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Keys Professional – KPRO Line – Cosmetic Tinted Creams and Powders


One Step to Vibrant Beauty and Natural Skin Health

OptiFX™ Patentable Adaptive Color Technology combined with Natural Chemical-Free Skin Health™

Synopsis:  Keys has introduced a new series of Hollywood inspired products named KPRO or Keys Professional line.  Keys KPRO products use OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology to provide an illusionary appearance creating the hot trendy nude bare skin look in a 1-step chemical-free foundation.

 Developed in concert with Hollywood makeup artists and filmmakers, this correction cream fills, hides fine lines and skin imperfections.  The technology literally copies and clones skin color, tone and texture transmitting vital characteristics to neighboring skin.  Like a virtual projector, 1 micron organic and plant-based structures transmit a smooth and vibrant skin finish.

 Keys patentable technology works to reflect, refract and smooth skin tones adapting to light changes and environments automatically.  This is a true anti-aging product because rarefied ingredients help condition, moisturize and reverse skin aging as well as providing the cosmetic effects.  This is a revolutionary 1-step foundation with optical technology that transforms even lifeless skin to exciting dewy beauty.

  • Chemical-Free
  • No Mica
  • No Silica
  • No Minerals
  • No Talc


 Introducing KPRO – Keys Professional Line


September 1, 2013 Santa Monica California:  At a meeting today, Keys Care revealed a new technology for natural foundations and HD powders that incorporates OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology.  This one-step foundation not only creates and illusion of smoother, softer and more even skin tones, it invisibly fills fine lines and creases for a younger more polished look.  The six new products are also natural skin therapies reversing aging through their chemical-free formulation and super-hydrating properties.  As these stand as amazing new technology features, the most important is probably how much time these products will save in daily regimens.

Bob Root, Keys Founder and Chief Scientist offered, “What if you could compress your morning regimen to get the “Natural Look” in 5 minutes of less?  What if it exceeded the performance of Nordstrom Counter makeup brands?  What if it is Chemical-Free?”

Keys has developed it’s new KPRO (Keys Professional) line to do just that.  Born in earnest in front of the highest definition cameras in the world, KPRO competes with conventional makeup in the Hollywood makeup artist bag and it is all-natural and chemical-free.

The illusion, smoothing and age-reversing is far more than luck. It is patentable technology called OptiFX™ and it was developed at Keys.

Express Lane to Your Day

 Blond_AJ“I am a makeup artist in Hollywood and because of my profession, people think I have all day to get myself ready to venture out into the world.  My day often begins at 4 am on a set that I will be on well past dark.  My day is spent creating the natural look on actors in 45 minutes or less.  The truth of the matter is that the majority of that time is spent laying down a natural looking foundation.  I often use 10 to 15 different color foundations to simulate the natural color contours of the face.  So, you can imagine my delight, shock and surprise when my friends at Keys sent me a top-secret product that cut my 45 minute foundation regime to 5 minutes. 

 I could not resist and woke one morning for a shoot and put this new miracle product on my face.  I applied this non-mineral natural tinted correction cream to my face and was amazed to see what looked like a flawless foundation.  I added check color, eyes and lips and I was done in less than five minutes.  Really!”

The Rumors Are True

Keys is Getting in to Color – A Sneak Peek.

Bob Root, Keys Chief Scientist said, “For the last four years, I have experimented with getting into the business of color.  Namely cosmetics.  What has stopped me was a set of standards that I wanted to adhere to and my mantra of wanting to not be another me too company entering the cosmetics game because it is this hot market segment.

 It was developed in concert with Red Camera Corporation and Arri for use in Ultra High Definition (UHD) film and TV.  The technology that I am using has never been used for makeup.  It adapts to skin texture and color.”

Expo East Product of the Year Nominee!

Keys OptiFX technology is under consideration as the best new product of the year at Natural Products Expo East trade show and will be featured in the New Product Showcase.  We plan a late September launch for the new line that will include:

  • Tinted Moisturizer with sunscreen
  • Tinted Moisturizer
  • Tinted Correction Cream
  • Tinted Corrective Eye Cream
  • HD tinted powder
  • HD powder (untinted)

All will have the OptiFXadaptive technology.  At the moment, we are not revealing the extent of the technology because of patents that we are filing.

There are numerous differences between this tinted foundation and conventional makeup.  First, the base lotion is our Luminos Moisturizer which is chemical-free, vegan and gluten-free.  The filler and color function were developed to offer silica-free, PEG-free, lead-free, mica-free and earth mineral-free.

OptiFX™  Adaptive Color Technology

optifx-vs-micaOptiFX™ is a combination of crystalline structures that are both plantbased and optical physics technology.  OptiFX™ was developed by us to create an extreme illusion on the skin that mirrors and broadcasts skin tones while also smoothing and diffusing the appearance of the skin.  This simulates a soft even surface that adapts to every skin tone, color and condition.   The particle clusters are  ~1 micron in size and are made from jet-dried Blue Agave Aloe blend and a porcelain type material that act like micro-mirrors.  These particles have a “0” rating from the EWG which symbolizes the safest of ingredients.

The biggest differences are the effects.  Most makeup is based on a technology called additive color.  Meaning the color is from the minerals, generally opaque and is the color of the existing elements.  This is why most mineral and conventional makeup comes in shades that have to be selected to match skin tone.  Our product is using a technology from the photographic world and is called subtractive color technology.  The primary reason for using this technology is that the particles absorb and refract the skin tone from around it offering a single product that work for the majority of skin types and colors.  Simplified, it absorbs color from around it and projects it out offering a more uniform look, smoother finish and a near perfect match to the persons skin tone.

I See Dead People!

Bob Root added, “Flat mineral makeup as a foundation has been all the rage primarily because it is purported to be “Natural.”  There are many problems with the term natural, but my simple problem is that mineral makeups are flat, too uniform and make people look dead to me.  A weekend at the Studio City (CA) Farmers Market and you will see the Hollywood elite looking bare faced and dewy.  It is so much more attractive than a flat pancake look.  The new bare face look, in itself, is a bit overboard in the “too-nude” direction and some young stars and entertainers can get away with it.  Most of us cannot.   I originally developed our AguaVit as a makeup setter to turn mineral makeup into the dewy look, but in my opinion, it was covering a bad thing in an attempt to correct the bad features of mineral makeup.  The KPRO line uses the OptiFX™ technology to create a uniform, color-matched and even tone that also provides a very alive dewy look that let the real you out while also creating an illusion of softer smoother vibrant skin.  A little sparkle that is subliminal attracts the eye saying ‘look at me’ without being gaudy or Le Cirquestque!”

What is also a big difference is the illusion OptiFX™ creates because of the particles.  It is a well known photographic principle that a spheres and plated particles diffuse, refract and gather light.  Simplified, for use in makeup, OptiFX™ based products create an illusion of softness, smoothing and natural color without looking flat, pancake or matte.  Overstated, you get the natural look in one product unto which you can add eye, lip and cheek color.  Done!

The technology was originally developed to “trick” high definition digital 4-5k cameras to make the skin of actors look more even, vibrant and more natural looking in the unforgiving world of high definition.  It has the same effect on the human eye making the people that use it look more dewy, natural and with the illusion of radiant skin.  Because it absorb and broadcast color from around each particle, almost everyone can wear it without looking like they have heavy makeup.

The products are currently being tested on television, on two films and in advertising photo shoots for fall fashion

Finally a Foundation for Men

bald-man_maskedMany cosmetic products are designed only for women.  That is how they start and end with little to no consideration for men wanting a more stylish contemporary look.  Designing for the camera means that a product has to work on all skin types and for both men and women.  Bob Root added, “A woman’s skin cannot look or react differently to the camera than her male counterpart.  A product designed for ultra high definition still and film must work equally for everyone and provide a foundation that the makeup artist can build on.  Flat makeup must somehow be made vibrant which is way too much work and looks fake.  The OptiFX™ technology affords a smooth workable foundation for the makeup artist.  For the rest of us, especially men, the technology offers a one-pass quick daily moisturizer that makes the skin look vibrant and alive.”

OptiFX™ is a revolution for men, because it does not add flat pancake color or a dry look like mineral makeups.  It recognizes the adjacent skin tone, texture and color and transmits it in a glowing smoothing effect that makes men look alive, attractive and natural.  The robust look is one that shows the strength of men while offering a personal and sensitive look at the same time.  Our male beta testers have all said that friends and especially women noticed a change, but could not explain why.  Bob added, “It is virtually invisible to the conscious eye and the technology does interact with the unconscious eye the same way it does with UHD camera sensors.  For men, the key words are vibrancy, sincerity and confidence.”

A famous male actor was noted as saying, “I am a well known Green advocate and yet my face is my life.  Yes, I want natural, but not at the expense of how I look on camera or in front of the press.  I have been a Keys Eye Butter fan for years now and have wanted more.  I have used Eye Butter all over my face to get the look that I want and need.  Masculine and alive!  My makeup artist put Keys KPRO Correction Cream on me before an appearance and I was blown away.  I said, this must be a man’s product and my makeup artist smilingly agreed…she always does.”


OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology will be exclusively in the new KPRO, Keys Professional, line being introduced at the Natural Products Expo East trade show in Baltimore Maryland on September 26, 2013.

There is an old adage from our years in high tech.  Because products change so quickly, we often joked that “a product will be available in 6 months, but literature is available in volume today!”  In our case, KPRO products are slated to be available by mid to late September and virtual literature is available now by clicking the icon.  Kidding aside, the literature does a good job of showing visually what we will be offering.

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