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Keys Epigenetic Skincare – Musing about Functional Skin Health

We make epigenetic systemic changes to our physiology every day — Consciously and mostly Unconsciously.

Bob Root – Keys Founder & Scientist

There are many things that we can do in our lives to change our genetic processes. We have found that one of the significant enigmas as humans is inflammation. It is measurable, but at the same time, very distant and diverse. Inflammation is external chemical factors or internal changes like stress. Stress itself is unusual because anything the afflicts itself on our bodies is stress in a form.

We have found that many chemicals used in skincare are often looked at as benign when viewed by itself and in micro quantities. However, when combined in an aggregate way or with other chemicals, the conglomerate creates physical stress on the body.

Take methylparaben. Parabens are used at ~0.05% concentration in most skincare claiming its use as a preservative. It is a biocide chemical. It is a very bad-ass chemical that kills good and bad bacteria indiscriminately. True, but imagine the statistic that the average woman uses 38 different products a day on her skin, and each contains 0.05% methylparaben. That is a cumulative 19% level of methylarabben and is considered extremely toxic at those levels. At 0.05%, it is a bad-ass. At 19%, it is toxic. Now combine the same methylparaben with a Phthalate fragrance, and you have a hormone disrupter that could be interacting with your body’s insulin levels. None of this is proven, but it is speculated by the contrarian scientists and medical thinkers. How much in our life is refuted by the establishment only to be (pro)found to be true? If you live in a big city, more than likely, your benzene levels are out of tolerance. If you are a smoker, the benzene levels are borderline caustic. We will not change the establishment, but we can change ourselves.

Recognize the principles of epigenetics, where our behavior and lifestyle change our genetic processes. A simple example of this is in a recent book I wrote called “Keto Plus,” where I changed my lifestyle to go to the Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, and going Sugar-Free. I became a “Fat Burner” and lost a lot of body fat percentage. What it did was to alter my genetic food profile from the outside-In. My food intake ratios went from carbs to fats like avocado, butter and olive oil.  The actural ratios are 70% fat, 10% carbs and 20% protein with no sugar.  Epigenetics is all about outside influences and this is merely one simple example.

I am in the skin business, and I have known for years that if you get Chemical-Free and use alternative whole natural ingredients, you can physically change the architecture of your skin in a form reversing or at least slowing the aging process. Really.

There are some fantastic guru’s that are on the front lines. Gary Taubes, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, and Dr. Jason Fung are ones you should pay attention to for the facts about epigenetic. I am pretty informed, but I do not have the “Cred” that they do.

The message is still pure. You are responsible and in charge of your health & wellness. Take charge of your life and well-being.