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Keys Solar Rx – Now Smoother!

As a Keys follower, you know that we are always on a constant quest to make our products more effective, more functional and feel better.  This quest is a constant look at ingredients and processes.  Keys Solar Rx is the latest upgrade in a process that makes it smoother, silkier and feeling better.

We have not changed any ingredients in Solar Rx.  It is the same efficacious moisturizer with sunscreen as before.  What we have done is to make it feel better by modifying one of our processes.

Our patentable use of sound to homogenize Solar Rx was originally to keep air/oxygen out of the recipe.  Some new breakthroughs in our process have improved the performance of our use of ‘infrasonic’ sound waves to make Solar Rx even smoother than before.  These sound waves agitate the molecules of Solar Rx in such a way that makes the recipe more consistent and blended by a significant factor.  Those that tested the process change before changing the production process were amazed.  Our super acid test, Wendy Steele –  Keys CEO, was a hit with her and she has been using her prototypes ever since she received them.

wendy_glowSolar Rx was developed for Wendy after her bout with Melanoma and it has undergone a few changes since it won the Consumer Reports Top Pick.  Wendy said, “I could never imagine Solar Rx getting better than it was.  When I tried the latest process change for Solar, it was significant.  So significant a change that I requested that the next production run be updated to the new process even before our beta testing team had a chance to comment.”

You can Click Here to go to the Solar Rx page on our store.

For our customers that use Solar Rx for rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or for diaper rash, Solar Rx will perform the same way as it always has, only smoother and silkier.

Note: Our retail stores will take a while before they receive the new production process for Solar Rx.  The turnover on dealer shelves is very fast for Solar Rx, so they will be current very soon.  Our current inventory online is all the new process.  Again, there is no change in the efficacy of Solar Rx.  Only the feel.

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