most of the minerals.  They need to be added back in.

These are the two must haves that you should give your dog every day!  Order them now!

Functional Supplements

ProCalm Vegan Clamative for Dogs

Use Proflexoil if your dog is older or if their breed are prone to joint issues.  This is also helpful if you have a very active dog, like our Bichon Jasper, to keep tendons and knees from being harmed by running and fast turns. Proflexoil is a Cox-2 anti-inflammation inhibitor.

Use ProCalm if your dog is agitated or has higher anxiety levels.  Great for car rides if those create angst.  Added to the food, the Magnolia extract takes the edge off anxiety and agitation, but does not sedate.  The dogs gets calm quickly, but not lethargic.  In my line of work, I take Magnolia extract daily  😉

ProBiome helps with digestion using a lactobacillus sporogene probiotic.  Add it to food to aid digestion.  This probiotic is the best human grade available and the features benefits and advantage are explained in the article on this blog.  Search ProBiome if you want to know more.


Topical Treatments

Use OmniShield to repell flying and crawling insect.  It repels naturally using Neem, Karanja and essential oils.

OmniShield Insect Repellent for Dogs

OmniCare is like a natural Bactine for scrapes, hot spots, abrasions and itchy areas.

OmniClean is a soap/shampoo that offers essential oils to help with skin disorders that include itching and hotspots.  This is a great product to bathe a dog that has allergies or chemical irritations.

 SpotClean is very cool because you can clean your dogs paws between baths.  You can rinse or not and even peanut butter comes off easily.  Grime is gone in seconds

 ProShine is a general dog shampoo and conditioner in one.  The foam lathers fast and rinses even faster for a shiny clean coat that will increase the time between baths.

530 Words is the best I can do.


Click each product name link to go to its detail page

Each product has a detailed article as well on Clean Green Cafe.  My best suggestion is to type KODA in the search box and read the articles that interest you.

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KODA Dog Products – A Brief Synopsis

KODA Products:  What and When to Use

bob_topazBy Bob Root, Keys Scientist

It is not a new concept that a dogs life can be extended by good nutrition.  What may not be as clear is that the polluted environments can shorten their lives.  That is why we created our KODA line for dogs.  KODA helps to extend your dogs life by providing supplements that are functional and topical therapies to protect them from the environment!

I recently had a dear friend tell me that he would like it if I would write an article about what to use and when regarding Koda products.  He politely said, I do not have time to understand the science, just tell me what I should use for my dog in simple terms in 500 words or less.  I realized that I probably spend a lot of time writing articles that are so detailed that people are not sure what to buy.  Maybe it is the scientist in me or a belief that people will not believe me if I don’t explain the details.  I did recall during the discussion with my friend that a professor once said to me, “Bob, I ask you what time is it and you lecture me on the origin of time.”  Maybe there was a hint in that remark.

So here goes for KODA for Dogs.

lifetrace ionic Minerals for Dogs
lifetrace ionic Minerals for Dogs

Must do’s

The two products that I recommend for your dog’s everyday health are Koda OmegaLife and Life Trace.

OmegaLife is a vegan fish oil replacement that provides the Omega 3.6 & 9’s using human quality vegetable oils without concern for Vitamin A toxicity from fish oil.

LifeTrace assures that your dog gets all the minerals they need through this water additive.  If you filter your dog’s water, you are removing most of the minerals.  They need to be added back in.

These are the two must haves that you should give your dog every day!  Order them now!


Functional Supplements

ProCalm Vegan Clamative for Dogs
ProCalm Vegan Clamative for Dogs

Use Proflexoil if your dog is older or if their breed are prone to joint issues.  This is also helpful if you have a very active dog, like our Bichon Jasper, to keep tendons and knees from being harmed by running and fast turns. Proflexoil is a Cox-2 anti-inflammation inhibitor.

Use ProCalm if your dog is agitated or has higher anxiety levels.  Great for car rides if those create angst.  Added to the food, the Magnolia extract takes the edge off anxiety and agitation, but does not sedate.  The dogs gets calm quickly, but not lethargic.  In my line of work, I take Magnolia extract daily  😉

ProBiome helps with digestion using a lactobacillus sporogene probiotic.  Add it to food to aid digestion.  This probiotic is the best human grade available and the features benefits and advantage are explained in the article on this blog.  Search ProBiome if you want to know more.


Topical Treatments

Use OmniShield to repell flying and crawling insect.  It repels naturally using Neem, Karanja and essential oils.

OmniShield Insect Repellent for Dogs
OmniShield Insect Repellent for Dogs

OmniCare is like a natural Bactine for scrapes, hot spots, abrasions and itchy areas.

OmniClean is a soap/shampoo that offers essential oils to help with skin disorders that include itching and hotspots.  This is a great product to bathe a dog that has allergies or chemical irritations.

 SpotClean is very cool because you can clean your dogs paws between baths.  You can rinse or not and even peanut butter comes off easily.  Grime is gone in seconds

 ProShine is a general dog shampoo and conditioner in one.  The foam lathers fast and rinses even faster for a shiny clean coat that will increase the time between baths.

530 Words is the best I can do.


Click each product name link to go to its detail page

Each product has a detailed article as well on Clean Green Cafe.  My best suggestion is to type KODA in the search box and read the articles that interest you.

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Bob Root on the Dr. Amy Myers Show

dramymyersPromo-coverLong time friend and adviser, Dr. Amy Myers recently interviewed Bob Root, Keys Technologist, about his book Chemical-Free Skin Health.  Amy is a leading practitioner and medical doctor specializing in Functional Medicine in Austin Texas.

Keys has been a part of the Functional Medicine movement for many years.  Whole functional ingredients makeup the Keys line and Amy asked Bob some interesting questions.  Listen in by clicking the speaker Icon below.

Amy’s website is available by Clicking Here











Click to listen
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REvolutionary Skin Ideas -from Hollywood and Apple!


More than what meets the eye

REvolutionary Skin Ideas -from Hollywood and Apple!

by Wendy Steele  Keys CEO


wendy_hat_dipI have marveled at the popular news headlines and headliners over the past year as they have surprised us, sometimes even shocked us.  There are signs everywhere that Hollywood has begun to break free of old patterns, habits and ideas about what makes an individual look and feel beautiful.  Curiously, these examples have also caused us to think and began to influence how we view ourselves outwardly, with a surprising affect on our own health and wellbeing.

People Magazine’s recent Most Beautiful issue featured celebrities going au natural! Yes they were photographed fresh faced, their absolutely beautiful natural skin tone glowing .  Yes, these women were totally make-up free!

oprah_fondaI watched a recent Oprah’s Next Chapter interview with Jane Fonda, when Oprah asked Jane what is the most important thing she has learned so far in her life.  I found it fascinating when Jane, who freely talked about her being 75 years old, replied “I’ve learned what’s really important for me is skin and kindness…”

Then, this weeks USA Today headline caught my attention:

 “The Hollywood tan loses its luster” Continue reading REvolutionary Skin Ideas -from Hollywood and Apple!

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Cooking for your dog with Koda OmegaLife

stir-fryCooking with OmegaLife

By Bob Root

Koda OmegaLife is a product I developed as a vegan replacement for fish oil for dogs.  The reason we developed OmegaLife was to provide Omega 3, 6 & 9’s without the vitamin A that i found in fish oil.  Vitamin A can be toxic to humans and dogs if in too high a level.

I recently had a question escalated to me by our customer service team.  It was, “Can I cook my dogs food using OmegaLife Oil?”  The simple answer is, “Of Coarse!”

There are a number of our customers that feed their dogs using a “Raw” diet while others cook or partially cook the dogs food.  If your recipe has you slow cooking or even stir-frying your dogs meat and vegetables, use Omegalife instead of oil.  Estimate how many meals you are preparing times your dogs weight divided by 10 to determine how may squirts of oil you use.  (For example, if you are cooking 1o meals and your dog weighs 10 pounds, it would be 10 squirts of OmegaLife in the food).  If you are preparing the food as a “Raw” diet, it is okay to also squirt the OmegaLife into the food based on the above formula.

Remember in all cases, it is one squirt for each ten pounds times the estimated number of meals.

Just remember that you do not want to overheat the OmegaLife.  Put the amount in a pan, turn on the heat and add the food.

Personally, I have been cooking for Jasper since the day he joined our family.  The reason is that, “I know what is in his food when I make it.”  The irony is that it is less expensive as well.

Any questions?  Send me a comment and I will respond.

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Where are all the travel sizes and sample?

bob_topazBy Bob Root, Keys CTO

Our factory move and spin-up went amazingly well.  Like moving your home, there are things that you save, somethings you move and somethings you get rid of.  This is true for factories as well.  Think of it as having the opportunity to change some things and start new.

From nearly the day we have opened for business, we have provided smaller versions of our products for use as sample and for traveling.  This has been pretty much a losing proposition for us and at the same time we looked at sample as a good way for people to try our products.  I know how great our products are, but there is nothing like trying something to see if you like the product or if it works for you.

Keys Old Sample Packaging

Our samples and travel sizes evolved over time.  We went from squeeze bottles to tubes for some products while our soaps and RediCare stayed in bottle form.  I must admit that one of my biggest design headaches are the samples and travel sizes because they are extremely hard to produce, actually travel and ship poorly and they are expensive to produce.  So, when we decided to move, one of the things I decided to change was our sample and travel size products.  The problem was that I did not know how I wanted to change the packaging and the move itself occupied most of my days for the last month.  About two weeks ago it dawned on me that there might be a way so I started to explore some things with our digital label partner to see if he could print using his extremely high tech HP label printer to print on continuous film.  When he said yes, I went to work on my idea.

Moving a factory and only being down for ten days is what we call a BHAG…or, a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  Re-architecting a sampling and travel product design and system is even a bigger BHAG.  The critical link was a way to do our digital design labels in film format and when I knew we could do it, I searched the world for a small format packet filling system that would let me design variable size packets with enough product so that people could be assured they liked our products and that they would work for them. Continue reading Where are all the travel sizes and sample?

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Keys Labels, Ingredients and Information

We have recently updated our product labels to a new look and providing some new information.  One of our customers suggested that we post all the labels in one place so that people can compare the products and look at the ingredients of all product easily.

Below are all of our new labels for both the Keys and Koda Dog products.  You can click on each thumbnail to enlarge them.  Click the image again to get the full size image.  You can then right-clicking them to “Save As” to your computer. Continue reading Keys Labels, Ingredients and Information

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Keys Product Pictures

Below are Keys and Koda product images that can be clicked and saved to your computer for use in publication, websites and stores.  To save in highest resolution, click on each image and open to larger size.  Then right click to save to your computer

Keys Beauty Products

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”5″ gal_title=”Keys Beauty Products”]

Keys Therapy Products

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”6″ gal_title=”Keys Therapeutic Products”]

Keys KPRO Products

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”7″ gal_title=”Keys KPRO Products”]

KODA for Dogs Products

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”8″ gal_title=”KODA for Dogs Products”]


High Resolution Files JPG

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”Keys High Resolution Products Images”]

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EWG and How to Read Labels

Our friends at the Environmental Working Group have put together a new video about the ingredients on the labels of personal care products.

Ever looked at the labels on your shampoos, moisturizers and cosmetics? Do you really know what chemicals you’re putting on your body?

Most Americans use about 10 personal care products a day. And they think that the government is making sure these products are safe – but the scary truth is, it’s not. That’s why Environmental Working Group scientists have put together easy-to-use tips on how to read labels on personal care products. Check out the new video featuring EWG’s Senior Analyst Nneka Leiba on what to watch out for before you buy.

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KODA Spot Clean and the End to Dirty Paw Syndrome

We were on location at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness and decided to take KODA  Jasper dog out for a walk and follow him with a camera.  The idea was to see how dirty his paws could get.  White dog and a two mile walk around the resort proved to be all that we needed to test the speed of KODA Spot Clean.  Leave-in or rinse out, Spot Clean is fast and easy to get paws, the face and any area clean.

Click the little gear looking icon to set the resolution to HD for the best quality

SpotClean Paw & Face Foaming Cleanser is a brewed wash with botanicals and herbs for quick cleaning of the paws and face or any spot area as an interim cleanser between baths.  Removes road dirt and allergens as well many chemicals used on public parks and lawns.

SpotClean is perhaps one of the coolest products we make.  Why, because it fits so many uses and application in a simple chemical-free way.

When we talked to vets about skin disorders and allergy issues with dogs, they quickly commented that most are caused by the dog bringing in allergens and pollutants on their feet.  We noted in our study titled “polluted pets” that dogs often have four to five times more chemical bio-burden than humans.  The reason is simple.  They have no shoes and dogs lead with their noses.  So the paws and face are how a dog brings in allergens and chemicals from their environment.  It was obvious too that most dogs are groomed and waiting to be ‘cleaned’ between groomer sessions creates undue stress on their body.  The quick solution is a paw, face and spot cleaner that humans do not mind the effort for a spot clean.  SpotClean was born in earnest!

The SpotClean formulation was designed as a fast rinse or even leave-in cleanser.  It works best when you rinse the pollutants and allergens away, but it does actually not cause the dog harm or distress to leave it in.  Really!

SpotClean is a light foam cleanser that you can put directly on the paws, face or spot areas dry.  We recommend applying the foam using a wet cloth and a quick wet wipe away or if you wish a spray rinse.  The formulation of natural ingredients is designed to quickly efficiently clean and can be wiped off with a wet cloth and then let to dry naturally.  This means no preparing the tub and chasing the dog.  A quick clean can take under a minute and be done even in the dog’s bed.  Since it is a damp cloth quick wipe process, it can be done anywhere.

Here are some of the benefits of SpotClean.

• Quickly Removes Dirt

• Conditions Hair

• Lightning Fast Rinsing

• Spot Clean Formulation

• Fragrance-Free

• Natural Citrus Whitener

• Use Between Grooming

• No-Mess Cleaning

• Supresses Musk Smell

• Refreshing Earthy Scent


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Announcing KODA – Keys for Dogs


by Wendy Steele

Keys and KODA CEO

For many of our long term customers, you will remember that we created a pet product line many years ago.  The line migrated to crossover products that are good for people and their pets.  Our most popular in this line is and was RediCare.  Our medicinal products grew in popularity over the years.

Our original move into the pet products business was based on an experience with our Bichon “Disney.”  Now about 7 years ago, he returned from a groomer and began pulling out his fur until his skin was bleeding.  We calmed him, got him to a vet and a cortisone shot later, he was on the road to recovery.  We discovered that his reaction was due to an experimental whitening shampoo that the groomer was asked to try by a manufacturer.  It turns out that the shampoo had a near lethal level of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS).  This was our inspiration to begin making Disney his own shampoo that we affectionately named “Muttineer.”   Eventually, a modified version of the shampoo became know as MetaClean and the line became a cross-over product offering for us.

A little over two years ago, Disney passed away on Valentines Day.  Breeder friends felt for our deep loss and offered us a Bichon pup from a future litter.  We were in Canada near Jasper National Park when we received a call that we would be puppy parents again.  Jasper was born into our crazy lifestyle July two years ago. Continue reading Announcing KODA – Keys for Dogs

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KODA Launches at SuperZoo 2012 in Las Vegas – September 11, 2012

Keys Care Introduces KODA Spin-Off Dedicated to Natural Dog Wellness Products at SuperZoo 2012

KODA Products are Chemical-Free Whole Functional Ingredient

Based Designed for Internal and Topical Uses.


KODA Launches Business with Ten New Products at SuperZoo 2012 Trade Show in Las Vegas

KODA Products Introduced (Booth 3204) are 5 Internal and 5 Topical

Products Based on Nationwide Insurance Top 10 Reasons for Veterinarian Visits.

KODA is a Spin-Off of Keys Care focused on functional medicine dog therapy products.  Products use ancient natural remedies deployed with modern technology and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  All products are designed to solve common dog wellness problems and work in concert with veterinarian therapies as a wellness counterpart to treatments

Continue reading KODA Launches at SuperZoo 2012 in Las Vegas – September 11, 2012

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KODA SpotClean – Paw & Face Quick Cleanser

SpotClean Paw & Face Foaming Cleanser is a brewed wash with botanicals and herbs for quick cleaning of the paws and face or any spot area as an interim cleanser between baths.  Removes road dirt and allergens as well many chemicals used on public parks and lawns.

SpotClean is perhaps one of the coolest products we make.  Why, because it fits so many uses and application in a simple chemical-free way.

When we talked to vets about skin disorders and allergy issues with dogs, they quickly commented that most are caused by the dog bringing in allergens and pollutants on their feet.  We noted in our study titled “polluted pets” that dogs often have four to five times more chemical bio-burden than humans.  The reason is simple.  They have no shoes and dogs lead with their noses.  So the paws and face are how a dog brings in allergens and chemicals from their environment.  It was obvious too that most dogs are groomed and waiting to be ‘cleaned’ between groomer sessions creates undue stress on their body.  The quick solution is a paw, face and spot cleaner that humans do not mind the effort for a spot clean.  SpotClean was born in earnest!

The SpotClean formulation was designed as a fast rinse or even leave-in cleanser.  It works best when you rinse the pollutants and allergens away, but it does actually not cause the dog harm or distress to leave it in.  Really!

SpotClean is a light foam cleanser that you can put directly on the paws, face or spot areas dry.  We recommend applying the foam using a wet cloth and a quick wet wipe away or if you wish a spray rinse.  The formulation of natural ingredients is designed to quickly efficiently clean and can be wiped off with a wet cloth and then let to dry naturally.  This means no preparing the tub and chasing the dog.  A quick clean can take under a minute and be done even in the dog’s bed.  Since it is a damp cloth quick wipe process, it can be done anywhere.

Here are some of the benefits of SpotClean.

• Quickly Removes Dirt

• Conditions Hair

• Lightning Fast Rinsing

• Spot Clean Formulation

• Fragrance-Free

• Natural Citrus Whitener

• Use Between Grooming

• No-Mess Cleaning

• Supresses Musk Smell

• Refreshing Earthy Scent Continue reading KODA SpotClean – Paw & Face Quick Cleanser

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KODA ProShine – Shampoo & Conditioner

ProShine is a foaming shampoo-conditioner that is made using a 500 year old Welsh recipe that is saponified in a brewing.  The shampoo deep cleans and has a slightly acidic pH.  To that, we add essential oils to condition the skin and hair.  It has anti-allergy properties to reduce skin itching and hot spots.  The benefits that are most noted by groomers and show dog handlers is how it cleans and conditions the hair in one step.  Light colored and white dogs have brighter and whiter hair without using chemicals.  What they really love is how fast ProShine rinses and how fast the dog dries.

ProShine was originally developed for a breeder who wanted a chemical-free dog shampoo that would produce a luster coat that shines without using silicone or dimethicone.  Her dogs had developed itching and scratching fits from the traditional detergent based sulfate shampoos and conditioners that contained silicone derivatives.  We developed ProShine to deep clean naturally, use essential oils for the shine and provide fast rinsing that is five to six times faster than conventional detergent based shampoos.

The result is a brighter coat, no chemical irritation and a natural luster that is noticeable.  Simple pharma grade ingredients that work!

Here are some of the benefits of ProShine

• Deep Cleans

• Conditions

• Easy Foam Application

• Lightning Fast Rinsing

• Anti-itch Formulation

• Fragrance-Free

• Natural Citrus Whitener

• Take To Groomer

• Natural Shine

• Suppresses Musk Smell

• Refreshing Earthy Scent Continue reading KODA ProShine – Shampoo & Conditioner