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Groomers – Show and Tell

Groomers, show me your hands! We travel all over the US with our dog Jasper. He is a snow-white Bichon Frise. Jasper’s coat care requires grooming every six weeks. I google to find a master certified groomer in the area. My initial visit with the new groomer starts the same. I ask the groomer to show me their hands. I want to see the condition of their hands! Inflamed, irritated, dry or cracking hands are red flags. Their hands are evidence about what they are using to bathe the dogs. Ugly groomer hands mean irritating ingredients for the dog’s skin and coat. Cheap grooming shampoo is the culprit. And after bath perfumes are also irritants. Jasper is eight years old and has never experienced skin irritation issue from shampoo. Of course, all of his life he has experienced our KODA OmniCleanShampoo. Not one groomer has ever complained about my bringing KODA shampoo. We have educated quite a few groomers along the way.

Show your dog that you care. Always take clean, chemical-free dog shampoo with you. Tell the groomer to use your shampoo on your dog! And request no perfumes to be added after bathing.

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The Winner Is….Fiona – August KODA Dog of the Month

…And the Winner is!

Winner! Our KODA Dog Bandana Photo Contest has been a huge hit and lots of fun.  The contest will run through the end of September, so there is still time to enter and win.  Click Here to read more about the contest.

WinnerThe August Winner is Fiona.  Our judges picked Fiona based on her story and picture.  Here she is:

Here is what Fiona’s mom, Donna, wrote:

I have tried numerous “organic” or “natural” shampoos on Fiona. Every single one (including shampoos the vet prescribed), Fiona had a severe allergic reaction. I was at a loss. Since I have been using your products for many years, I decided to try the Koda line. I was thrilled to find that Fiona did not have any allergic reactions to your shampoo. Yeah! She is a happy little girl and so is her mom!! I am thankful you have such a wonderful line of people and “furry friend” products that are natural and safe.


Fiona’s Winner’s package is on the way to her to enjoy.

Don’t Give Up!


Photo contest continues and you still have a chance to enter and win the September prize.  If you have already submitted your picture, your entry is still in play to win in September.  You still have a chance.

The contest rules are simple.  Request a bandana using the online form.  When you receive your KODA Bandana, take a picture of your pup wearing it.  Then upload it for a chance to win.   Click Here to see the contest and to access the online forms.

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