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REvolutionary Skin Ideas -from Hollywood and Apple!


More than what meets the eye

REvolutionary Skin Ideas -from Hollywood and Apple!

by Wendy Steele  Keys CEO


wendy_hat_dipI have marveled at the popular news headlines and headliners over the past year as they have surprised us, sometimes even shocked us.  There are signs everywhere that Hollywood has begun to break free of old patterns, habits and ideas about what makes an individual look and feel beautiful.  Curiously, these examples have also caused us to think and began to influence how we view ourselves outwardly, with a surprising affect on our own health and wellbeing.

People Magazine’s recent Most Beautiful issue featured celebrities going au natural! Yes they were photographed fresh faced, their absolutely beautiful natural skin tone glowing .  Yes, these women were totally make-up free!

oprah_fondaI watched a recent Oprah’s Next Chapter interview with Jane Fonda, when Oprah asked Jane what is the most important thing she has learned so far in her life.  I found it fascinating when Jane, who freely talked about her being 75 years old, replied “I’ve learned what’s really important for me is skin and kindness…”

Then, this weeks USA Today headline caught my attention:

 “The Hollywood tan loses its luster”

In this article there were numerous examples of celebrities who freely and openly flaunt their un-tanned and beautiful natural skin tone at high profile award shows, in movies, in television and during world-wide concert events.

I think that the initial set up for this actually happened last year when we collectively became really uncomfortable with the up close and way too personal look at the Tanning Mom who habitually took her 5 year old to the tanning bed with her.  Then, came the displays of freakish orange fake tans. Perhaps an even bigger trend is about to begin…it was reported in this weeks USA Today article that even the sales of self-tanner sprays and lotions has dropped during the last year ending in March.  This has all lead us to TMT- Too Much Tan!

The simple fact is, that the technological advances of high definition movies and television have made it crystal clear that if you want to continue to work in Hollywood, i.e. look good and feel confident—then having good skin is paramount.  Hard to believe that all other things being equal, Hollywood may have now finally evolved to the point that the difference between who gets the part and who does not—is how good the actor’s  skin looks in the light box while film testing with high definition cameras!

In our everyday world we are constantly reminded that the Revolution is well underway.

One of the ways that we are constantly reminded of this is in our real world everyday apps – courtesy of our friends at Apple.

Apple’s innovations have caused us to really think about how we look in our own high definition world—and  how we communicate, how we learn and how we evolve.

As Apple clearly states about their iPad and MacBook technology innovations:

eye_apple“Breakthrough Retina display.  It’s even more than meets the eye. The Retina display on iPad makes everything look crisp and lifelike. Text is razor sharp. Colors are vibrant. Photos and videos are rich with detail. All thanks to its 3.1 million pixels — a million more pixels than an HDTV“

This has no doubt had a major affect on the type of pictures we post and our wanting to look our natural best when we are displayed with a million more pixels than an HDTV !

Are these all signs that this is the year for a Healthy Skin Revolution?

Actually, I think it is all about time for Healthy Skin Evolution!  It is absolutely more than what meets the eye!  It is a subtle realization that the more we live the more we learn that our skin is constantly evolving.  The more we know the better we can actually do.  The collective decisions to go “au natural” by putting less artificial stuff on our skin are most definitely helping us to evolve to a healthier place.

Evolution is more people taking action when they know that natural skin looks better.  Evolution is the realization that natural skin is healthier skin as it is not overexposed to UV radiation from the sun or bombarded with carcinogenic tanning bed rays.  As a melanoma survivor, this evolution makes me smile.  I am very excited about how popular technology and science and celebrities may be finally converging on major trends for all of our skin health and well-being.  Let the Evolution continue!



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