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Keys Deodorant? – Well Maybe!

A Keys Deodorant – If It Works For You!

For 15 years, customers have asked me to develop a deodorant. When I asked specifics, what they wanted was an antiperspirant. I may have unintentionally given them what they wanted.

About six months ago a young Keys fan texted me that he had been using our Skin-Aid as a deodorant and antiperspirant. I immediately corrected him that it probably would make a good deodorant, but was unlikely an antiperspirant. He quickly corrected me and said he noticed far less perspiration and he and his girlfriend loved the scent. Spicey and dry he said. So, I decided to try it and ask some of my beta testers.

It is hard to afford a blind study for a company our size, so you have to take into consideration that when I asked my beta testers if they would try Skin-Aid as a deodorant and antiperspirant that there is some built-in bias.

Before the results, I also analyzed the ingredients in our extract. They are very similar to Theieves® and some other natural remedies designed for skin disorders. Breaking down each extract in Skin-Aid, there were none that stood out as deodorizers or antiperspirant. The consensus is that only Aluminum Chlorhydrate is indeed an antiperspirant and used in most commercial products. A heavy metal, it works, but at what consequence? I did note that the combination theoretically could have some antiperspirant properties.

The results were mixed but leaned toward a ‘good’ deodorant and a ‘maybe’ antiperspirant. Universally, all suggested I write this finding.

SkinAid can make an excellent daily deodorant that seems to have some antiperspirant properties for some people. Sounds a bit like corporate FDA speak, but the results were worth noting as a maybe!

SkinAid is probably one of the most broad-spectrum products we make. The list for what it does for people grows daily. Being a deodorant/antiperspirant is icing on the cake. Hope this helps!


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