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Keys Natural Beauty Regime’s – When To Use What & Why

I have always developed Keys products as solutions which interact with each other to build natural glowing and healthy skin.  When we created our regimes, they were simple and fairly obvious to understand what to use and when.  It was either wash your face add a moisturizer and an eeye cream for night and replace the mositurizer with a mositurizing sunblock during the day.

When we began to add toners, elixirs and fusions the complication factor went higher.   We recognizing that for people with dry skin they needed a more emollient foundation compared to someone with oily skin.  Even though we have only a few broad function products compared to other companies, we needed to communicate the functionality of each of our products and how they would fit into a day and night regime for people.

So, being a bunch of engineers, we set about to create three charts that show how to use our products, when to use them, why and in what order.  Like us they are simple and I hope easy to understand.

Click on the icons below for the chart that best fits your skin type


 Here are the three categories in link form.  Each are in pdf format on single letter size images which can be freely reproduced unmodified.

Please give us feedback and comments or suggestions for changes.

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