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5-Minute Skin Clinic at the Airport


by Wendy Steele
Keys CEO

Secrets to flying simply with stunning results!

 The 2:30 am wake-up call was all my fault. I had booked a 3,000 mile trip from the East Coast to get back West and it was the first flight out at 6am Eastern! I knew that I had better get a good night’s rest before flight day. I concentrated most of my prep efforts the night before so that I would have the fewest amount of moving pieces on the morning of the flight. So the night before I packed the suitcase,laid out the clothes and shoes ready to slip into. Ticket and rental car keys were at the ready.

The morning of my flight- to insure I was on my way to the airport at 3:15 am, I really needed to be awake at 2:30am.  After 2 wake up calls, I followed with are freshing shower, hot libation, and a phenomenally simple skin treatment.

g5At 4:30 am I breezed through the rental car return and airport security.I felt awake and had time to relax before boarding.  After a fairly short first leg flight, it was just after 7:30 am Central time when I arrived at my connecting airport in Chicago. I deplaned and walked to my new departure gate B-5 with ticket in hand.  I was just about to inquire with the gate agent when I was truly surprised by a 30-something woman who whisked up to me and said;  “I am sorry, I just have to interrupt you to ask you—how do you get skin that looks like that?”

The gate agent looked up and smiled at me as if to say; “I’m all ears.”

I was shocked that anyone moving through the airport at that hour would actually notice much of anything personal, especially since we all had to get up at an absurdly early hour in order to be there in the first place. Fair enough, we were all in this together, and I smiled, as I said to the inquiring woman; “My skin is the result of a very simple regime. I only use a few extraordinary ingredients and it takes me very little time.”  She stared at me. She seemed stunned and said; “What do you mean?  It appears that you have no makeup on and look at your skin it is just glowing!  What exactly do you use to make your skin look that good? I have to know!”

So here I was faced with a 5-minute skin clinic question at the airport!  So what did I do that made me a target for this kind of question?

Actually, I thought first about the night before flight, after washing my face with Island Rx Foaming Wash, I made sure that I applied Luminos moisturizer on my face, neck and hands before I went to sleep.

Reflex-BoxOn the morning of the flight, after my Island Rx liquid soap head to toe shower and towel dry, I sprayed Omni Elixir on my face.  When my skin was almost dry I followed with a dab of Eye Butter under my eyes and on my lips.  Then I blended my Solar Rx moisturizer (which contains 30+ sunscreen-along with moisturizer-yes, one step) over my face and neck. I quickly applied Bobbi Brown’s concealer in the corners of my eyes blended that in with my skin tone and used a touch of concealer stick around the outside corners of my nose and middle of my chin. I curled my eyelashes followed by my usual “Kiss Me” mascara.  Finally, I placed several drops of Reflex ProBiome fusion in the palm of one hand, lightly rubbed my hands together, and then gently patted my palms over my face-my cheeks and cheekbones.  This Reflex treatment instantly gave my face a fabulous hydrated well-rested look!

I also knew this would keep me fresh-looking all day long despite the stress of early wake up calls and the dehydration from thousands of miles flying.

Fast forward to Chicago, Gate B5I was already 6 waking hours into my flying day, and I was politely being urged to give a skin clinic response to questions about what I use on my skin!

There was not enough time to share all of the above details– it was likely TMI (too much information) at an airport counter, with people waiting behind me.  So of course I had to fess up.  I simply said, “I own my skin care company called KEYS, it’s a long story, we make products with extraordinary ingredients and absolutely no chemicals”.  I continued;“It takes just a little time to get educated about using clean products, using fewer skin care steps,and that I believed that she too could get results like this. And best of all it is so simple and takes almost no time.”

Wow, I realized that I was a walking billboard for skin care simplicity, with stunning results.

Happily, she asked for my card and thanked me for sharing.She was off and running for her flight.As I finished at the gate counter I looked down and realized—darn, I forgot to show her my big-brimmed hat!!

Anyway, this was a remarkable skin clinic session at the airport counter!   Simply, when you are rushed for time, or confused or overwhelmed about skin care, the best advice I can give to you is stop and make it simpler!

I suggest that you remove, reduce or rethink the complex skin care steps that may be taking way too much of your time and effort. Remove the number of products you need or think you need.  Stop worrying about the numerous ingredients that you can’t pronounce and just resolve to go simpler. It is a fact that when you start to simplify, you can afford to buy products with much better whole natural ingredients. And you will likely use half the number of products that you use now and get better results with clean whole ingredients.  Keys ingredients are whole and functional with no man-made chemicals.

This is the KEYS MED effect – i.e. the KEYS Minimum Effective Daily – identifying the fewest number of products and ingredients that will help you to get the best results for your skin and in less time.

Then it happens!   Someone will stop you and tell you.  They will notice that you are doing something remarkable and let you know you how great you look!

On this journey to skin care simplicity, you will love the time savings, you will love looking good…and you will prefer to use your time wisely by using a few great products that work.   All wonderful reasons to share my story!

Safe journey to all of you,



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