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Bob Root Begins Book Tour! Asks! Are We Killing Our Skin’s Ecosystem?

Chemical-Free Skin Health is the book written by Bob Root that is a compilation of all his experiences being on the road with Keys customers.  The book answers the most commonly asked questions as well as proposing some radical ideas about skin health.   Bob features information about the Human Microbiome Project and the National Institutes of health that is a spin-off of the human genome project.

Of all the points Bob makes in the book, the one that drives his continued passion is his deep concern that the chemical bactericides used as preservative in most skin care and household products are destroying the natural ecosystem on our skin.  Parabens and Triclosan used as preservatives and antibacterial agents is an undiscriminating killer of the probiotics on our skin.  This subject is so important to Bob that he has made it the focal point of his book tour which begins in March.

Below is the press briefing announcement for the tour that begins in Northern California, moving to Southern California before going east through Austin Texas.

Are We Killing Our Skin’s Ecosystem?

Are Everyday Products Destroying The Probiotics of our Skin?

“Chemical-Free Skin Health®”

• Stop • Challenge • Choose!

An insides guide to safer skin care and safer cosmetics

Just west of Baltimore Maryland is a 130,000 square foot Green Factory.  It is the home of Keys and it is probably one of the most unique skin care factories in the world.  Many things make it unique, but perhaps the most interesting is that it sits near the National Institutes of Health, The National Cancer Institute and The Human Microbiome Project.  It is also about 60 miles away from Jake.

Jake is a 14 year old boy who struggles with acute Eczema.  Since just after birth, Jake as been covered with red rashes inside his elbows, behind his knees and the back of his neck.  He travels nearly 60 miles to the National Institutes of Health after waiting 24 hours each trip without bathing, without medication and without his eczema treatment so that doctors can painfully scrape his rashes to try and determine what is causing his lifelong struggle with this disease that attacks millions of people.  Jake endures  this agony so that he might find relief and help others like him by helping scientists and doctors understand what causes eczema.

Bob Root is Keys founder and lead scientist.  He is not a chemist!  He is a former high tech CEO from Silicon Valley specializing in micromachines found in computer hard disks and optical storage devises.  Some say that he is one of the founding fathers of the data storage industry as we know it today.  His claim is that he is curious and always starts a project from a perspective of understanding the problem first.  Conventional thinking is not his way.

Recently a feature article in Popular Science Magazine inspired Bob to intervene on Jakes behalf offering a contrarian position of why Jake maybe suffering.

The Human Microbiome Project funded by the National Institutes of Health and Congress connects the probiotic bacteria that lives on our skin with disorders like the one that afflicts Jake.  Bob has been talking about this interaction long before the project began because he experienced hundreds of others like Jake when he started to develop chemical free skin health products for Keys.

What Bob has proposed to the writers of the article and to the Human Microbiome Project is that the cumulative use of skin care, household products like detergents and even prescription products containing bactericide preservative are probably the cause of Jake’s affliction.

In Bob’s book Chemical-Free Skin Health® he dedicated a chapter explaining that 95%+ of all the products that come in contact with our skin contain chemicals like parabens and Triclosan which are designed to kill bad bacteria in products to preserve then are in fact killing the probiotic bacteria on our skin.  This destruction of the flora of what makes up the ecosystem of our skin permits disorders like Jakes, Staph, MRSA and eColi to flourish on the unprotected skin.

During Bob’s talks around the world, he explains:

  • How the Ecosystem of our skin works
  • How everyday preservatives used in everyday products are destroying that Ecosystem
  • How the friendly bacteria on our skin protects us from the bad bacteria like MRSA
  • How antibacterial sanitizers are destroying our skin’s Ecosystem.
  • How our quest to be cleaner maybe destroying our children’s youth and effecting their psyche for the rest of their lives.
  • What we can do to reverse the trend toward Skin Health by stopping what we use, challenge everyday thinking and choose a safer, smarter path.

Bob offers that it is “Time To Get Wise about our skin health.  It is not normal for as many children to be suffering from skin diseases normally associated with aging skin.  In our desire to protect our children, we are hurting them.  In our desire to be an antibacterial society, we are affecting ourselves, our loved ones, our pets and our planet!”

New Book & Keys Speaking Series: What you put on your body is as important as what you put in it!

Speaker & Author: Bob Root

Title: CTO (Chief Technology Officer)  Keys Care Inc.

Technical Overview:

The diagnosis of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and contact dermatitis may just be caused by personal care or household products you are using.  Keys CTO, Bob Root, believes that over 50% of all skin disorders for people and their pets have been misdiagnosed and are actually cause be chemicals in the products we use on our skin and in our homes.

It is commonly accepted that what we put in our body affects our outside appearance.  What is not discussed is that what we put on our body not only affects how we look and the condition of our skin health, but also our physical health.  The skin is our largest organ and what we put on it affect the rest of us.

This topic serves as the foundation for a new book Bob has written and published by M42 Publishing, titled Chemical-Free Skin Health®.  The book outlines chemicals used in everyday products are hazardous to humans and their pets.  The speech covers the “Dirty Thirty” chemicals that are in over 90% of all personal care, household products and pet care products that have been linked to elevated cancer rates.

Root Bio: Bob Root is a former High Tech CEO from Silicon Valley (San Jose, California).  After his wife and Keys co-founder, Wendy Steele, a former Coca Cola Vice President, was struck with Melanoma, Bob began to research and study skin conditions, not as a chemist, but as a concerned engineer and scientist.  Later when the prescriptions for creams and sunscreens made Wendy’s skin worse, he began to develop products for her that was chemical-free and therapeutic.  When Wendy exhibited what looked like eczema, adult acne, rosacea and psoriasis, he turned to his engineering background to look for ancient remedies using modern technologies to improve on these tried and true natural medicines.  These remedies became the foundation of what is today, Keys Care, Inc.

Bob is the Chief Scientist for Keys Care Inc. He holds numerous patents associated with his work in high technology.   His background is mechanical engineering and quantum physics with most studies in the area of nano-machines and nanotechnology.  He is responsible for the design, development and manufacturing of Keys products.  Keys develop and manufacture natural skin medicines that are chemical-free, vegan, gluten-free and therapeutic for people and their pets.  Keys products follow an algorithm of pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients in therapeutic proportions.  These are ancient remedies employing modern process technologies.  Keys products carry the best safest product ratings by the EWG Skin Deep Report and their Solar Rx sunblock was ranked the most effective by Consumer reports Magazine (July 2007).  Bob is affiliated with The University of Maryland School of Medicine, Ohio State University, San Diego State University and Los Alamos National Labs.  He is a member of the Safe Cosmetics Campaign and Keys is a compact signer.  Bob is also affiliated with the Natural Products Manufacturers Association and a member of numerous industry associations.  He is the author of the book, “Defining Moments” and is in the process of writing a new book with the working title of “Chemical Warfare.”  Bob has spoken at The Natural Products Expo trade shows, The Environmental Working Group, Cambridge Nano-Pharmacology Conference and many local events.

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