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Nano Zinc Oxide… Hundreds of Studies Show It’s Safe! Really!

By Bob Root,  Keys Technologist

saturn5One day when I was young, I was reading an issue of Popular Science Magazine with a story about a bold project to put man into space.  I was so excited.  Like many young people, I fantasized about flying in space.  I became an avid follower of early rocket pioneers and awaited the day when the first manned rocket would launch.

A few months before the first test launch was to fire, my mother, in sheer terror, headed for church to join other devoted to pray for the salvation of mankind.  When I asked her what it was about, she exclaimed that “the world will come to an end when that damned rocket punctures the sky.”  …”We have to prepare by praying for our salvation.”  This was a defining moment for me because I did not believe her fears or the need to pray for my salvation. I found this belief so curious and it probably set my life’s course in technology.  I wondered  how people could make stuff up and spin into a mass fear of destruction.
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Solar Flare! What you don’t know can kill you!

Solar Flare – What you don’t know can kill you!

Whitepaper by Wendy Steele, Keys Founder (updated from 2007)

windsatr-wendyYour skin is the first thing that people notice about you—at every age!  We often take it for granted. The fact is we rely on our skin health to protect us every day of our lives, as the body’s first defense from the damaging effects of the environment.

What you choose to do to your skin has everything to do with the skin results that you will get. Everyday, people use soaps, scrubs, gels, toners, lotions, creams, skin lighteners, brighteners, faders—and the list goes on!  Most of these products contain chemicals that can sensitize, irritate and even weaken the skin. 

 The absolute worst culprit for lifetime damage and irritation of the skin is the relentless everyday effects of solar radiation.  How much time you’ve spent on the beach blanket or at the pool in your lifetime does make a difference in how your skin looks today.  In the case of melanoma skin cancer, if not detected early it can kill you.

 It still astounds me when I hear someone say; “I’m just working on getting a base tan” as if it is good for you!   How did an entire generation flock toward the beach with the belief that the sun was good for you and act as if tanning was healthy, attractive and desirable?

Circa 1960’s- 70’s Tanning culture rides the wave 

Picture a sun-drenched California beach with young muscle builders, beach babes and surfer dudes.  Back then, the “Ho Daddy’s” were actually the want to be surfers that hung out on the beach, in hopes of cruising with the beach babes.  The genuine surfers didn’t care about all of the beach hubbub; after all they really just wanted to catch the perfect wave and hang ten. 
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