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KODA ProShine – Shampoo & Conditioner

ProShine is a foaming shampoo-conditioner that is made using a 500 year old Welsh recipe that is saponified in a brewing.  The shampoo deep cleans and has a slightly acidic pH.  To that, we add essential oils to condition the skin and hair.  It has anti-allergy properties to reduce skin itching and hot spots.  The benefits that are most noted by groomers and show dog handlers is how it cleans and conditions the hair in one step.  Light colored and white dogs have brighter and whiter hair without using chemicals.  What they really love is how fast ProShine rinses and how fast the dog dries.

ProShine was originally developed for a breeder who wanted a chemical-free dog shampoo that would produce a luster coat that shines without using silicone or dimethicone.  Her dogs had developed itching and scratching fits from the traditional detergent based sulfate shampoos and conditioners that contained silicone derivatives.  We developed ProShine to deep clean naturally, use essential oils for the shine and provide fast rinsing that is five to six times faster than conventional detergent based shampoos.

The result is a brighter coat, no chemical irritation and a natural luster that is noticeable.  Simple pharma grade ingredients that work!

Here are some of the benefits of ProShine

• Deep Cleans

• Conditions

• Easy Foam Application

• Lightning Fast Rinsing

• Anti-itch Formulation

• Fragrance-Free

• Natural Citrus Whitener

• Take To Groomer

• Natural Shine

• Suppresses Musk Smell

• Refreshing Earthy Scent

 Here is the Therapy Facts and Ingredient Deck for ProShine


Use:  For best results, wet the dog first and foam the ProShine into your hands and apply.  Wash the dog or the affected area massaging for a few minutes.  The pup will like the attention and this will give the ingredients time to work.  Quickly rinse the dog and towel dry.  ProShine rinses very thoroughly and quickly.  ProShine rinses five to six times faster that most dog shampoos.   The scent of the product is pleasant to humans and will not cause the dog to over product musk to hide fragrance in most pet shampoos.

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