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Public Enemy #1 – Sodium Laureth Sulfate, It’s in everything!

Dirty Dozen Chemicals: SLS

Bob Root, Keys and KODA Technologist

Many people that I meet ask me to describe why I do not use certain chemicals.  I tell them that my reasons are practical not political.  I generally explain in three to five stepped reason why I do not use certain ingredients.  Most encourage me to offer my simplified reason, so I am beginning to undertake why we do not use certain ingredients.  In this series of article, I will start with the Dirty Dozen.

For pets, we have to realize that perhaps the worst chemical that they come in contact with every day is Sodium Laureth Sulfate.  Why, because it is in virtually every home in many many forms.

When I am asked to list the top five products that come in contact with pets that contain SLS in large amounts, you would be surprised to learn what they are.

  1. Laundry Detergent
  2. Dish Washing Liquid
  3. Carpet Cleaner
  4. Outdoor Cleaners like Simple Green
  5. Pet Shampoo

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Disney’s Story – How Keys Pet Care Products Began

Wendy Steele, Keys and KODA CEO & Founder

Great products solve problems and make you feel good.  Most products are born out of a need to solve a problem.  This is true of the original Keys line of pet care products.

Keys began as an all-natural therapeutic skin health product line about 8 years ago.  While on tour test marketing their products, an almost tragedy was the beginnings of the Keys Pet Care line of products.  Keys Pet Care has now morphed in to KODA Pet Care Products

On our way back from the Florida Keys, I took our Bichon Frise, Disney, to a groomer.  When Disney returned, he was white, fluffy and looked just great.  A few minutes after picking him up, I noticed him scratching.  It later escalated to him pulling out his fur to a point where he began bleeding.  Shocked, I got him in the tub and wet him down to see what was going on.  His skin was bright red and inflamed.  I thought that it had something to do with some product that the groomer used, so I used one of the Keys natural soaps on him.  This helped to calm him a bit.  That night was sleepless for me and Disney. Continue reading Disney’s Story – How Keys Pet Care Products Began