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What Should We Video Next on the Keys Skin Deep YouTube Channel


Our new YouTube Video Channel called Keys Skin Deep has been a huge success for us.  Based on the channel and Clean Green Cafe entries, we have receive a lot of requests for various videos.  Frankly, they have come into us in all forms, so we created this form to make it easy to send us ideas.  Please send us your ideas below and click the send button.  Based on the number of votes, we will setup the shooting schedule.


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Some Suggestions So Far:

Can you please have a video up all about acne. Wether its hormonal,
adult, or teen acne. Can you please discuss causes, preventions, and
products you recommend.
how about regimens? A product line up for skin types or ages, and then
the order in which t apply them?
LOVE all your videos! But…..I am still a bit confused how to
properly use the wonderful new PRO-formulas. What goes on first? Skin
corrector? My SPF formula for day?(Solar RX?) I would so like to see
the uses of the PRO products clearly explained in a visual way!
I have used your products for years now and could not imagine using
anything else…they are the first formulas I reach for in the morning
and the last I put on at night! Thank you very much! And also many
thanks from my 2 Golden Retrievers who use your KODA line (the quick
cleanser we use for dirty paws! not to mention the bug repellent
spray.)All wonderful stuff and my husband (who never wanted to use
much on his face) now faithfully applies Solar RX daily!
Can you show us what each of the KODA line does for dogs?
I have rosacea and nothing worked before Tortuga lotion.  Can you explain why for all of us?
Is there a psoriasis regime that you can show us.


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