Skin Disorders,  Tips & Tricks

Bandage Test for Skin Disorder Causes

I am constantly asked how can you tell if a skin disorder is caused internally or from exterior attacks.  Here is how I do it and why my trick works.

Bob Root – Keys Technologist & Founder

The bandage test really works to help find the cause of skin disorders quickly. In our 15 years of research and development, we always keep focused on our mission to solve skin problems using natural remedies. Over the same period, we have seen time and again that most skin disorders are from exposure to chemicals in the environment or chemicals in conventional products.

Sulfate, parabens, PEG’s and the balance of the Dirty Thirty Chemicals are at the top of the list of skin disorder causes we have seen. The bandage test may not be 100% exact, but it is something I invented to help decide whether a skin disorder is internal or externally caused.

Band-Aid® Brand make a series of band-aids called Hydro Seal. It is available in just about every grocery store or drugstore. Here is how to do the test. Let’s say you have a rash that has been bothering you. Place a small Hydro Seal band-aid anywhere in the affected area. Follow instructions to create an excellent watertight seal. Then wait for a week and remove it. If it has diminished or gone away, something your skin is coming in contact with is probably the cause. Since the hydro seal has isolated to an area, the bandage test is usually very enlightening.